The Best 4-Day Itinerary For What Bergen Norway Has To Offer
Find out the best 4-day itinerary Bergen Norway. It is a placed you must visit.  Norway is a breathtaking place with amazing landscapes. It is one of the world’s most expensive Country. I did not know how expensive the place is until I did some research after I booked my flights. You can find out how expensive the place in the Bergen adventure article.

Bergen Norway is one of the most spectacular places I have been, but for some reason, most people have never even heard of the place. I did not know about Bergen =gun until I asked my friend who went to Norway for University exchange for 3 months said Bergen was the best place.

Norway is not very touristy yet. As the country is too expensive for most people. This means that the land is mostly uncrowded, untouched and unknown. As well as this, the country’s population is very small with only 5.233 million as of 2016 says Google.

Bergen is a wonderful old city that is located on the seafront. That is situated in 7 mountains surrounding the City, so get ready to be doing a lot of hiking in Bergen. Bergen is also a great starting point for hiking Trolltunga,

This has been one of my favored counties I have got the opportunity to go to and the landscapes and sensory make it my top of places to go.

In July I went with a brother to Bergen, Norway for 4 days. Need help planning what to do on your trip to Norway? I have compiled the best 4-day itinerary Bergen Norway list. That will maximize your stay and won’t cost a lot and you will get to see and do a lot.

Where to Stay in Bergen, Norway

Norway is expensive and finding a place under £30 a night is very hard to even for a hostel. For all my readers wanting a cheap place to say I found a hostel that cost £30 that is where I stayed. It is called Marken Gjestehus and there are different price ranges for the type of room you can book. You can find out more about it Bergen Article.

Day 1

Most people will be doing a Norway in nutshell tours and if you arrive early to the hotel they normally let you into your room until the afternoon, so just drop your bags and explore. If you are like me and aren’t doing a Norway in a Nutshell tour and just coming to Bergen Norway for a few days.

If you are not already doing a Norway in a nutshell. Then I highly recommend getting the earliest fight as possible to maximums the amount of time you have in Bergen Norway. The bus ride from the airport to Bergen is one of the most stunning views I have seen, as the bus drives past the sea surrounded by mountains and Nordic buildings.

After you have dropped off your things at the place you are staying. The first thing recommends doing is finding the tourist office if you have not already booked anything online beforehand.

Once you are done that it is time to explore the city. The tourist information center is very close to the Fisketorget, Bergen’s fish market and Vågen Harbour, so you can beat two stones or even try and see the famous Bryggen UNESCO World Heritage Centre that is very close. It is a long row of colorful wooden buildings that famous old Norwegian architecture.

The great thing about Norway is the sunsets around 10 pm and willfully get dark by 12-1am. One of the best ways to view the sunset is to go to the top of the hill as it is a very hilly town.

Day 2

Norway is very expensive your hotel does not include breakfast. Then I suggest you head out the shops and get your food for the 3 days, watch out before you just pick any old food, you need to look at the prices. I just bought a small carton of milk, bread, ham and cheese and a few bits of fruit and it came to £40, but the quality was so good.

Once you got up and had breakfast. It is time to head off and if you have not already booked a tour. Then I suggest booking the Sognefjord Tour in advanced. The main reason people go to Norway is to see the Fjords and that is why the Sognefjord is must-see, it is the second biggest Fjord in the world. Want to find out more about the Sognefjord tour then head over to my article on alternative things to do in Bergen. If you’re just going to Bergan and no other part of Norway. Then the Sognefjord is for you, as you get to ride part of the famous train line that is from Oslo to Bergen which basically spans the whole length of Norway. The views you get are spectacular. It is an ideal way to get from Bergen to Oslo.  If you are heading  to Oslo as there are lots of things to do in Oslo

Another Fjord to visit is the Geiranger fjord.


Get your walking shoes on. This is another day of exploring the great city of Bergen, You should get the Bergen card if you love to go to museums, as you get entry to lots of museums for free and lots more. Find out in my other article about Bergen.

After a long morning and afternoon of exploring. I recommend Det Lille Kaffe Kompaniet a small café that makes homage deserts as you can see from the image below. They offer Norwegian coffee or others from around the world and it is a very affordable place.

A must do is take the Fløibanen funicular railway, which will take you to the Fløyen viewpoint. The view magnificent and you get to see most of Bergen, It’s a perfect spot for sunset.

As well as this, you need to go to the highest mountain in Bergen that is wreaking. It has an altitude of 643 meters above sea level.

It is always nice to try the local food when you are in their country. As Norway is very expensive. I asked one of the hotel staff which is a nice cheap Norwegian restaurant and she said to go to Penguin and I Recommend you go there.

Day 4

This probably is your last day in Bergen or even Norway. Depending on when your flight leaves, if It leaves later in the day like in the evening. Then you should go to another Fjord, as that is one of the main reasons people go to Norway is to the many Fjords.

You should take a kayaking tour that takes you around the Fjord. I highly recommend doing one. As he is the best way to really experience the magnificent Fjords right up close and personal with them. In addition to this, some of the tours offer lunch and the tour I went on offer than that. As well as that, we got to go to see a very small cave that was used in World War 2 but the Germans.

Best 4-Day Itinerary Bergen Norway

The bottom line

The main downside to Norway is that it is very expensive, so I suggest saving a bit of money before you go, otherwise, Norway is one of the most visually stunning places I have ever been and highly recommend you should go.

You possibly won’t get great weather as I did. Norway is one of Europe’s rainiest countries, but if you re from the UK, you are used to it raining and can adapt your day to suit the rain. Having four days is more than enough time to see all that Bergen Norway has to offer.




  1. Wow! I have learned so much about Norway from your post! The landscape is breath-taking. I suppose that if I wanted a vacation hat is free from the spill of modern day crowded-ness, Norway is my kind of place. Spectacular! 💕 Xo, Evelyn, 🦋

  2. I’ve heard so many good things about Norway as a touristic destination, but I’ve never thought to go there. Some of your pictures remind me greatly of the south of my home country.

  3. I’ve never been to Norway but I’ve also never seen such a blue water surface or such a beautifully coloured sky! To be honest, expensiveness will probably put me off from visiting this place for a while but, eventually, I hope I can discover the beauties of Norway for myself, too. Until then, thanks for sharing your thoughts and pics with us! It’s second best to being there in person 😉

  4. Norway is gorgeous. That country is so picturesque it’s unreal. I wish to visit one day. I’m glad you had a great trip. I appreciate the tips and I wish you luck on future endeavors. I’ll be here living vicariously through them.

  5. I’ll benchmark this itinerary for later, thanks for sharing! We’re planning to drive all the way from South Africa to Finland and back during 2019, visiting Norway on the route. Bergen and the fjords have been on my bucket list for years!


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