1`5 best cities to vist in 2020

15 best cities to visit in 2020

It is that time of year when you start planning your next holiday. If you can’t decide where you should go to this year, then you have come to the right place. I have compiled the best cities to visit in 2020. You will get everything you are looking for, for every type of traveler, without the crowds of tourists.

I have already made a post on the 15 Best Countries to visit in 2020, So now I want to tell you the best cities to visit in 2020.

1. Calgary Alberta Canada

Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - Calgary

I am proud to call myself a Canadian and I am still finding amazing landscapes and places I did not know about what Canada has to offer. Calgary Alberta is just east of the spectacular Canadian Rockies. And it is home to stunning scenery.

It also is home to Canada’s largest living history museum. For animal lovers, there is a zoo and it is one of the most recognized zoos in the world for conservation research!

There are mountains to climb and just a short 2 hour trip outside the city and you can visit Lake Louise (where my great-great-grandparents worked and married!), Moraine Lake and the famous Banff National park, just to name a few of the many beautiful places Alberta has to offer. In the winter you can go skiing in the fabulous Rocky Mountains.


2. Bergen Norway

Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - Bergen

When you think of Norway you think of having to break the bank. Norway is always coming up as one of the top 5 richest counties lists and on Yahoo, it is listed as # 3.

I went there a few years ago and had one of the best holidays ever, and on a budget. When you go walking around Bergen you get to see the majestic Scandinavian architecture, especially when you visit the parts of Bergen that are a UNESCO world heritage site.

If you need more adventure than just walking around trying out fish, as Bergen is a fishing city, there is much more to do. 7 mountains are surrounding the city, waiting to be explored.

As well as this, you can get many trips from Bergen to the spectacular Fjords. Norway is home to the second-longest Fjord in the world: Sognefjord (203 km in length). I recommend getting the boat down along it. Find out about what other things you can do in Bergen in my 4-Day  Bergen Norway Itinerary.


Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - Salvador

Salvador is the capital of Brazil’s northeastern state of Bahia. In 2019 the Amazon rainforest was on fire and CNTraveller says that experts agree that we still go there and support them more than ever, so don’t forget to consider Brazil as a trip this year.

The city is known for its Portuguese architecture, Afro-Brazilian culture, and a tropical coastline. The buildings are very colorful. It is also well known for its wide array of restaurants, so you are bound to find the food you like, such as Portuguese’s and Afro-Brazilian food waiting for you to try.

As well as this, it has stunning white sandy beaches to relax on.


Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - Petra

The Peloponnese is situated in the Mediterranean. Greece is already overrun with tourists, especially in Santorini and Mykonos. The Peloponnese has been less popular to visit but is still ever so beautiful, a stunning city lies hidden in Peloponnese Island called Patra.

Petra has a castle that overlooks the city. As it has a university the nightlife is great. Are you want a more relaxing holiday than they have it covered, there are Turkish Baths. As Petra is a student city it has made it more urban with more street art, so just go walking around the town and you see it.

5. Tohoku, Japan

Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - tohoku

This is a less popular city in Japan i and I think I must add this city in my Best Cities To Visit In 2020 list, but this year will be home to the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. It is well known for its countryside, mountains, lakes, hot springs, high-quality rice. Very close to Tohoku is a mountain range called Shirakami Sanchi national park and it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It is only 3 hours train from Japan to Tohoku. It is famous for its authentic hot springs Nyuto Onsen is one of the most famous hot springs in Japan, even get to go in hot springs in winter outside in the snow.

Another thing to do is see Hirosaki Castle with its 17th-century architecture and it is famous for its cherry blossoms, there are around 2,600 cherry blossom trees around the castle.


6. Salzburg Austria

Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - Salzburg

It is the fourth largest city in Austria and has lots going it. The town is located on the site of a former Roman Settlement of Luvavum. Salzburg is home to Mozart, where he was born.

Salzburg hosts a wonderful Christmas market each year that is a must-see. The city is not that big so you can explore it in just a day or two. It is just on the foothills of the Alps, so you can also go skiing.

The city is famous for its architecture – you can see it in the old town that survived World War ll and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

7. Bruges, Belgium

Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - Bruges

Some call Bruges the Venice of the North of Europe. It is well known for its lace products. For all the history buffs out there, it is a Preserved Medieval City.

Belgium is famous for its beer and Bruges has taken that one step further. Every hour, 12,000 bottles worth of Bruges Zot and Straffe Hendrik flow beneath its streets from an underground pipeline into the city brewery of De Halve Maan.

You can take a lovely boat ride down the many canals and can see a Medieval castle called Bruges Ommeland that is a UNESCO-protected historic site – well worth a visit.

8. Essaouira Morocco

Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - Morocco

Essaouira is a city surrounded by walls in Morocco’s Atlantic coast and not a city most people first chose when you think of Morocco. It is located 2 hours from Marrakech.

It is not a very big city and does not have iconic spots, so it is a more relaxed and laid-back city.

There are lots of riads that are now hotels  & rooftops so that you can get a great view of the city. The city is full of all kinds of food from more authentic to more modern.

Scenes of the third season of Game of Thrones were filmed here. Being by the sea they have a great fishing market.

9. Ahmedabad Gujarat India

Best Cities To Visit In 2020- Ahmadabad

Ahmedabad in western India is the largest city in the state of Gujarat with the Sabarmati river running through the center. The city is 606 years old, walled and has recently been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is home to Mahatma Gandhi where he started India’s Freedom struggle.

Ahmedabad hosts great festivals every year. One is called the Navratri celebration that is a nine-day affair that includes music and “garb” dancing. Another festival they have is the international kite festival called Uttarayan, where the skyline is filled with colorful kites. This is I think Best Cities To Visit In 2020.

You cannot go to India without trying their amazing cuisine and Ahmedabad loves their food, especially their snack and street food that you need to try.

10. Sarajevo, Bosnia

Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The capital is rich in history waiting for you explore. For someone who needs more adventure than just exploring a city, the capital city is home to Mount Trebevic. You can now get a flight to it from the UK 3 times a week, direct from London Luton with Bosnia Airlines.

The café culture is becoming very popular in Bosnia. Bosnia had a troubled history and you can see it just walking around seeing old building much more.

The city is home to a Fortress called Yellow Fortress that is a Cannon fortress located in Jekovac. There you will get a magnificent view of the city.


11. La Paz, Bolivia

Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - La Paz

La Paz is situated in a valley on a mountain with stunning views about 3,650 m (11,975 ft) above sea level. It is the highest capital city in the world. And its cable cars are the world’s longest and highest So I Must add this city in Best Cities To Visit In 2020 List.

As it is very high up, lots of new arrivals struggle with the mountain air, so best to take the first few days nice and slow.

It is a very cheap country and Lonely Planet rated La Paz as having among the best nightlife in the world. Also, there is some great surrounding nature to explore such as Palca Canyon, Tuni Condoririneighborhood and Takesi or El Choro.


Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - Quingdao

Qingdao is located in China’s yellow sea coast. It comes with lots of history to discover, as you can still see German buildings from when they occupied it in the 19th century.

Qingdao has its own Japan Hour at the Cherry Blossom Festival. At Zhongshan Park toy get to see the Cherry Blossoms.

The world-famous animation Spirited Away got some of its inspiration from Pichai Yuan market that is in Qingdao.

As it is a city with the coast you will get great fish and beautiful beaches. In addition to this, it is going more green this you, as in 2020 they are going to get China Eden the first one outside of the UK.


13. Bologna Italy

Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - Bologna

Italy is a very popular tourist destination, but there are parts of Italy not that many tourist visits such as Bologna. I will be going there this year in April so there should be an itinerary post coming later after I have been.

If you a foodie and love food holidays than this is your place, as Bologna is regarded as the food capital of Italy. Some even say the best gelato is found there. You can still see some of the medieval city that has UNESCO heritage-listed porticoes.

They have a university that is the oldest in Europe and it was founded in 1088 and any city with university brings a more hip city. The city is not that big so you can almost walk everywhere witches means saving money on transport.

14. Gijon Asturias, Spain

Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - Gjon Asturias

Gijón is the largest city in the northern Spanish region of Asturias. It is surrounded by greenery, clifftops, and nature. Most people go to Spain for the sea and the many beaches and no wonder why! One of the best beaches in the North of Spain is in Gijon.

There is an old town in Gijon called Cimavilla that is on the hill overlooking the sea. Just outside the city is a Somiedo Nature Park that is an area of Cantabrian Mountains.

You can get a train to one of the most beautiful natural parks located in the central area of the Cantabrian Mountains in the Principality of Asturias. You can get one of Europe’s most luxurious train El Transcantábrico Clásico that takes you across Austrias and northern Spain.

It also goes through forests and high viaducts. It allows you to stop and several destinations such as Gijon, but will set you back for single supplement €1,850 and Standard Suite per person €3,700 for only 8 days that is very expensive.


15. Bremen Germany

Best Cities To Visit In 2020 - Bremen

Bremen is a city most people don’t know about in Germany and I did not know about it before I went 3 years ago and that’s why I must add this city in my Best Cities To Visit In 2020 list. It is a city in northwest Germany with the Weser River running thought it. In Medieval times, the rivers were the only way Europeans could get to Bremen.

Bremen is full of old German buildings and the best place to see them is Schnoor Quarter. The quaintest neighborhood in Bremen.

If you want to explore more than this town, you can get a 1-hour train to Hamburg. Bremen has UNESCO World Heritage sites and they are the 15th century Town Hall and the Roland monument. Bremen has lots of wonderful German markets and food to try.

Comment down below what cities you have been to that is this list or any cities you think I missed that need to go on the list. I always love to hear from you! Happy traveling.



  1. Amazing list. Although I must say, I would add these cities:

    -Meridian, Idaho (US)
    -Chandigarh, India
    -Akamas, Cyprus
    -Esfahan, Iran
    -Kefalonia, Greece
    -Konya, Turkey
    -Venice, Italy
    -Cannes, France
    -Bozeman, Montana (US)
    -Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    -Las Vegas, Nevada (US)
    -Medina, Saudi Arabia

    • Thanks for that, but some of the suggestions you picked such as Las Vegas Nevada (US), Cannes France, Venice Italy, and Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates are too popular places and that is why I did not add ay popular places wanted less touristy ones.


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