There are many lakes in the world, but there are really beautiful lakes full of beauty and nature around them, and they are one of the most beautiful and breath-taking sights

on the earth. As we see in the photos, some of the lakes are surrounded at the same time by mountain ranges, deep woods, desserts that make them special, beautiful and magical.

They are so spectacular with glowing surfaces, stunning waterfalls and

blue sky above, so everybody wants to visit these most beautiful lakes.

10 Lake Bled

Surrounded by majestic Alps and lush green forest and Lakes Bled’s reflecting waters is whole picturesque view to experience here. Located in Slovenia and it is most popular location for tourist around the world. Little gothic church in the middle of the lakes makes more stunning view of entire lake.

In the summer months it get more crowded still it must visit place in Slovenia and should not be missed by tourists. In other seasons whether is it covered with snow or flourished with autumn colors Lakes Bled is a important place to visit any time of the season.

9 Lake Kawaguchi

Located near iconic mount Fuji in Japan lake Kawaguchi is Japan’s most phenomenal and famous places to visit. Snow covered Mount Fuji reflection in lake water gives a stunning view which you make your day 🙂 Because of scenic beauty  Lake Kawaguchi attracts many visitors and its growing year by year. visitors take boat trips in its blue waters and records stunning views of lakes and mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji has total 5 lakes and Kawaguchi is one of them and know for its famous cherry blossoms at the shore which increase the beauty of the lakes in folds. Some of the famous photographer visits this place to only record the mount Fuji’s refection in the lake water which is really stunning view.

8 Lake Tahoe

Located in between the two states of US California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe considered as one of the largest alpine lake in the entire North America With the majestic mountains around it lake has a great view from the top of the mountains around it. blue water of the lake lie in the Sierra Nevada.

Lake has incredible opportunities for adventures like Hiking, snowboarding and skiing Visitors who want to stay and enjoy the night near the lake there are plenty of hotels and resorts to stay at. Due to its wonderful nature and different kinds of activities to to try out lake Tahoe is one the best tourist attraction in North America.

7 Laguna Colarada

Laguna Colarada also knows as “red lagoon” is a most visited site in Bolivia located on the Andean Plateau. Due to its red algae that present in its shallow water it has got the red color and it looks very impressive

White borax islands can be seen clearly due to its reddish surface and pink flamingos add more colors in the scene. located neat to Chilean border and Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, this is must visit place for tourist planning to visit Bolivia.

6 Dead Sea

You will wonder why I am adding sea in the list but stay tunes to know why I added this. Dead sea is one the lowest places o earth bordered by Israel and Palestine Dead sea is no wonder most visited place on earth.

Due to its highly salt water its challenge to swimmers due to its buoyancy, some people consider this water has some unique healing properties because it has high mineral content present in water.

5 Lake Pichola

In India Rajasthan has unique beautiful places amongst them There is one Gem which Lake Pichola. Lake Pichola is one the scenic places in India to visit You will wonder if you get to know that this is actually man made and built in the heart of Udaipur The City of lakes. Some records shows it has built in 1362 in the reign of Maharana Lakha.

The main attraction of the lake is the palace situated in the middle of the lake which is made of pure white marble and looks very enchanting.

4 Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is known as the worlds most oldest lake and most deepest as the same time. Due to its cleat and clean waters around make it scenic for visitors. It has more water than entire north America’s lake combined. no wonder that’s why it is called as “Peral of Siberia”.

in summer lake makes for fabulous view when the summer sun glints off its dark waters, It is very impressive in winter as well when it freezes up two meters deep in parts. tourist enjoy various kinds of ad venture stuff here like ice skating in winter, hiking, climbing mountain this is why Lake Baikal is popular in tourist.

3 Lake Titicaca

Terraced landscape of Isla del Sol with Andes mountains in the background on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca

Situated 4000 Meters above sea level Lake Titicaca is largest lake in the South America. It share the borders of two countries Bolivia and Peru and sheltered in Andes Mountains.

Tourist can enjoy the scenic views of the lake and go for hiking and boat trips. Inca ruins are not far away from the lake Town of Copacabana has many options to stay around the lake to enjoy the night near the lake. it is more relaxed and calmer in night. Lake Titicaca is famous tourist destination and one should visit and enjoy the place

2 Lake Pehoe

Located in the remote part of Chille the lake has a stunning beauty which is rare in the world it look more beautiful when you view from the mountain ranges behind it. One should visit the lake and experience the glaciers, waterfalls and majestic mountains you will find yourself in the different world.

Lake Pehoe’s vivid blue waters and beautiful backdrop look impressive at any time of day

1 Inle Lake

Inle Lake is a wonderful place to explore, nestled among the scenic Shan Hills, whether you’re into history and culture or stunning natural sights. The lake also sports a number of sleepy fishing villages, which are picturesquely set on bamboo stilts, in addition to being bordered by centuries-old monasteries and temples.

Now a popular tourist destination, the rich culture of Myanmar is proudly exhibited by these lakeside communities and their floating markets. In the nation, the second-largest lake



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