Best cities to visit in Europe

If you’re looking for a short weekend break or a longer leisurely stay, Here you will know the best cities to visit in Europe, Europe has it all covered for you. It is very easy to go between cities. There are a few of everyone’s favorites: Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, and London, but there is a clutch of more offbeat places, too.

Most countries are quick to get to from London; some are even just a quick train ride. Europe has a wide variety of things to explore from some of the most impressive architecture, mouth-watering cuisines, medieval castles, and rich history. Here is my list of the Best Cities to visit in Europe in 2021

Budapest, Hungary

Best cities to visit in Europe - budapest

Hungary’s capital is jam-packed with lots of things to do. It is split into two distinct parts – Buda and Pest by the beautiful Danube River running right through the middle.

Most of the action is in Pest. There you will find wonderful street-food spots, designer and big-name stores, and gilded cafés. Just head over to Buda and there you can see the Buda Castle and some of Budapest’s best-known thermal baths.

Budapest has a total of nine medicinal baths today (and 123 hot springs). The reason they have this many is that the city was founded by the Romans for its healing waters.

London, United Kingdom

Best cities to visit in Europe - London

London will always have something special in my heart. I live close to London and have friends and family there, so I am always visiting London.

The great thing is there are lots of things to do in London for free. It also has some of the finest museums, such as the National Gallery, the Science Museum, the National History Museum, and the British Museum and they can all be explored for free. As well as this you can see the famous Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s cathedral building for free.

London has the best theatre scene in the world. London has so much history and culture, so there is always a funky new restaurant opening that I want to go to or dessert place in London I need to try out. There are never-ending things to do in London.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Best cities to visit in Europe - rotterdam

When you think of the Netherlands everyone immediately thinks of Amsterdam, but it gets around 20 million tourists a year. Only about 2 million tourists visited Rotterdam in 2019.

Rotterdam is very close to Amsterdam, only about 36 minutes by train. Some people say it is cooler than Amsterdam. It is the second biggest city in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is famous for its modern architecture, with landmarks such as the cube houses, the market hall, the Erasmus Bridge.

In addition to this, it has a diverse nightlife boasting a variety of bars, pubs, and nightclubs. It is also known for its port that is the largest in Europe. Lonely Planet named it one of their 2016 places to visit in Europe.

Venice, Italy

When most people think of Europe they think of Venice. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, seeing between 26 million and 30 million visitors per year. Nor may as it is so popular I would say not to visit it, but a new study suggests it could be as soon as 2100 that Venice is underwater. With climate change rapidly changing, I think it might be even sooner.

I suggest you need to go see Venice before it is too late and you regret it. Venice is a city free of cars, where the mist rolls off the water and boats run peacefully. There are lots of narrow streets and canals you go through while walking the streets of Venice seeing the ancient buildings.

The best time to visit is out of high season to experience authentic Italy. Venice off-season, roughly November through March, but most sights close early on the off-season, often at 17:00.

Lisbon, Portugal

I got the pleasure of a few years to spend one day in Lisbon. I highly recommend you visit the city. The only downside is that it is a very hilly city, so bring your best walking shoes, or you can just use the famous trams to get up and down the hills.

Lisbon has lots of spots for panoramic views of the city. It is a very inexpensive city, so once you visit Lisbon you will be wanting to come back.

Lisbon is a great old city to explore and see the stunning old architecture and colorful tiles. The Poetical has good weather and delicious food to try to find out what to do in one day in Lisbon.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is a city with surprises. It is one of the most underrated city trips in Europe. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe, therefore it boasts lots of historical sights for you to explore.

Ruled by various Middle-Eastern powers of the middle centuries, and later on by the Russian Empire, the city still hides traces of those epochs in its backstreets.

It is a very cheap city to visit, popping with a colorful building to see, such as the Tbilisi mosque that is very instagrammable and all over Instagram. It is a mosque with stunning blue tiles.

Split, Croatia

Is the second-largest after the capital Zagreb. Split is well-known for its ancient center that was used for the Games of Thrones. Croatia has some great beaches and split shows some of them.

Its historic centre is situated inside a Roman palace. Split’s increasingly bustling nightlife scene is shaping up to be an attraction in itself.

I highly recommend taking a bus just outside Split to Plitvice Lakes National Park. It’s known for a chain of 16 terraced lakes, joined by waterfalls. Find out the best things to do in Split.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and one of the coldest capitals of Europe. It offers a host of wonderful things to do. Most of the sights are geological wonders, such as waterfalls, lava plains, hot geysers, warm lagoons (especially the Blue Lagoon), glaciers and volcanoes, and the famous black sand beach.

This place is great for nature/landscape lovers and is one place I want to visit one day. If you visit Reykjavik you might be lucky and get to see the Northern Lights. You need to visit the Hallgrimskirkja church if you ever go there

Bathe in the blue lagoon, explore its nightlife, taste outstanding local and international cuisine, get inspired by art and culture, or do a day trip to one of the waterfalls of Iceland.

Bergen, Norway

Bergen is the second biggest city in Norway. Bergen is called the Gateway to the Fjords of Norway because of the city’s surrounding by one of the world’s most spectacular tourist attractions – The Norwegian Fjords, which have now been included on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

If you go in the winter you might catch the famous northern lights. Also, it is very close to the second-longest fjord in the word called Sognefjord and I have been there and it was stunning.

Bergen has so many wonderful things to do, such as visit one of the Seven Mountains Bergen has to offer. It also has the biggest fish market in Norway and Bryggen, also known as Tyskebryggen. Bryggen has been on the UNESCO list for World Cultural Heritage sites since 1979. It is an old Norwegian building. Find out more things to do in Bergen.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Stockholm is a very expensive city and you will need to budget from $60 -$100 per day. 2.3 million people are living there but spread over 14 islands, connecting them all with 57 is considered as one the best cities to visit in europe

Stockholm is a city of contrasts. Trends in music, design, fashion, and technology are born here, and innovations that spread worldwide are invented here such as Spotify, Skype.

The city’s Old Town is likely the most famous attraction in Stockholm and dates back to its founding in 1252. With Stockholm being home to some of the world’s most famous DJs like Avicii, Steve Angello, and singer Robyn, the nightlife scene is very good.

Berlin, Germany

The Capital of Germany is different from the rest of Germany. It is home to a very rich history that you need to explore. You can see from the famous berlin wall to Hitler’s bunker. Yet the city is by no means stifled by its extraordinary past.

Berlin is home to the world-famous food kebab that was invented in Berlin. It was also full of hip bars and unrivaled party scenes and some world-famous house/techno clubs, funky hotels, and gourmet restaurants, and experimental art galleries.

There is plenty to do in Berlin and compared to the rest of Germany it is a very inexpensive place. It is a great city for a weekend in Berlin.


Athens is full of history and culture waiting for you to explore from the ancient ruins dotted around the city, to its fascinating museums. The capital of Greece, Athens is named after the goddess of wisdom and warfare called Athen.

The food alone is a reason to go to Athens. With souvlaki, fresh Greek salads and moussaka, and many more.

The city is now filled with pop-ups, start-ups, art galleries, cool little boutiques, and a slew of exciting new hotels. The beaches are to dye for with golden sand along with glamorous beach clubs.


The city of Seville is famous for its very rich architectural and historical legacy, artistic heritage, and Spanish culture with tapas, sangria, and flamenco. You need to Visit The Alcázar of Seville. It was used as a location for the hugely successful HBO TV series, Game of Thrones.

One of the best places to visit is The Santa Cruz district is where the most popular monuments are located and the historic heart of Seville. There are so many stunning architectural buildings to explore when you’re in Seville and take lots of photos for Instagram.

Syracuse, Sicily

Best cities to visit in Europe - sicily

There is one of the best cities in Europe you need to visit in Sicily, Syracuse on the south-east coast. there’s plenty to pack into a visit to Syracuse: Traditional puppet shows, boat trips along the coast, a 13th-century castle to explore, and an impressive archaeological park just outside the center complete with Greek and Roman amphitheaters.

As well as this, it is also known for its history and charming old town. Another must-see in Syracuse is the Piazza del Duomo, the island’s main square. In addition to this, the food is spectacular as you are getting to try Italian food.

Brussels, Belgium

Best cities to visit in Europe - Brussels

Brussels is jammed packed full of things to do, it’s home to beautiful architecture in the shape of the Grand-Place and pretty little shopping galleries. The great thing about Brussels is that it is very close to the UK, just a Eurostar away or plane flight away that is only 1hr 40 minutes long.

Brussels also has a quirky side! It’s home to over fifty comic strip street art murals and not one but THREE(!) pissing statues and can you name any cities that have this?

You will need to go on a comic trail as there were so many made in Brussels such as The Smurfs to Blake and Mortimer and Marsupilami to Tintin, it’s astounding just how many cartoons were created in Brussels, too many more wonderful things to do in Brussels.

What is your favorite City to visit in Europe?



  1. There are so many amazing places to visit in Europe. I’ve been to Venice, London, Athens and Lisbon ages ago. I imagine it has changed quite a bit over the last 20 years. I hope to make it to Europe again soon.


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