15 Ways To Make Money While Traveling

The only thing not good about traveling at your terms is that it drains you financially. Most people go with their savings, and no actual money is being made at that time. What if there were a way to make money while traveling? Well, we have got fifteen here. Follow one of these 15 ways to make money while traveling, and never worry about your finances.


Launch A Travel Blog


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As mainstream as it may sound, a blog can generate a decent paycheque for your monthly needs. And in some cases, the payment goes above the average salary in the USA. It’ll be a highly profitable idea if you plan to start your blog and keep it niche centric.

If you want to make money while traveling, you can craft your blogs around the travel niche. For instance, you can start writing on best roof rack storage for a road trip traveler, or top 10 places to travel after the Covid-19 pandemic ends. If you are thinking about slow growth, you need not worry. Initially, you mustn’t aim at a hundred thousand dollars. Even three or four hundred dollars per month are enough to explore many countries around the world lavishly.

Keep your blog one-hundred-percent authentic from the beginning. People will start engaging, and eventually, your blog will grow. Once you have a decent audience, you can monetize your website for Google Adsense. Moreover, after some years, you can choose to sell your digital product (e-books, courses, etcetera) or services (consultation & advisory). If you don’t have any plan like this, the revenue from Adsense and Affiliate marketing is enough to provide you financial stability.


Freelancing As A Career Option


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Today, many jobs don’t require you to be physically present on site. If you have skills like writing, designing, data analyzing, or programming, you can offer your services to people from anywhere.

If you are new to freelancing, your blog will serve as your creative portfolio to attract new clients and prospects. Start bidding on projects via freelancing websites Fiverr, Upwork, People Per Hour, etcetera.

Moreover, you need not see freelancing as a source of passive income. Change your perspective and think of yourself as a ‘single-person’ company. You will have to manage everything from advertising to networking to managing a project and delivering the final work to the client.

Gradually, your client base will increase. You can then hire more freelancers or in-office employees to start an agency that you may manage remotely.

Start A Vlog On YouTube


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Many people who frequently travel around the world document their journey and upload it on YouTube. It’s a great platform where creators and audiences can meet for mutually beneficial processes.

You can also document your travel experiences, learn editing and graphic designing, and then upload videos on YouTube. Once your subscriber base grows, you’ll be able to monetize the channel and occasionally partner with brands and companies for affiliate marketing. This way is excellent for regularly earning while doing what you love to do – travel the world.

Become A Day-Trader


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Trading is another way to make money while traveling. You won’t have to put much physical effort like writing and filming into it. You will need two things – capital and learning.

First of all, start learning about trading today. You need to get to know about technical and financial analysis before you enter the trading market. Give yourself a good couple of months before you take your first trade.

If you have all the mandatory insights, you can easily earn four to five percent of your total capital, and that too daily.

Once you have the right learning, you don’t need to worry about your finances. Nowadays, most stockbrokers provide attractive margins like ten times of your capital. For example, you have $500, with a 10X margin, you could place an order worth $5000.

You will only need a laptop and a working internet connection to earn supreme income everyday while exploring new places.

Become A Bartender


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If you already know to bartend or have some time to invest in learning this eye-catching skill, you should do so. While traveling abroad and staying in a city for more than a fortnight, you can join a hotel’s club as a bartender.

Generally, hotels, clubs, and bars are open to hiring international bartenders because that sets them apart from their competitions. Also, you should know that bars in hotels or resorts pay lavishly compared to the local bars. Bartending will be an excellent option for all those individuals who enjoy loud music and vibrant nightlife.


Instruct People About Yoga


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If you are a fitness and yoga enthusiast, there’s no easy way to make money other than teaching people how to do yoga. If you see yourself in the same town for a couple of weeks or so, you should set up your classes in a public space.

Look out for the parks where people come to jog or spend time in the morning, print some pamphlets, and start giving people free trials for two days. Once some people are ready to join you for your sessions, charge everyone a nominal fee of maybe $20 per week, and you will have a loyal client base.

Now, you can spend an hour in the morning for next month, and earn a good income. After your session ends, you’ll have the whole day to yourself for traveling around and trying new things.

Become A Part-time Surf Teacher


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If you are traveling to a country with scenic and wavy beaches, and your surfing skills are mediocre or excellent, you will be making a good income while traveling. You can take your surfboard by the coast and then look for people who are not quite good at surfing or seeking guidance.

Charge them $10 to $15 per lesson. You don’t need to teach them high-level surfing, just so much so that they enjoy the waves without getting off-board.

Likewise, if you are good at snorkeling or scuba-diving, or any other water sports, start teaching these things to fellow visitors on the beach. This way, you can earn a profitable passive income without much investment.


Capture Memories


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You’re a frequent traveler. You might be great at photography, and you might also have a premium camera. If this sounds like you, you should try to photograph people visiting a monument or place.

You may charge tourists at $20 per photo shoot that lasts for about half an hour. This way, you can make the most of your time exploring new places, and at the same time, work your passion.

Be A Social Media Influencer

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If you are trying out your hand at clicking incredible pictures of tourists, and the images are outstanding, you could start your Instagram handle. Once your Instagram account thrives and you have a considerable amount of followers, you’ll have a host of opportunities. You can partner with brands to promote their products via your social media handles, or sell your courses, or promote your blog or vlog. You can also partner with other influencers in the industry to go live and increase your visibility. This will make an organic digital marketing web for you to manage anywhere in the world. You can make money while traveling via this method.

Take-up Gig Economy Jobs


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These are popular in the USA and European countries. These jobs are available throughout city neighborhoods and pay you quick money. These jobs range from minimalistic jobs like delivering food, walking a dog, babysitting, or house-sitting for cash. All these jobs are easy to do and require very little concentration or skills.

Become A Tour Lead

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Do you frequently travel to the same country because now it’s your favorite place? If yes, then you can partner up with the local travel agencies to lead their tours. These travel agencies are always searching for English-speaking educated personnel to help their international tourists. If you are soft-spoken, and have all the knowledge about the destination, you’ll make a good tourist guide.

Even if you’re not a frequent visitor to a particular place, you can still apply to be a travel guide or communication medium between international tourists and local agency employees. In most countries, language is a considerable barrier for profitable deals. See this as an opportunity, and earn while traveling.

Write A Travel Guide Book

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Avid travelers with lots of traveling experience can always write a book and publish it online or on paper. Make your book resourceful for new travelers visiting a place for the first time.

Tell these travelers how to reach the destination, what places they should see, how to stay alert of scams, and all things a visitor should know about their destination. Your book will be widely popular among travelers if you have the knowledge and right digital marketing tricks.

As a result of these efforts, you’ll start earning royalties for every copy of your book sold. Not to forget the fame and popularity you might get if you write a bestseller. This is most profitable ways to make money while traveling.

Proofread Or Translate A Menu

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While this is not a stable job or gig that you might do while traveling around the world, it definitely can pay out your meal bills from time to time. Many countries around the world don’t have functional literacy in the English language, and often their menus are grammatically not correct. In worst-case scenarios, the lists are not even in English.

You can offer the owner or manager to edit/translate their menu for a barter system, and let you enjoy your meal or even give you a small fee for all the help you’ll provide.

Manage Social Media Handles For Businesses

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If you are an introvert and do not prefer to out your whole life on social media, but know what makes or breaks a brand’s social media identity, this job is for you. You can partner up with businesses to grow their social media presence. If your tactics grow your client’s social accounts by manifold, they will be happy to pay you a premium fee. By doing this, you will ensure continuous cash flow and seamless exploration.

Pick Up A Fruit Picking Job

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If you are traveling to Oceania, particularly Australia, you can pick up a fruit picking job. As the name suggests, you’ll have to pick fruits from a farm. The payment is always varying for different farm owners and ranges from free bed and breakfast to some dollars per kilo of fruits that you pick.


In our list, to make money while traveling, we discuss everything from hyper-active ways like starting a blog or making a vlog to passive means like editing a menu. Use these methods to ensure a regular cash flow while you are busy traveling. Unlike actively earning, saving is a way to earn passively. If your finances don’t allow, choose valuable options over luxury, and shop smartly, you’ll see a good income.



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