Find out the best Airbnb Brighton has to offer. Brighton is a City by the beach in England, it is a favorite for tourists to visit, thanks to the famous Brighton Pier and Bohemian vibes.

Brighton is known as a hub for creatives, you can tell it when you are just wondering the streets of Brighton with its colorful buildings and street art.

Brighton has much going for itself, so it is no wonder it gets over 11 million tourists a year says the Brighton and Hove Independent. When you go for a weekend in Brighton you will need to get accommodation.

The best way to do this is to get an Airbnb Brighton, as they are cheaper than hotels. The Brighton Airbnb market amounts to one-third of hotel rooms.


Whether you’re looking for an old traditional style home or one that comes with a stand-alone bathtub, Brighton Airbnb rental offers something for everyone. Here are my top picks of the quirky airbnb brighton places to stay by the seaside.

The best Neighborhoods in Brighton to stay in?

Brighton pair

There are so many cool areas in Brighton, but find out is the best places to stay in. Brighton is diverse as the landscape also. Here is my pick of the best neighborhoods in Brighton to look for an Airbnb Brighton.

  1. Kemptown

This is the best place, and I live here. It is called Kemptown after the landowner Thomas Kemp. It is a very small village east of central Brighton. The town showcases some of the best Regency-inspired architecture and has lots of mews that are old stables turned into homes. It’s very close to the beach with some Kemp Townhomes just across the road from the beach.  It is very close to airbnb brighton marina has to offer.

It has one of the best Bakery’s in Brighton called Open Bakery and lots of pubs, cafes, and the best thing is, it is only about 25 minutes’ walk to get to the city center of Brighton. Kemp town also hosts the one day a year Kemp Town Festival with parades, lots of amazing music, crafts and food stalls.

2. The Lanes & North Laine

This area is the right bang in the city center. It spans from the north lanes and over North street into the may lanes. It is full of vintage shops, cafes and restaurants, and famous landmarks. Some of the buildings there date back to the days when Brighton was Brighthelmstone. You won’t have to go too far to have fun being in the heart of the city.

3. Hove

Hove has lots of Regency-style squares that are close to the seaside. Hove has the famous colorful beach huts and finds out more free things to do in Brighton and Hove. Hove is well serviced by bus and train, so it is well-connected with the rest of Brighton and England. Hove has lots of great restaurants, cafes.

4. London road

London Road is a student haven, as it is close to the university and town center. There is an independent cinema there called the Duke of York that is one of the oldest cinemas in the UK, and there are lots of great pubs there such as the Worlds End that is millennial heaven, with its hipster vibe inside and an arcade upstairs.

There are also lots of creative spaces there and cafes. The great thing about this area is the open market that has wonderful food.

4. Hanover

Hanover is a beautiful part of Brighton. It is known for its bright and colorful houses and buildings. It was once where the low-income lived but now has changed into a yuppies heaven.

It is situated on a steep hill, lined with streets of tightly packed Victorian cottages. The area’s streets are full of bars, cafes, and pubs. It is only 15 minutes walk to get to the Brighton train station and the city center.

Best time to go to Brighton

Brighton lanes


The winter months are a great time to visit Brighton if you don’t want the town full of tourists, but the main downside is that it will be very cold and not a great time to go to the beach or even swim in the sea. Also, all the events Brighton has to offer are later in the year.


This is a great month to go, especially April and May the weather getting hotter and if you are brave you can go swimming the sea, as I have seen lots of people swimming. April is busy for like 2 weeks when the UK schools have 2 weeks half term. One of the busiest times in Brighton is May as there are 2 festivals on the whole of May, Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe. I highly recommend you go to these festivals- there is a wonderful array of comedy, drama, dance, and music with a pro-LGBTQ+ slant to it! It is Brighton after all!


The summer has the best weather if you are looking for scorching heat, as with global warming the summer gets hotter and hotter each year. That can be a good sign and a bad one, but that is a topic for another blog post. The summer is the busiest time with lots of Brits and tourists flocking to the beach and lots of stag/hen parries and events throughout the summer.


This is the best time to go as fewer tourists are visiting. The best time is September as it still is hot. I am told by a Brightonian that the best month to go swimming in the sea in September as this is when the sea is the warmest.

The Best 15 Airbnb Brighton Has To Offer

1. An urban oasis with a hot tub

This is the most expensive Airbnb in Brighton on the list. When you first step into this modern apartment you will fall in love with the rich textures and chic furnishings. It still has some of the original designs.

This property has all the facilities you can ever want in a home. The property has six double beds, three bathrooms and garden patio TV and hot tub. This home is located in the Hove city center about one mile from the beach and situated on a quit stunning tree-lined street. You won’t regret this Airbnb.  This is the best airbnb hove has to offer.

Price: £485

Accommodates: 13

2.Luxurious Loft Living

Brighton airbnb

It is right on the doorstep to the beach. This a great one-bedroom loft apartment that is great for a couple. It has a rustic and old-fashioned décor. It has an open-plan kitchen and living room.

It is situated on a quiet residential street, close by a whole lost or restaurants and bars and beach. So, there is plenty to do near this Airbnb. The best part about the loft apartment is that it comes with a rooftop terrace that has a great view of Brighton.

Price: £95

Accommodates: 2

3. Benfield Treehouse

Airbnb Treehouse

Ever wanted to bring out your inner Tarzan, well you can with this amazing treehouse in Brighton. This Treehouse is perfect for a romantic city break. The treehouse will bring you back to your childhood of wanting a treehouse or having one.

There is a rope bridge you will need to cross to get to the treehouses. The home is a one-room flat with everything in one room. It is a great wooden treehouse located just outside of Brighton.


Price: £189

Accommodates: 2

4. Beautiful Brighton Nest

Brighton home

This is a great one bedroom Flat in Brighton. It is right in the beating heart of the city center very close to a lot of things, such as restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and the shops. It is only a few minutes’ walks to the train station.

It is a nicely decorated house and it says it is for 4 guests (one double bed and one double sofa bed).

Price: £100

Accommodates: 4

5. The Converted Chapel


This Air BnB Brighton Chapel Townhouse is situated next to the lanes it comes with one bedroom that has a Kingsize double bed. It is situated on a quiet side street so you don’t get all that noise from the city center at night.

All the rooms are painted black with a gothic interior-style look. It also comes with a grand staircase and original stained-glass windows. The one downside is that the bath is in the bedroom but if it is just two of you in the house than it is fine. The house comes with a bathroom on the first floor that is not shown in the advert.

Price: £162

Accommodates: 2

6. Warehouse Desires Central Brighton


This home is a great house for a weekend stay in Brighton. The home has exposed brick walls that make it look lovely. It’s about 3 minutes walk from the sea and very close to Brighton beach huts. So, in a very good location.

The home says it can sleep, 6 people. It is very quirkily home. it feels very Brighton when you are inside, as the rooms are very colorful and quirky. The best bit is that the downstairs where the living room and kitchen is an open plan.

As when you are with friends and family, you won’t enjoy the holiday and join in the convocations and if you are cooking and you can do that, as it is all one big room. This  The best airbnb brighton beach has to offfer.

Price: £169

Accommodates: 6

7. Sumptuous Brighton Victorian House (£125 per night)

Brighton Victorian House

This is a spectacular Victorian house situated near the Brighton train station. It is a large house that has a mix of contemporary and period décor. There is artwork all over the house that is from Brighton artists.

3 bedrooms are themed, the first one is black and gold, the second one is the Leopard theme and the last bedroom is Jungle theme. There is a table football that is great for the whole family or friends.

Price: £125

Accommodates: 6

8. Beautiful Regency Apartment in City Center (£117 per night)

Beautiful Regency Apartment in Fantastic Location

This Regency Apartment is minutes from the sea in a great location in an iconic Brighton Square called Regency square, the reason the apartment is called a Regency building. It was built in the early 19th century when George IV was Prince Regent.

Is says there are only one bedroom and 2 beds but there is no photo showing the second bed just one double bed. The apartment has a modern and peculiar interior, that makes the house that extra bit better.

Price: £110

Accommodates: 4

9. House in Hanover (from GBP 99)

House in Hanove brighton

This is a great house for a group. It comes with a master bedroom, a double bedroom, and a double sofa bed. One of the best things about the house is that it comes with a heated massage chair and a big smart TV.

The home is located in the Hanover neighborhood were their lots of pubs and lots of local’s shops. It is a very close walk to the city center and Brighton train station. This has a nice clean feel, great for any family or group.

Price: £145

Accommodates: 6

10. Central, secluded double ensuite bedroom (from GBP 70)

Central Secluded Double Bedroom brighton

This home is different to the rest, as you don’t get the whole house but just a private bedroom, this can be better, as you living with locals who can show you the town’s secrets.

The room comes with an en-suite bathroom and a small private patio. The house is located very close to the city center and all the major Brighton attractions.

Price: £70

Accommodates: 2

11. Modern flat with smashing sea view (92 per night)



This apartment is great for anyone that wants to have sea views, as it is located directly on Brighton seafront, in the village Kemptown. In my opinion, this is the place area to stay in, as it has lots of great pubs and cafes.

The home comes with pine wood flooring that makes it beautiful. The house has lots of natural light coming in, as there are big floor- to ceiling windows. It comes with two big bedrooms that both have a double bed in them.

Price: £160

Accommodates: 4

12.Hi-spec flat in the heart of Brighton’s Lanes (£173)


This Flat is in the heart of Brighton in one of the lanes. This Flat has recently been renovated, so it has all the latest appliances.

The flat comes with a balcony that is big enough for seats and it even has cover, so if it rains you will be fine. The flat comes with two bedrooms that each have a double bed. This flat is very minimalist and spacious.

Price: £95

Accommodates: 4

13. A Stay Less Ordinary (Hove £170 per night)

A Stay Less Ordinary

This is a ground-floor two-bedroom apartment located in Hove and is a short walk to the sea. The owners of the home have tried to make it as Eco-friendly organic as possible.

The colures they have used to decorate the home makes it stand out and looks lovely. As they said they use organic, fair trade, handmade, antique, locally sourced products throughout the home. It comes with a nice garden that uses get access to. The apartment has a nice homely feel about it.

Price: £150

Accommodates: 6

14. Unique Brighton Apartment close to London Road and the lanes (£ 213)

Hove home

This home is very close to the lanes. It is in the cool London Road area close to the Open Market and lots of wonderful coffee shops and very close to the Royal Pavillion.

This home has two bedrooms and 3 beds. The black they used for all the walls in the home makes it look slick and styles. It is very spacious with a small garden to relax in. The kitchen has recently done and got all modern appliances.

Price: £145

Accommodates: 6

15. Trendy house in upbeat Kemp Town (300 per night)

Trendy house in upbeat Kemp Town

This home comes with 3 bedrooms one of them has a double bed and the others come with Sigle beds. The house steps Kemp Town very close to the beach just at the end of the street,

As well as this very close to the city center spaces with lots of room as everything is spread out, making it look big.

The house comes with a roof terrace with seating that has amazing views of the sea. This home is ideal for families or group of friends. As is lots of stairs, it is not idea anyone mobility ability impaired.

Trendy house in upbeat Kemp Town
Price: £300

Accommodates: 10

If you are doing a road trip around the UK like most people are, that go to Brighton on the way. You need to read my 5 cities in the UK to visit.


  1. Ever since I found out about Airbnbs, I always make sure to try and find Airbnbs wherever I go. In short I am love with the comfort and privacy this Airbnbs provide when travelling in a large group.

  2. Those are very nice neighborhoods. Unfortunately, a trip to anywhere in England—or anywhere in Europe would probably remain a dream for us due to the difficulty in obtaining a visa from the Philippines and our weak peso against the pound/euro. But still, who knows?

    About Airbnb though, we frequently book through Airbnb, and we never had a bad experience. Staying in homes rather than hotels make our trips more “authentic.” And there’s the plus of actually interacting with the locals (i.e. the household), which is really cool.

  3. I’ve always had a soft spot for Brighton, hailing from the south of England myself. My grandparents used to holiday here every single year, and over time it has certainly changed into a bohemian mecca.
    I always love exploring the quirky shops in the Lanes and eating fish and chips by the pier.
    Your Airbnb recommendations are fab and I will certainly be referring to this next time I plan a getaway to Brighton.

  4. OMG, the photos are so beautiful, I never had such a lovely place through air bnb because they are usually out of my budget. Otherwise I would visit them all!

  5. How do I make these all my homes. They are so ridiculously cute and so well appointed. I would want to stay in all of them. Great post with tips on where to stay and the varied seasons to visit.


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