6 Alternative things to do in Bergen Norway

6 Alternative thing to do in Bergen Norway

6 Alternative thing to do in Bergen Norway

I got offered to receive a Bergen card. There are different types such as one for 24 hours to 3 days. I got a 4 day one that you can’t get. I got it for free from Vistbergen tourist board. It allows you to gain entry to most museums for free or at discount.  As well as this, it gives you free bus and tram rides around Bergen. In addition to this, it gives more discounts to more attractions, restaurants and even 10% discount for Flybussen that is the bus to and from the airport to Bergen. Find out more about the Bergen card.

Bergen is known as the “gateway to the fjords”, and with this primary location with a vast variety of fjords close by. This makes it a very popular place for visitors. Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with only 270.000 inhabitants.

Bergen has a wide range of things to offer from shopping, hiking one of the 7 mountains surrounding it and to the old town. With all of these options, it’s easy to miss out something. Don’t worry about this I have compiled my top favorite 6 things to do in and around Bergen from my 4-day trip there last week. More places to visit on Norway. 

  1. Sognefjord Tour.

The main reason people go to Norway is to see the Fjords and that is why the Sognefjord is must see, it is the longest and deepest Fjord in Norway. The Sognefjord tour is very pricey, about £157 but the highlight of the trip. The tour is called Sognefjord in a nutshell as you get to the vast amount of Norway in a day. The tour is about 8 hours and consists of first going on a cruise that starts from Bergen and goes through the Sognefjord to the town of Flam.

The next part of the tour is a train ride back to Bergen on part of the famous train journey. It is about a3-hours train journey and goes through stunning lakes and mountains. The full journey is from Oslo to Flam and takes 7 hours. Another tour to do is cruising Norway’s fjords, as there are lots of cruises that go around the fjords.  Find out the best unique things to do in Bergen Norway for first time Vistors

6 Alternative thing to do in Bergen Norway

2.  Climb Mt Ulriken 643

I asked someone working at the tourist board what was the best mountain to climb and she said Mt Ulriken was the best. It has an altitude of 643 meters above sea level. It also has a cable car that allows you to get to the top of the mountain if you don’t want to walk up and down it. The Bergen card offers 10% off the cable cart.

The climbed up the mountain takes about 1 hour if you are on the right trail. At the top of the mountain, there is a restaurant and a great place to get a drink after you have climbed up the mountain.   if you like hiking than another thing to do is Hike to Trolltunga.

6 Alternative thing to do in Bergen Norway

3. kayaking

One of the best things to do go kayaking in the Fjords or if you can’t-do that go sea kayaking that is still breath-taking views of the Norway’s mountains.

Tour I did was a Kayaking the Hereford just outside Bergen about 45 minutes’ drive. It offers to pick up from Bergen and drop off. For £92.

The tour offers lunch and you get about 4 hours in the kayaks. There will be a lunch break on the trip where they offer you food. They also took us to a cave that was used in world war 2 by the Germans. The cave is very small.

6 Alternative thing to do in Bergen Norway

4. Take the Fløibanen up to Mt Floyen,

A great place to get a picture of the town is to go up Mt Floyen and with the Bergen card, you get half price on the Fleibanen. It free rides from October to April, or you can always walk up the mountain for free.

The spectacular mountain had a viewing platform at the top that has a stunning view of the town that is a must see as you can see from the image below. The mountain also has goats that live up on top of the mountain.

My advice is not to go up the mountain after 2pm. Go earlier in the day or at sunset that is around 10pm. As I went at 3pm. The viewing platform was very busy. Waiting for a ride down the Fleibanen as there is only one operating on MT Floyen.

6 Alternative thing to do in Bergen Norway

5. Strolling the streets

The first thing that you should do in any town you visits is to just stroll around.

Also walking around the streets is a great way to find hidden gems you did not know about. One place to go to is Bergen old town that is quintessentially charming and serene.

My advice Is to bring a jumper with you as Bergen can be hot and then the next cold. Also, bring some shoes that you would be commutable wearing for a few hours of walking as Bergen is a very hilly place. There are lots of points walking around the hilly town that you can stop and take in the magnificent views.

6 Alternative thing to do in Bergen Norway

6. Leprosy Museum St. Jørgen’s Hospital

One of the best Museums to go to is the Leprosy Museum that was once the Norwegian Leprosy Hospital. The great thing about this museum is it free with a Bergen card. You also get free entry to many more amazing historical museums.

It is very informative and they provide booklets in different languages so you can read about each room.

The museum opened at 11am every day. 45 minutes past every hour they open the Hospital church with a free tour of the church in English.

One fact that I found out that shocked me. Was that Norway had the most people in the world that were affected with Leprosy.

6 Alternative thing to do in Bergen Norway

If you want to find out more about Norway. Then read my full detailed post about my trip to Norway coming out soon. A great day drip from Bregen is to go from bergen to trolltunga

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DISCLAIMER: This post is in collaboration with by Vistbergen the tourist board, but as always, all opinions are entirely my own!






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