the best 5 Travel Essentials you need when travelling (1)

Find out the best travel essentials all travelers a need for them when with the Daypack essentialsI have provided a list of the best essentials you need for minimalist travel.

  1. Hand Sanitizer and Hand Wipes are essential for any traveler.

There are going to be many situations where you will be in an unclean place, or not able to wash your hands right away. Using the wipes or gel will prevent you getting ill on holiday, keep you clean generally and clean your hands after touching things

 5 travel essentials
Hand Sanitizer and Hand Wipes are essential for any traveler.

2. Water Bottle
As an avid trailer one of the best things to pack and bring a water bottle preferably the bigger the better. When you are in the country you travel to get a bottle from the shop and fill your water bottle. Having a big water bottle with is essential. As there are times when I was traveling that there was no shop nearby being on a mountain and walking in the heat without water is bad.

3. Travel Journal
I have never used one but there are times when writing my blog posts that the journal will come in handy and some of the blog post code have provided more details. As no one can remember everything so that is why writing it down will help.

 5 travel essentials
Travel Journal


4. Travel journal4. Travel First Aid Kit
One of the most important pieces of the kit to bring when traveling. According to a recent survey, a staggering 80 percent of us are not equipped to deal with minor medical from the daily email. Having a first aid kit on hand could help insurers and even slow down severe injuries enough time to get to the hospital. As you never know where your travels will take you.

 5 travel essentials
First aid kit

5. String.
The string is multi-diverse and can be very handy when traveling. It provides help with lost of things such as being a watching line. Also, it can help tighten up broken bags and things around broken wounds.

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