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Song of the Month June 2017

Abstract – Neverland (Ft. Ruth B) Prod. Blulake

8 Tips to Have a Fabulous Holiday without Breaking the Bank

Now that the summer holidays have started for some people and others, it is fast approaching. Mot of I was planning holidays or already have one book. But, you don’t want to blow the budget and return home repenting on holiday expenses. So, whether you want to finalize the last-minute holiday, a late deal or […]

6 easy tips for creating attractive travel photos!

Great photos are a vital condition for any travel blog. When you have amazing photos you can get easily more readers for your blog. I would say that travel blogs live as much off photos and text. If the photos are uninteresting or poor quality they don’t make people want to read the article but if the text is bad […]


  • I am a budding traveler. I love to take photos when I am traveling and this blog will be about the places I have been to with the photos taken in those places. As well there I will be sharing the tips and tricks I have learned on the way.

    Daniel Cowen-Rivers

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