airport Hacks

In most circumstances, traveling is always fun, but it has proven it can be pretty hectic. Air travel can prove to be a total nightmare, you are yet to learn your way around or if it is your first time flying solo. However, there are a few airport hacks and pointers that are good to have at the tip of your hands. Not only will it help you get around easily, but you can save money as well.

Airport Hacks

1. Stay connected

Typically, you will want to stay in touch with people or be on top of your work schedule, but airport reception is outright unreliable. However, most travelers do not know there is a way around this, and they will not require a data plan.

With a Wi-Fi connection, Hangouts App, and Google Voice, you can easily set up your number and use Google voice to send texts or make calls. As an alternative, you can consider buying a prepaid SIM-card that has data access.

2. Apply for Global Entry

If you are a citizen of the United States, you can quickly clear through customs with Global Entry. Countries such as New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, and the Netherlands offer a similar pre-screening feature that works in tandem with Global Entry.

The application process is rigorous, and it involves interviews and an intensive background check. However, once you are done, you can clear customs quickly. Members have the advantage of special security procedures and lines. Ensure you have travel insurance before leaving the country, find out more at MSIG.

3. Carry a portable charging device.

If you are a heavy device user, then you definitely know the importance of having a charger on you anywhere you go. As devices continue to evolve technologically, manufacturers are continually developing new charging devices to suit any situation. This is a real-lifesaver at airports since it is almost always impossible to find a charging outlet.Its very important airport hacks.

Portable chargers are also convenient since you can carry them in your purse or small luggage, making them easy to access. You can use your portable charger to charge your devices throughout the flight.

Furthermore, power strips can also come in very handy if you have multiple devices. If that is the case, you can invest in a power strip with multiple USB ports and AC outlets. This way, you can even charge them simultaneously.

4. The airplane mode

Airport Hacks

Before they call boarding, most people are always desperate to charge their phones to a decent percentage. However, this can prove tricky if you still use your phone as it charges. Therefore, switch your phone to airplane mode when you plug it in. This charging technique has proven to boost the speed at which your phone charges, with an increased charge time of four minutes.

You can also consider switching it off entirely, especially if you are using other devices.

5. Wear your luggage

Airport tips

You may find it funny but its very important airport hacks.If there is a concern about overextending the weight limit, you can wear some of the luggage. You can consider wearing the heavier cloth pieces as you go through airport security. Once you are cleared at security, you can easily change your outfit into something more comfortable.

You only have to get through check-in and while you board. This is the only place they truly check the number of bags.

6. Fly Red Eye

If it is possible, always go for the evening flights. Compared to daylight flights, evening flying is considerably cheaper, and there is less traffic at the airport. In addition, you get to sleep on the plane, and you will wake up at your destination. As such, you will have more time to carry out your scheduled activities, whether it is a business or a pleasure trip.

7. Scan your important papers

It doesn’t really matter how organized you are if you cannot legally identify yourself. If something goes wrong when you are traveling, it is imperative to have a form of identification and legal papers that allow you to be in a country. Nobody plans to lose their luggage or have a purse snatched, so it is crucial you have your documents backed up.

The most convenient way to do this is by scanning them. Upload them to your cloud or email them. This way, you will not end up stranded in a foreign place with no way to identify yourself. In addition, check with the airline to see whether they support scanned passports for international check-ins.

8. Take photos of your luggage

Airport Hacks

Should your luggage get tampered with or damaged through the flight, you will have a very hard time getting an airline liable. Thus, the smart thing to do is take a photo of your entire luggage as it is being checked in. In any case, you will have irrefutable proof that your stuff was in good condition at check-in. The full liability will be on the airline.

9. Digital trackers

If you are paranoid about losing your luggage at the airport, there is good reason to be. Many people lose their luggage at airports, but you can ease your conscience by tracking devices. This way, you will know exactly where your travel bags are at any time, including during a flight.

10. Familiarize with the rules

If you are a first-timer at the airport, or you have never traveled alone, it is imperative you understand what you can’t get away with at the airport. This is very important airport hacks. You really do not want to get tangled up with security, so take a few moments and get familiar with the basic rules. Understand what is restricted and what you can bring. So many people are forced to throw out items such as toothpaste, drinks, or makeup because it exceeds the 100ml (3.4oz) limit.

11. Mark your parking space

It is not a new phenomenon to have people come back from a trip and forget where they parked. It can prove very hectic looking for a car in the midst of thousands, which may also have been forgotten.

Therefore, take a picture of where you park, for example, Lev 3 Sec. D. this will save you a lot of time, especially if you are exhausted. Furthermore, you get to save on the cab money.

12. Time-travel

Sometimes, the airport only offers a limited slot for Wi-Fi use. You can adjust the clock settings on your devices to an earlier time before your session expires.

13. Keep your laptop close-by

It is a must to take out your laptop at security, so it does help to have it close by. If you are wary of breaking it, consider getting a fitting, padded bag that you can easily slip in and out of you carryon luggage.

14. Maximize on airport lounges

If you fly frequently, then access to any airport lounge should be a must-have. There are a lot of advantages that come with lounges, such as legroom, and you have undeterred access to open wall sockets to charge your devices.

You can either pay the nominal fee of $25-$50, or use your sky mile to access snacks, drinks, free Wi-Fi, and charging outlets.

15. Keep calm

Immediately boarding begins, people always tend to rush and crowd the gate. There is plenty of time allocated to boarding, so you can wait until your section or zone is called. Take time and calmly gather your stuff, make sure your papers are in order before rushing to the gate.

Air travel does not have to be dreadful every time. Learning a few airport hacks may save you the trouble, and increase comfort.


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