Behind the Instagrammer

The third part of Behind the Instagrammer. This time there are two being interviewed as they are twins and wanted to be interviewed together. Their images are amazing which drew me into wanting to interview them. The plus side of these two is the equipment they use to shoot the image is entry level and I will explain more in the interview.

Behind The Instagrammer Part Three

Behind The Instagrammer Part Three Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?




We are Alfonso and Gonzalo Maestro, we are 19 years old twin brothers and we were born in Madrid, Spain. We are travel photographers/ influences, our Instagram accounts are @world_wild_travel (Gonzalo) and @from. the world (Alfonso), we have been traveling since we were little, and we have been in 28 countries already. Our main goal in life is to explore and get to know every single country in the world.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat were you doing before traveling?




Before traveling… we were learning how to talk and walk ha-ha just kidding, but it is actually the truth, we have been traveling since we were so little… the only things we have done other than traveling is studying and hanging out with friends.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat does photography mean to you?




Photography is really important in our lives, but why photography means so much for us is that it gives us the opportunity to show to everyone our perspective of the world, as we understand everyone’s point of view is totally different.

Behind The Instagrammer Part Three

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeCan you tell us a little bit about your decision to start traveling?




We have been traveling since we were little and as we said before, we have been in 28 countries already, our first adventure out of Spain was in Paris, the city of love, and as you can imagine, since that day we are in love with the travel world. But another reason why we travel so much is that our parents love to travel and as we have read in many articles, we are pretty sure that we have in our veins the travel gene and that makes us have the need of traveling all the time.


Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat has been the most exciting destination for you?




Alfonso says: Morocco was probably the most exciting destination for me, it was around 3 years ago and that was my second time in Africa (the first one was with 8 years, so I don´t remember everything really well). When I arrived in Fez, I was so impressed, everything was so different from the cities I was used to seeing (mainly Europe and USA), I don´t think words can express my feelings when I was there so I advise everyone to go and live it for themselves.

Gonzalo says: Sanya a big city in Hainan Province, China has been my favorite destination for the moment, it was my first time in Asia and everything was different from Europe, the people were really nice, even though they didn´t speak much English, they would do everything they could to understand you and try to help you, also the food was different but tasty and even the weather was great. The culture was so different, and I would say in a really good way, is always nice to get to know different cultures, and I enjoyed it a lot this time.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhere have you never been to that you would love to visit?




Our dream destination since we were little has been Australia, we love animals since we were little and as we have heard and see in many documents, Australia is like a different world, it has a fauna and flora, totally different from the rest of the country and there are many different species over there and that’s something we totally don´t want to miss. And… #SAVETHEGREATREEF

Behind The Instagrammer Part Three

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced while traveling?




We both lived one year abroad in the USA, when we were just 16 years old, it was really hard at the beginning as it was the first time we weren´t together and we didn´t know anyone there, also our English was awful, so it was difficult to communicate with the rest of the people, through the time we started learning English and getting to know more people, it ended up being one of our best experiences ever.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat have been some of the biggest challenges with Instagram?




It is a constant challenge, we are still studying at the University and having to do both studies and manage our Instagram accounts is really tough, we sleep around 5-6 hours per day and we do not have much time to go out with friends, anyways as it is what we like most, it is totally worth it.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeDo you have any training in photography or are you completely self-taught?




All we have learned from the moment it has been by ourselves and thanks to other photographers that we have met during our trips.

We started college last year, but as we were so into Instagram and photography, we decided to change the degree, to study something related to it and hopefully we will learn a lot during the next year not just by ourselves but also through the University.

What are the main tips you can provide to help boost your Instagram following?

What we would say it helps the most, is posting amazing and unique content, is not about any strategy to grow your followers, is all in having great pictures or videos and then the followers will come. Also, it is really important to post often.

Behind The Instagrammer Part Three

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat are your travel photography tips?




Something that we both do before taking pictures in our trips and we recommend everyone to do, is to check out the best spots in the area you are traveling to and of course, always be with the camera ready because when you are traveling you never know what are you going to find.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeHow do you get sponsorships?




When we are preparing our trips, we contact hotels and travel brands and offer them visibility in our accounts, but sometimes the brands are the ones that reach out to us.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeHow do you choose which brands to work with?




The first thing that we asked ourselves before working with a brand is, is this something that our followers are looking for or is this something they would like to buy? If the answer is no, then we cannot work with that brand, mainly because we believe they have our same taste or really similar and we wouldn’t promote something that we don´t like.

Behind The Instagrammer Part Three

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done to get a photo?




Even though we started many years ago taking pictures it isn´t until two (Alfonso) and one (Gonzalo) years ago when we decided to take it seriously. For the moment we haven´t had the chance to do really crazy things for a picture, maybe getting into private houses or places like that, but I am pretty sure really soon we will have amazing stories to tell.

Behind The Instagrammer Part Three

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeFor those Instagram travelers who want to travel like you, can you give them some tips?




Just travel!! We have heard many times people saying, “Oh, you are so lucky you get to travel so much!” but the real thing is that nowadays traveling is getting cheaper and easier. So, if you want to travel, just do it and don´t look for excuses!

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat’s been your favorite place that your travels have taken you to?




As we said before, our favourite destinations are Morocco (Alfonso) and Sanya (Gonzalo), but if we have to think in any specific spot that has really impressed us, we both would vote for the beach Fonte Da Telha, located in Almada, Portugal. We haven´t seen anywhere else, such a beautiful sunset, but the best thing is that it wasn´t just one day, it was every single day, it happened at the same time the fisherman was coming to the beach from the ocean to sell the fish, what made the willows come see if they could get a catch, it was just such a unique moment.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat equipment do you normally carry to accomplish your photography?




As we are beginners, our equipment is still our first and we haven´t spent that much money on it. We use a Nikon D330 and the lenses are, (18-45mm) and (70-300 mm) we also use a Canon G7X Mark II plus a tripod.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat is the top tip you have for boosting your blog?




We are just starting with our blog, our website is, we are still developing it, but it will be ready really soon, so stay tuned!

Behind The Instagrammer Part Three

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