5 Best Way To Learn A New Language While Traveling

Find the 5 Best ways to Learn A New Language While Traveling and becoming a  world explore. Let’s be honest: not many people think about any kind of activity (besides the fun ones) when they think about traveling the world or on holiday. And learning a new language for sure doesn’t seem like a fun one – but only at a first glance.

Of course, learning a completely new language is not an easy task, and it requires a lot of time, devotion and most importantly – motivation. But traveling to a new place can be way more interesting when you can relate to the locals on the most basic level, which is their language, and it comes really handy at times if you’re traveling destination is not the one where they speak your mother tongue.

If you’re traveling junky with a desire to learn new languages, but you always end up coming back home with little to no progress at your target language skills, maybe these few tips can help you next time you find yourself in a foreign country.

1. Classes never go out of style


This is the most common way of learning a foreign language, few classes or a course, and you’re all set to go traveling. If you’re traveling goals aren’t holiday oriented, and you’re thinking about studying or applying for the job abroad, taking a specialized course is sometimes even a requirement, as some professional fields make it mandatory. For example, if your profession is within the healthcare field, the best way to combine your love for traveling and studies (or a job) would be taking a specialized OET full form course, since it gives you all the knowledge you will need within your professional field and of course, it will make you qualified. If you are traveling purely for joy, and you are not really a course-type of person, and you would like to learn it as you go, some of the next tips might help you.

5 Best Way To Learn A New Language While Traveling

2. Make it fun!


When learning a new language, the last thing you want to do is make it boring and exhausting. Think about some fun activities and incorporate your language studying in it, after all, new language is going to bring you insight into a new culture, and a lot of fun experiences. For example, you can watch movies, listen to music, or any kind of activity you like. A great tip also is changing all of your gadgets to a target language. Don’t make studying an obligation, but rather an adventure that you get to be grateful for after. It is about the process of learning, not only about the destination.

5 Best Way To Learn A New Language While Traveling

3. Focus on the common words and phrases


Don’t bother yourself with grammar and learning it to perfection, at the end, ability to communicate is what matters (Unless you really want to study it). Focus on the phrases that you know you will need the most, like greetings and questions about hotels, prices, markets, etc. Invest your time before your travel to learn these phrases and you will be thankful for it.

5 Best Way To Learn A New Language While Traveling

4. Think globally, act locally


There is no better way to gain and improve your language skills than immersing yourself with locals. Refuse to use your native language if they know it, and be persistent with using theirs. After only a few days, you will see how fast your language skills are improving, when using it is the only option for communication. This way you will also learn about the culture and it will give your holiday much more depth.

5. Don’t be afraid!

Being self-conscious about your new language skills is not going to do you any good. Self-inhibition will only leave you without progress. Don’t be afraid to speak to everyone you can, at the end that is where all the beauty of a foreign language lies. And don’t worry – no one will expect from you to speak fluently, and plus you will gain a lot of sympathy from locals if you show interest in their language.

When you come back home after your traveling, you will see how many worthy experiences your new language ability has made possible. It makes you more open-minded and locals can appreciate it. You get to have an insight into a whole new culture and you can experience it on a much deeper level. And most importantly, your brain will be more than thankful for it.

5 Best Way To Learn A New Language While Traveling



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  1. I learnt Indonesian while travelling there last year! It’s soooooo much easier to learn a new language when you can immerse yourself in it and actually be in the country. Super scary at first though!
    It helped a lot that Bahasa Indonesian is supposed to be the easiest language in the world to learn haha


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