All You Need To Know About Secrets About Bergen Norway

I decided to plan a trip with my twin brother to Norway and one of my friends did a university exchange in Bergen, Norway and said it was an amazing place, so that is why we picked that city to stay for 4 days.

One of the most stunning countries I have seen so far was Norway. It also was the most expensive country, I have been to. As it is the third richest country in the world.

A booked a 4 day trip to Bergen, Norway and that would be a perfect opportunity to get a taste of what Norway had to offer. Once I decided the dates of the trip. I reached places to stay at. Marken Gjestehus hostel hooked me up with a free accommodation for the trip. Find out more about Marken Gjestehus hostel. In the shared dorms they give you a key to your own cupboard that you can lock. As well as this, the hostel is quiet and very lovely, so you can get a good night’s sleep as I have been to some hostel that has been very noisy.

All You Need To Know About Secrets About Bergen Norway
hostel bed room

5 Days are more than enough to visit Bergen. Being the biggest city in Norway. You would think then it would be overcrowded.  Norway only has a population of 5 million is small. The city is small, so you can cover its main attractions on foot and still have time left over. The City is also called the gateway to the Fjord and is a great starting point for your Fjord trip.

Day 1

The first day I got a plane from London Gatwick to Bergen that only took 2 hours with Norwegian air. When we arrived at the airport in Bergen we went to the bus station. I heard that taxis are very expensive. We took the Flybuss to Bergen town that took 20 minutes. It cost us £12 each for one way ticket but forget with a student discount. The journey was so scenic.

The hostel was only a 5 minutes’ walk from the bus station. When we arrived at the hostel they provided us with bedding and towels. The hotel comes with a lounge area, Free WIFI, kitchen. Great way to save money by cooking, dining room and showers and toilets that are all public. The hostel is in a great location right slap bang in the city center.

Later that day we saw the other guy who was staying in our shared dorm room. We all walk up a steep hill to get a great view of the sunset over the town and the sun sets around 10pm and one the locals at the local supermarket said it is still light until 2 am which is true.

All You Need To Know About Secrets About Bergen Norway

Day 2

The next day on Friday we went out to get breakfast and we found this baguette shop selling sandwiches and they were very reasonable about £5 and I had a meat sandwich but can’t remember what type I had and it was from Baggies and image of it is shown be.

The next thing we did was go to the supermarket to get our lunch and breakfast for the next 2 days and we only got a loaf of bread, packet of cheeses, ham, 3 pots of yogurt and a bottle of water and that came to £40 which if I was back home in the UK it would cost £15 max.

Later that day we went up Ulriken the biggest mountain in Bergen It has an altitude of 643 meters above sea level, we asked the girl working at the desk for the cable car up the mountain. She said it only takes 1 hour to walk it up, so we decided to walk it up.

To our surprise, there were no signposts and we got lost and it took us 2 and half hours to walk you the top where there is a resonant and shop. The views from the top are spectacular. I was dead walking up. We decided to get the cable car down and as we got the Bergen card from the tourist board we got 10% off the ride.

All You Need To Know About Secrets About Bergen Norway

Day 3

The second full day we had more time to explore the City this day was going to be the day we go see all the museums. We only saw two of them. First, we went to the Leprosy Museum St. Jørgen’s Hospital. One of the best Museums to go to is the Leprosy Museum that was once the Norwegian Leprosy Hospital. The great thing about this museum is free with a Bergen card and you also get free entry to many more amazing historical museums. Find more things to do in Bergen.

Then we stopped for a coffee break. I saw on lots of people’s blogs that they enjoyed Det Lille Kaffe Kompaniet they make homemade desserts and fresh lovely coffee. I had a chocolate cookie as shown in the image below and it was amazing. My brother had the carrot cake and coffee and he said it was great and it was affordable.

The next thing we did was go on the small train to get to get to the top of Fløyen Mountain. It is the only mountain with a viewing platform of the City and goats walking around. When we went to one of the many art museums which I can’t remember what one it was called.

We asked reception at the hostel if there is any cheap Norwegian restaurant and she said to go to Penguin and we went. I had cod mashed up with mash and bacon that cost £16 the cheapest thing on the menu as you can see the images of the menu blow and food.

All You Need To Know About Secrets About Bergen Norway
All You Need To Know About Secrets About Bergen Norway

Day 4

On Sunday we went on one of Norway in Nutshell tours. It was a 5-hour cruise to Flam that goes through sognefjord. That is the longest fjord largest and best-known fjord in Norway and the second longest in the world and the length of it is 205,000 m.

Then the next part of the tour is a famous train that is from Oslo to Bergen. The train ride is normally 6 hours long but we took it from halfway. We left at around 9 am and got back at 6 pm. Find out more about the tour at

One guy filmed the full train ride that was 7 hours long and broadcasted it on Norwegian Tv and 3 million Norwegians watched it out of 5 million. We were on part of it and it was breathtaking going up mountains and past fjords and a stop to see a small waterfall.

All You Need To Know About Secrets About Bergen Norway

Day 5

The last day we booked a sea kayaking trip on the same day as our flight, but our flight was at 7pm and the tour was meant to be finished at 4pm. As I have only been kayaking once and was not very good I was worried about kayaking. The trip went through Herdlefjorden.

When we got there we asked if the kayaks are singles or doubles and the tour guide said they are singles. I was worried that I would not know how to kayak properly. The kayaks are different to normal ones as they have a rudder on the back and pedals inside to help with steering and that helped.

Also, it was great having 10 people. I got a few minutes with the tour guide to teach me how to kayak properly. By the end, I was amazing at kayaking. The trip included lunch at a small beach and a tour of a very small cave used in ww2 for the Germans.

After the kayaking trip, we got back to Bergen at 5pm. We ran for the bus to the airport. I had lots of time at the airport is very small and not many people. We had 1 hour and a half till we needed to board the plane. It was all fine and we made it back home. Find out more about sea kayaking trip at

All You Need To Know About Secrets About Bergen Norway

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DISCLAIMER: This post is in collaboration with Marken Gjestehus hostel, but as always, all opinions are entirely my own!



  1. Thanks for sharing this Information, for sure Imwill use those tips when Invisit Bergen! Very interesting Blog! I will follow you!
    Born Backpacker!

  2. I was just there in May for my birthday! It was so amazing! It looks like we went to some of the same places you did. OMG i can’t believe you walked UP the mountain to Ulriken. We took a tram to Mt. Floyen and did a day hike across to Mt. Ulriken. They said it was family friendly and would take 4-6 hours. It took 7 1/2. I wanted to die. Being American, “family friendly” meant it would be low elevation change and relatively flat. It was neither of those things. The worst part was that little kids and old people were passing me the entire day. Even though i was in so much pain the entire time, I was glad I did it after the fact. We hobbled into town and ate steak and scallops at the Zachariasbryggen along the water. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  3. I want to go to Norway so bad! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, especially that sunset! I love to kayak, so I would have to definitely look into doing that! Although I might freeze. You guys look like you were decked out in warm clothing!


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