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Behind The Instagrammer Part 4

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This is the fourth part of Behind the Instagrammer. The Instagram account that is been chosen @benpstanton.This guy is a  hard worker he built his account to 103k being active for 4 hours a day and that true dedication.

His photography inspires me to up my photography game.  found out below all his Instagram and photography tips and tricks.

Behind The Instagrammer Part 4

  Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeCan you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?




My name is Ben Stanton, I’m 29 years old from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been traveling around the world for the last 4 and a half years exploring new places, taking photos and sharing them on my Instagram account @benpstanton. I also manage a second Travel Photography Instagram account @bigtravelphoto.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat were you doing before traveling?




I used to work for a big accounting/finance firm.  Got tired of the long hours, high stress and being stuck in the office all day sitting behind a desk. Wasn’t happy, so I decided to quit my job, follow my dreams and go travel the world.

Behind The Instagrammer Part 4

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat does photography mean to you?




I love being able to capture the mood, feelings, and beauty of a place and share this with other people. A lot of people sit at home in their lounge room dreaming of one day traveling the world and exploring faraway places. My aim through taking photos is to help these people experience some of the beauty of the world through the content I post. Ultimately I hope that I am able to inspire people to get out there and explore the world for themselves.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeCan you tell us a little bit about your decision to start traveling?



I was a little tired and burnt out from work, so I decided to take a career break for a year to go travel. I’d traveled quite a lot before this point, but never for more than 3 months at a time. A year had passed and I was still enjoying myself, still had a bit of money saved so I decided to keep traveling.

Behind The Instagrammer Part 4

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat has been the most exciting destination for you?




It’s hard to choose just one place which I’ve visited, different places stand out to me for different reasons. I’ve been lucky enough to visit around 80 different countries over the last 4 and a half years of travel. I loved the Mountains in Nepal. The beaches in The Philippines, Mexico, and Brazil. The food in Thailand and India. The solitude and vastness of Mongolia. The landscapes in Iceland. The people I met in Turkey. It’s really tough to choose just one place, I have fond memories of everywhere for different reasons.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhere have you never been that you would love to go?



There are so many places on my bucket list, I’m constantly meeting new people who tell me about new places. Sub Saharan Africa is one of the last regions which I haven’t traveled to. I hope to be visiting for a few months in 2018. I also would love to visit Antartica, hopefully soon 🙂

Behind The Instagrammer Part 4

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced while traveling?




One of the toughest things about long-term solo travel is facing loneliness at times. It’s easy to meet new people while traveling on the road, however, most of these encounters only last for a few days or weeks before your travels take you in separate directions. Saying goodbye is always tough.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat have been some of the biggest challenges with Instagram?




Finding the time to consistently edit and post photos on a regular basis whilst on the road. Sometimes I don’t have a reliable internet connection for a couple of days or weeks at a time and it makes it tough.

Behind The Instagrammer Part 4

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeDo you have any training in photography or are you completely self-taught?



Self-taught, you can learn a lot from watching youtube tutorials and reading articles. However, the best way to improve is to get out there with a camera and take lots of photos. Practice makes perfect 🙂

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat are the main tips you can provide to help boost your Instagram following?



– Post high-quality content consistently, quality over quantity is always better.

– Always try to engage with your followers on a regular basis, reply to everyone’s comments, messages etc.

– Maintain a consistent theme / select a niche and stick to it. (Colour schemes, types of pictures your posting etc). If you’re trying to build a travel-inspired account only post travel related pictures – you might like that selfie you took with your dog, but the reality of it is that people who are following you to see travel pics don’t really care about your dog. Start a second personal account for sharing those pics if you want. Stick to one theme/niche when posting pics on an account you want to grow.

– Try to add value to your audience, ask yourself why someone would want to follow your account, what sets you apart from everyone else.

– Don’t focus on the numbers, focus on the content you’re producing. Try to focus on taking better photos etc. If you improve this the followers will come organically.

Behind The Instagrammer Part 4

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat are your travel photography tips?




Always have a camera with you, even if it’s just your phone. You never know what you’ll discover. I must stress that you shouldn’t spend your whole holiday looking through the viewfinder of your camera or down at your smartphone screen. Sometimes you need to put the camera away and just experience the moment.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeHow do you get sponsorships?




I either pitch directly to brands via direct messages, emails, phone calls etc. Or brands will email me directly asking if I’m interested in collaborating with them.

Behind The Instagrammer Part 4

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeHow do you choose which brands to work with?




I’ll never work with a brand or endorse a product which I don’t personally use or recommend myself. This means turning down 90% of sponsorship deals. I’ll always put my followers first, I won’t recommend something to them if I don’t use it myself.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done to get a photo?




I camped outside in Iceland for a week in the middle of winter for a week to try and photograph the northern lights. I had a $10 tent which wasn’t super waterproof so it made it a little tough at times. Due to the clouds, snow storms and rain each night I actually missed out on the Northern Lights while I was there 🙁 I had an amazing time though, so many memories, so it was still worth it.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeFor those Instagram travelers who want to travel like you, can you give them some tips?




Don’t be afraid to book a one-way plane ticket, accommodation for the first night and sort out the rest of the details when you arrive. Travelling the world is nowhere near as intimidating or expensive as you may think. There’s plenty of opportunities to save money (staying in hostels, couch surfing, camping, cooking your own food, getting cheap public transport like the locals do, hitchhiking). If it’s something that you really want to do, there’s always a way to make it work.

 Behind The Instagrammer Part 4

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat’s your been your favorite place that your travels have taken you to?




Definitely too hard to choose just one place – the world is full of amazing places. I find that you can have fun where ever you go, it all depends on your attitude and who you meet.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat equipment do you normally carry to accomplish your photography?




I normally shoot with a Canon 80D (10-18mm, 24mm, 50mm & 55-250mm lenses), GoPro Hero 5 (loads of mounts, clamps, dive housings etc), Samsung Note 8, and a DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Behind The Instagrammer Part ThreeWhat is one tip you have for that has helped you boost your blog?




I don’t have a blog, only social media for the moment – Stay tuned a blog and/or YouTube Channel may be in the works for the future 🙂

Behind The Instagrammer Part 4





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  1. Really awesome brings back memories though I didn’t get a chance to do the world circuit, I did get around North America a lot.
    I wish I had a camera with me!
    Life really is short, so live it. I’m curious what your average stay in each country was?

  2. Great interview, people like this are so inspirational

  3. Awesome! I really love that he takes the time to message everyone back and that he only takes sponsors he actually would use himself. Good to see not everything on the internet is fake 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed this interview and LOVED the photos! I especially agree that traveling doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive. It just has to be a priority.

  5. So often the photos don’t tell a story, but now we have both his photos and his story. I love it!

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