15 Free things to do in Brighton

Find out the 15 free things to do in Brighton. One of the best UK breakaways is to go to Brighton. Brighton is one of the best places for seaside Holidays In the UK. There is always something to do in Brighton all year round. It is full of weird and wonders events and things to do so you sorted not to have a boring holiday to Brighton.

To help you have fun on your weekend in Brighton, I have compiled this list of the 15 free things to do in Brighton, so you can save money. Brighton is full of amazing free things to do. Even if you are going for a day trip to Brighton you can do lots of things. Find out why you need to visit Brighton.

How to get to Brighton


The train will always be the fastest way to travel to Brighton. You can catch a train from lots of places in the UK that go direct to Brighton. You can get a train from 5 train stations in London directly to Brighton. London to Brighton will take about 1 hour only. If you are traveling from London that you should check out my best London dessert places article.

Buses and coaches

Coaches are a cheaper way to travel to Brighton. You can get a coach from almost anywhere in the UK or Europe. They will tend to take longer than the train.

The Coach from London to Brighton takes about 1 hour plus says National Express but they have not taken into consideration traffic and any road closers, so it may well be longer than the train.


Driving to Brighton

The other way to get to Brighton, which most people do, is a drive to Brighton. When the UK ever gets hot, lots of people drive down to Brighton and roads get lots of traffic. Driving from London to Brighton can take about 2-3 hours.


15 Free things to do in Brighton

South Downs National Park

The South Downs are a range of chalk hills that are about 260 square miles that span across the south-eastern coastal counties of England. It goes from Hampshire in the west to Beachy Head in Eastbourne.

At the South Downs, you can admire the white cliffs of the Seven Sisters, wonder at Devil’s Dyke that is a V-shape valley on the South Downs Way. It is England’s newest national park, having become fully operational on 1 of April 2011 and a one to take the family for one of the best walks in the UK.

Brighton Beach

Brighton beach is famous for its stretches of pebbled beaches, but when it is one of the UK moments where there is a heatwave, then everyone flocks to Brighton as it is the closest seaside near London.

While strolling down Brighton Beach UK you will find the famous Brighton/Hove beach huts that are great to take photos of.

Best time to go swimming in the sea in Brighton

Winter is not a good time to go swimming in the sea as it will be freezing. In autumn you can go at your own risk if you want to freeze in the sea but if it is a hot day in April or May then you can go swimming. In the summer if it is been hot for a week or so than defiantly go swimming but it will never be like a Caribbean sea where all year round the sea is nice and warm.

Brighton pier

No trip is not completed without visiting Brighton’s iconic Pier that is a Grade 2 listed pier. It is free to enter the pier but if you want any food and to go on the rides or play one of the games in the arcade will cost. Just exploring Brighton pier is amazing. Brighton pier opened in 1899 and is 120 years old this year.

The North Laine’s

North Laine’s is one of my favorite places to go to in Brighton. It is full of colorful building and lots of vegan cafes and other restraints and shops to explore.

There is another Laine’s also to go to. The Laine is a Sussex dialect term for an open tract of land at the of the Down. The North Laine’s is seen as Brighton’s bohemian and cultural quarter

Undercliff Walks

The Undercliff Walks is a beautiful walk that goes from Brighton to Saltdean. You will get spectacular views, some people run it and others cycle. The path is 5 km long. Some people like to start at Rottingdean which is famous for its smugglers in a bygone time and home to Rudyard Kipling.

Brighton Flea Market

15 Free things to do in Brighton

Brighton is home to a wide verity of Flea Markets selling vintage and upcycled wares. You don’t need to spend any money in the Flea markets, just exploring them is a great day out. Some of them are Brighton Flea Market in Kemptown, The Open Market in London Road and North Laine Antiques & Flea Market to name a few.

Brighton Fish Market

15 Free things to do in Brighton

Brighton Fish Market in Hove was in the seafront for many years. In the 1960s it was moved indoors and it is amazing to see all the different types of fish that was caught out at Brighton sea.

Brighton Festival


In May it is the start of many events. The first event of summer is the Brighton Festival. It is the largest annual multi-arts festival in England. Brighton festival celebrates music, theatre, dance, circus, art, film, literature, and debate. Most of the events will cost, but you can still see some wonderful shows for free. It runs throughout the whole of May every year.

Brighton Fringe

Brighton Fringe festival classes with Brighton Festival as they both are running the whole of May. Brighton Fringe is an open-access arts festival. It is one of the largest annual arts festivals in England. As well as this, it is one of the largest fringe festivals in the world.

Last year it had 1008 events and at over 166 venues across 4 weeks. Most of the events are paid, but you can still see free ones such as a replica of the moon that was made with the help of NASA so that all the detail was accurate. You can now see it in the Natural History Museum.

Brighton Pride Festival

Brighton Pride is the biggest pride UK event with around 300k visiting it for the 3-day event from August 2 to August 4.

They also have a Pride music festival each year that costs, but they have a parade that is free to watch and after it, they have lots of street parties to go to. The Lonely Planet says it is one of the best pride events in the world.

The city is full of different celebrations that are spread out over the entire city. It started in 1973 and is going strong every year since. They also host the art and film festival and Pride dog show that is part of Brighton pride.

Murmuration of Starlings

The best place in the UK to see a Murmuration of Starlings is in Brighton. The common starling in Britain is called a Starling.

They are best seen over Brighton Pier. The best time to see the Starlings are in Winter. Before dusk, thousands of them come out in the Sussex countryside. They go to Brighton Pier and display their wonderful formations. We don’t know why they do this but it is truly spectacular to witness.

Explore the street art and graffiti in Brighton

Brighton has more than its fair shares of street art. Brighton is a very colorful city. The center of Brighton is swarming with street graffiti. The best place to see the graffiti is in and around the North Laines. One of the most famous street arts in Brighton is Banksy’s mural Kissing Policemen. There is a copy at the Prince Albert pub, which sold it years ago. It is located on Trafalgar Street.

Brighton Chocolate festival

Most people love chocolate, but what’s better than trying out chocolate for free. Brighton hosts a chocolate Festival and it is free entry.

The Brighton chocolate festival is one of the best places to see all things chocolate. They have a wide range of chocolate-themed exhibitors, including award-winning chocolatiers & chocolate makers. It is on the 12th and 13th of October each year.

Ashdown Forest

Ashdown Forest is 30 miles south of London in County of Sussex and it is a 40 minutes’ drive to from Brighton, so a great day trips from Brighton.

It is the home of Winnie-the-Pooh. The reason for this is that AA Milne’s got the inspiration for Hundred Acre Woods based on this forest where he lived in the 1920s This was his woods he spent many days walking around.

It is located in the center of High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty It was used as a medieval hunting ground and for the training of the British army during WW2.

Bright Police Cells

The old Police Cells in Brighton is a Museum in Brighton. The Museum is dedicated to the history of placing in Sussex from 1830 to the present day. It is mainly about the past and you get to see the equipment the police used back in the day.

You get to see the old police cells and where the First Brighton Chief Constable (and only Chief Constable ever murdered) was murdered. As well as this you get to have your picture taken locked up in a police cell if you want, get cuffed, try on the uniforms and lots more to find out about.

Brighton has a lot of free things to do that will sure keep your holiday fun without breaking the bank.

Comment down below any Free things to do in Brighton that you think should be added to the list.

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  1. it can be expensive to holidaying in cities, however if we plan to visit on budget then we may get a plenty of things to see and do for free. well, it’s a best idea to entertain the family without spending a fortune.♥♥♥

  2. Free is always good. Especially when travelling. The street art and the pier would likely keep me busy for hours. I’d also love to explore all of the cafes.


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