Why you need a Cabin Zero Bag in your life| Travelweekli
Why you need a Cabin Zero Bag in your life| Travelweekli

Find out why you need Cabin Zero  bag. Traveling is always exciting.There is one part of the process you can’t avoid at the airport and that is check-in. It can take a while queuing up. Just bringing a carry on saves having to check in and means you can take the airport travel at a more lauryl paste.

I have been through tons of different types of backpacks in my time and one thing they have had in common they all have been cheap bags.

Why you need a Cabin Zero Bag in your life| Travelweekli

I got offered a calibration with Cabin Zero

I am the avid traveler that loves packing light. Cabin Zero provides me with the comfort of exploring the ease

The bag that I chose is CLASSIC 44L – LIMITED EDITION FLAGS in Navy. This bag is only shipped to countries in Europe. It was very hard chosen to pick a bag. As they are all very lovely bags. I chose this one as it matches my image and was great looking. The flags on the represent my love of traveling. With its dimensions of 55 x 40 x20 cm, this backpack would be allowed on any plain as hand luggage.

The Cabin Zero bag comes with a bunch of wonderful features:

  • Built-in Global Luggage Tracker. It is powered by Okoban. This allows you to add the bag to their database. In case your bag gets lost and they are a global tracker company. Which safeguards the information.
  • Lockable Zippers on main compartment (lock not included)
  • 10 years warranty (upgradable to 25 years free of charge if you ‘like’ us on Facebook)
  • Thick padded shoulder straps
  • Fully Lined
  • The bag only weighs 760 grams
Why you need a Cabin Zero Bag in your life| Travelweekli

The bag has 5 main storage components to store your belongings. The outside compartment, the main compartment in the bag, secret pocket in the bag, the laptop compartment in the bad and the net compartment in the bag. It has so many different storage spaces, this is great for traveling as it lets me organize my things.

This backpack opens up like a suitcase. You can lay it down flat and zip it open all the way making it easier to pack for traveling.

The bag comes with a top handle and side handle and straps on both sides. I like as the straps can be tightened to secure your belonging from folioing out.

One great thing about all the bags is that they are all Waterproof polyester and this will come in handy as I live in the UK and it always rains. I have had some waterproof bags before that have leaked out water.

Why you need a Cabin Zero Bag in your life| Travelweekli

Why I like CabinZero:

  • The size is perfect for me when going on short holidays. As it has all the space I need.
  • As I always bring lots camera tech,  with all of that and clothes make the bag very heavy. With the seriously thick padded shoulder straps and side, straps help take the weight off the bag.
  • The size straps came in handily. As I use them to store one of my lens bags and bottle of water that helps distribute the weight as water is heavy putting it in the bag will make it heavier.
Why you need a Cabin Zero Bag in your life| Travelweekli

If you are convinced that Cabin Zero is the bag for you, Then why not purchase your own. You can shop your Cabin Zero bag here at https://cabinzero.refersion.com/c/cd184

The only disappointment I have with this bag. When you are wearing it for a long time. It can give some strain to your shoulders, As there is no support padding, To prevent this make sure the weight of the bag is distributed on both sides. This is one of the best backpacks for travel.

Why you need a Cabin Zero Bag in your life| Travelweekli

If you want a bag uses CZDANIELCR at checkout to get 10% off,

Would you like to see a post on how I pack when I travel?

Comment down below if you know what Country the flags are from.

DISCLAIMER: This post is in collaboration with by Cabin Zero, but as always, all opinions are entirely my own!

Check out my Instagram for more images of the bag at https://www.instagram.com/danielcr1995/?hl=en

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Why you need a Cabin Zero Bag in your life| Travelweekli


  1. I loved the bag. It looks so spacious and has many pockets. Usually, when i travel, I tend to keep things randomly and at the end of the tour i’m not at all sorted. But this bag will keep me sorted.

  2. I liked the colour and styling of the bag and also the fact that it is light and rugged at the same time. The fact that it comes with a 10 year warranty makes it a really attractive bag to take on your travels.

  3. Of late, I have been seeing a surfeit of various brands of travel bags in the market which leads to an interesting conclusion- travel bloggers these days are shaping the travel markets in more ways than one.

    Does this bag have a locking system? Please put up a video detailing how this bag works. I may be interested in buying this bag.

  4. I love the look and style of this bag! I also like the fact that it’s carry on size which would be wonderful to get through airport security which usually takes FOREVER! Great review!

  5. This is a nice review of a bag that can double up as a day bag too. The pockets look quite secure and roomy. Will consider this when my current one requires a replacement.

  6. This seems to be an interesting bag for short trips. However it looks a little small in pictures. Maybe the pictures are deceiving. Unfortunately, I can’t get it shipped since I don’t live in Europe.

  7. Super cool bag. I liked the material a lot. The warranty period is so long which is really good. I too travel frequently so this sounds so useful to me.

  8. I’ve read loads about this brand and their bags. I need something like this in my life for when I have short stays, I can never find the right bag and this is definitely something I may need! xx

  9. Interesting review of this bag. I am always looking for bags which can fit enough for carry-on travel. You mentioned being able to put your camera in this bag – I wonder if the suitcase-style opening will allow quick access?

  10. Pretty good review. I don’t usually pack so light, but the bag would be perfect for my camera equipment. Bookmarked this for later 😉


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