15 Bangkok Travel Tips You Need To Know Before Going

Find out the best Bangkok travel tips you need to know before traveling to Bangkok. also read the best Bangkok itinerary nefore you go. Find out if it is safe to travel to Bangkok. There is no place in the world like, “Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Bahasa than Amon Piman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit”, or what we know as Bangkok. Bangkok is certainly worth all of the hype. It is a backpacker’s paradise and dreams vacation for families. Traveling to Bangkok for the first time can be an exciting and sometimes overwhelming experience. is Bangkok Dangerous, you will find if you keep reading. If you are planning to travel to “The City of Angels”, here are a few tips you should know before traveling to Bangkok for the first time.  is Bangkok safe to go exploring? You will find out how safe Bangkok is.


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15  Bangkok travel tips you need to know before going.

1. You will need cash

If you plan on eating street food, shopping at markets, and using taxis you will need cash. I try to avoid the exchange booths in the airport, the exchange rate is terrible and they charge high fees. The best way to get cash is to use an ATM from a reputable bank. There are ATMs everywhere, even in 7-11, which seem to be on every corner. If you need to exchange money for transportation to your hotel or hostel, only exchange a small amount.

2. Use Grab (it’s just like Uber)

Grab is a great alternative to using taxis; the best part is you don’t have to worry about a meter or using cash. Grab is just like Uber in Bangkok, you can request a ride (even a motorbike) and know the price before getting into the car. All you need is a credit or debit card to connect to the app and you are on your way with no hassle. This was our primary method of transportation because our Airbnb was over 12 miles away from the main tourist areas and we did not use the metro system often.


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3. You will try to be scammed

It is unfortunate but a part of traveling, you will try to be scammed.  That is one of Bangkok safety problem. A lot of people rely on tourists to make a living; a few extra baht can go a long way. The Thai people are friendly but you have to be cautious of your surroundings. Be a little skeptical of anyone who is trying to be “too helpful”. The most common scams in Bangkok are the Tuk Tuk scam, Temple closed scam, taxi scam, and the fake baht scam.

• Tuk Tuk Scam – Tuk Tuks are quick inexpensive ways to get around Bangkok if you are going short distances. The driver of the tuk-tuk will usually tell you that they know a place (depending on your destination) where you can getter better and less expensive items. The driver will then take you to a shop where the items are expensive and overpriced. In exchange for bringing customers, the drivers receive a kickback from the owner. Negotiate the price before getting into the tuk-tuk and if you cannot agree with the driver find another car.

• Temple closed scam “Grand Palace Scam” – This scam is most commonly used with the Grand Bangkok Palace because it is a popular tourist destination. Someone will come up to you and start a friendly conversation and “inform” you that the Grand Palace is closed and they can take you on a “private tour”. The private tour will consist of you being taken by Tuk Tuk to a tailor shop, or to buy gems, which is part of the scam discussed above. To avoid this scam ignore anyone saying that a major tourist attraction is closed and look up the hours online yourself.

• Taxi scam – Taxis are the most common mode of transportation in Bangkok. Taxi drivers will often charge tourists 5 or even 10 times the metered cost. When you get into a cab ask for them to put the meter on before they start driving, if they request a fixed amount do not accept. Often taxi drivers will request 1000 ($31) baht to take you to your destination when the actual cost would be closer to 100 or 200 ($6) baht. I was a victim of this scam in Bangkok, but it was 2 in the morning and we were desperate to get to our Airbnb and get some sleep. We enriched a taxi driver by 300 baht ($10) to take 6

us less than 4 miles. To avoid this scam ask the driver to use the meter if they refuse to look for another taxi that will use the meter. I recommend using the Grab app, the prices are upfront and no cash exchanges hands.

• Fake Baht Scam – This is when a shopkeeper will claim that you gave them a fake note. The shopkeeper will take the “fake baht”, to the back to inspect it closely; this is where they will exchange the real one for a fake note. They will then return saying that the note you provided was fake and demanding payment. To avoid this scam do not let your money leave your sight. If the shopkeeper is insisting on taking the money to the back simply request the money back and leave the store. These are a great Bangkok travel tip to keep in mind.


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4. Respect Thai culture

The Thai people have great love and respect for their culture and the royal family. Do not say anything negative about the royal family of the King ever. This is not only disrespectful but illegal and should be avoided. My best advice is to not say anything about the royal family or King at all. This includes the Thai currency “baht”, which has the King’s face on it. Do not step on or deface the currency as it is a sign of disrespect to the King. The Thai culture is one to respect.

5. Dress appropriately when visiting temples (be prepared and wear socks)

There is proper etiquette that needs to be followed as a foreigner visiting templates in Thailand. It is important to wear the proper attire when visiting temples. Before traveling to Bangkok make sure you pack according to the rules or be prepared with additional cash to rent clothing. Women must wear long pants or skirts that cover their knees, but tight leggings are not permitted. Shoulders should be covered, and no see-through or sleeveless tops. Men must wear long pants that cover their knees and shirts with sleeves. Shoes must be removed before entering the temple so having a pair of socks would be helpful. Please remember to be respectful as temples are a sacred place; there may be people meditating and praying.


Image Honey Kochphon Onshawee from Pixabay

6. Monks

There are important rules in Thailand when it comes to monks. It should go without saying, but you do not want to offend the local people or their culture. In the Buddhist culture, Monks are held in high regard and should be shown the utmost respect. You should never touch a monk or his robe, it is considered very disrespectful. Do not take pictures of monks unless it is clearly stated that pictures are acceptable. There are specific rules for women such as:

• Women cannot sit next to a monk

• Women cannot enter some areas of the temple

• Women cannot give something to a monk directly; it must be given to a man to be passed along to a monk

Tip: Monks are not allowed to beg for money. If you encounter someone dressed as a monk begging on the street they are an imposter trying to make money.

7. Protect your skin

Bangkok is hot and humid; do not forget to pack bug spray and sunscreen. The easiest thing is to use bug resistant wrist bands as an alternative for those traveling light. In the event of a sunburn, aloe vera gel relieves the symptoms through the healing process.


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8. Proceed with caution

Pedestrians do not have the right of way in Bangkok. Stoplights are merely a suggestion in Thailand. The flow of traffic is different in Bangkok than in the West. Use extreme caution when crossing the streets. There are cars and motorbikes everywhere trying to get places and safety is not of the utmost concern. When you are crossing the street move as quickly as possible and follow the crowd. It is more likely vehicles will stop if there are a large number of people crossing at one time.

9. Haggle

If you are not comfortable negotiating the markets of Bangkok may not be for you. Unless you are in the mall you should have the mindset to never pay full-price. Unfortunately, stores like Nike, Adidas, Chanel, and Gucci are not open to negotiations but if you are browsing the street market in Bangkok never pay the listed price. It is likely the items are marked up over 75% of their value. If an item is listed for 1000 baht counter with100 baht and go up from there. The shopkeeper refuses to go down on the price do not be afraid to walk away. There is a good chance they will go down on the price, or you can find the item elsewhere. Just remember they are trying to make a living as well so be fair.

10. Use the right utensils

There is a misconception that chopsticks are used in all Asian countries. This is not true for Thailand; the most used utensil is a spoon. Chopsticks are only used if you are eating Chinese food. You will get strange looks if you use your food to pick up food and eat. Forks are not used the same in Thailand as in western countries. Forks are used to push food onto the spoon to eat.


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11. Food is amazing and cheap

The food in Bangkok is indescribable, amazing is an understatement. If you want authentic Thai food get out of your hotel and try street food. Street food is very cheap, often costing 100 baht or less ($3.25). Take some precaution, by looking at the vendor station and how they prepare the food, to avoid food poisoning. If you like spicy food this is certainly the place for you.

12. Be prepared to walk

When you travel to Bangkok there will be a lot of walking, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. If you plan on wearing sandals be advised that the streets are not the cleanest. If you plan on using the train, subway, or bus you will need to walk to the different stops. The attractions are somewhat spread throughout the city so

13. Try to avoid the high season

There are 2 seasons in Thailand rainy and dry. The nest time to travel to Bangkok is during the shoulder seasons, which last from April to June; and September to October. These are nice times to travel because they often offer slightly cooler weather with fewer crowds and lower prices. Traveling during the shoulder or rainy season can save you money on not only flights but accommodation and food. Although the rain can impact your travel in my experience it does not rain all day only a few hours in the afternoon.

14. Don’t drink tap water

The tap water is not safe to drink in Thailand but can be used for normal household duties such as shower, washing clothes, dishes and brushing your teeth. Bottled water is very cheap but there are filling stations available that are more environmentally friendly.


15. Do not ride elephants

The largest and most beautiful (in my opinion) land mammals are elephants. In Thailand, elephants are treated as property; similar to owning a dog, cat, or bird. The elephants are used as entertainment for tourists to ride and often are kept in inhumane conditions. They are mistreated and worked to exhaustion for our entertainment. If you would like to have elephant interactions there are ethical and sustainable elephant sanctuaries throughout Thailand. A great organization that I had the pleasure of visiting was Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT), located an hour and a half outside of Bangkok. This organization not only rescues elephants but takes any animal that is left outside of their gates including over 50 dogs.

The conclusion to this is Bangkok dangerous and the answer is not that dangerous, jut needs to keep our wits about around you a bit more than normal and you will be fine.

comment down any Bangkok travel tips I missed out.

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  1. the big discovery for us was that monk cannot be touch by female – my daughters age of 6 at that time wanted to cuddle a monk (young boy) and he run away – oops, later we learnt from other older monks that they cannot be touched by female


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