6 easy tips for creating attractive travel photos

Great photos are a vital condition for any travel blog. When you have amazing photos you can get easily more readers for your blog. I would say that travel blogs live as much off photos and text. If the photos are uninteresting or poor quality they don’t make people want to read the article but if the text is bad the reader won’t read more of your articles.

So here are my tips for creating attractive travel photos:

1. Dreaming through photos

Photos in travel blogs are to make people dream. The better photos you have on your page the better you affect your readers’ emotions. I know you have all seen a photo that has caused you the need to go traveling or has made you amazed. The photos will picture out your text and helps to romanticize. A photo can tell more than a thousand words.

6 easy tips for creating attractive travel photos

2. Travel photography ABC

Key things to remember in travel photography to remember can be as easy as ABC. Travel photography ABC consists of:
– Actively search for a good photo, better angle, good lighting and special things.
– Be ready all the time.
– Capture the moment. Don’t think too much or you’ll miss your shot.

3. People in the photos

Publish photos that have people in them. There have been multiple surveys that have found out that people tend to be keener on photos that have people in them. I have noticed myself that each time I start to follow an Instagram account I check if there are photos with people in them because that adds the personal touch to the photos.

I can improve this myself. On my blog, I have a lot of landscape photos without any people in them. This is an instruction that goes “do as I say, not as I do”. I will add more photos of people on my blog account that’s for sure.

6 easy tips for creating attractive travel photos

4. Add a personal touch to your photos.
The photos should look like you. They may have a similar style, angle, lighting or you just like to take photos in a certain recognizable way. The best case scenario would be that when someone sees a photo, they could identify that photo straight away that it’s your photo. That is difficult but possible!

5. Think outside the box
In travel photography, you should always try to think outside the box. If you go to Sydney for example and want to capture the Opera house you can take one photo that is similar to the one that everyone else takes. Then try to figure out how you could change the angle to make it more you. Or would some angle bring you better lighting? The outside box thinking will make your photos more interesting and more personal. That way you will become more attractive!

6 easy tips for creating attractive travel photos

6. How about the camera type?
Obviously, a better camera will help you to take better photos. A good DSLR camera takes photos with better quality than just a cheap cell phone camera. BUT I still believe that the better the photographer, the better the photos. I’ve taken many shots with my LG Spirit phone which doesn’t have the highest quality camera in it but still, I’ve got comments like “Wow, your pic is amazing! What camera did you use?” The best camera is the one you’re carrying with you.

Start with these tips for taking inspiring photos!

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