Best time to visit Portugal

Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula in Southern Europe. The country connected with Spain on the North and East border. Portugal is one of the most visited countries in Europe where around 21 million people visit every year. It is popular due to its many tourist attractions, architecture and travels friendly climate. The climate of a particular place is the most important thing to be considered while making travel plans for that place. The best time to visit Portugal is all around the year as the temperature of Portugal is too cold during the Winter and not too hot during Summer. To decide which is the best time to visit Portugal for you, we will consider many things like your travel budget, during travel in which activities you want to involve, which places you want to visit. If you consider going to Portugal or are going, then read the best Portugal itinerary.

Best time to visit Portugal

So here we discuss all these important things like month-wise climate condition of Portugal, the best time to visit famous tourist locations of Portugal and popular events time in Portugal.


The best times for seasoned surfers in Portugal

Portugal surfing

The hottest time to go to Portugal is in the summer, as that is a popular time for tourists, and the beach will be full of surfers. The best time to go surfing is in the winter if you want the best waves. That’s the time the pros love to surf.

The best time to visit Portugal for a city break

Portugal is a great place to visit if you are considering a break as there are many amazing cities to explore. There is no great month to go as you can go all year round, but if you want to get the best out of your city break, try to go outside the summer, so you miss most of the tourists and long queues

The best times to visit the beaches in Portugal

The Portuguese coast does not have the warmest sea, and even in the summer, the water can be a bit cold for some people. The best time to go swimming in the sea is from July to September. Find out what is the best beach in Portugal.

Best time to visit Portugal for budget travelers

For budget travel to Portugal to get the Cheap flight tickets, travelers should avoid visiting at the time of major festivals like Christmas, Easter and vacation time of July, August. From my point of view, March, September, and October are cheaper than other months where you will get the cheap holidays to Portugal. At this time there are no major events and the weather is very nice to travel. March is fell in the Spring season and October is fell in Autumn in Portugal. To get the best price for hotels book hotels before three to four months. Also, check with different booking websites to get the budget deals. Use this popular backpacking Europe Packing List for any European country you travel to, to make your backpack perfect for any long trip.

Best time to visit Portugal

Best time to visit Lisbon Portugal

The rainy season starts in Lisbon from November to February. Otherside in Summertime the temperature goes up to  82°F and as a result, the atmosphere becomes dry and hot. Also due to vacation break in August, all sightseeing places become jam-packed with travelers. Due to warm water in Summer, beaches in Lisbon looks crowded where you need good luck to sleep under the sun at the beach. So we recommend you to visit Lisbon in March and October when high tourist season just over and water is still warm to swim and do different activities. Lisbon weather in March is most pleasant. if you are going to Lisbon read my one day in Lisbon, a list of the best things to do in Lisbon. find what to do for 3 days in Lisbon.

One area you really need to explore is Lisbon’s Alfama

Best time to visit Portugal

Best time to visit Azores Portugal

As per weather conditions, the best time to visit the Azores is from June to September. But as I mentioned earlier, this is the peak season in Portugal. If you want to do different outdoor activities like Paragliding and Surfing then it is the best to season as the weather will be a dry and very low chance of rain. You can enjoy Azores beautiful beaches this time. If you want to swim in São Miguel’s hot mineral spring then winter is the best time to visit as cold weather will give you the best experience of this hot mineral spring. Also, consider that winter months of November to February is the wet season in the Azores so plan wisely after considering in which different outdoor activities you want to get involved. Also, check the boat operating time for visiting different islands.

Best time to visit Portugal

Best time to visit Madeira Portugal

April to Mid June is the best time to visit Madeira. It is the best time to go hiking in the green mountains of Madeira and enjoy its beauty at fullest. Also, you can visit the flower festival at this time of year. November to February months get maximum rain the same as other parts of the country. July and August are the driest month and also peak season for tourists. People visit Madeira on New year eve to witness amazing Firework Show on the coastline of Madeira.

Best time to visit Portugal

Best time to visit Algarve Portugal

find out the best time to visit Algarve. Algarve is the home of Europe’s most beautiful beaches. Algarve Portugal also gets crowded in July and August. Also, the temperature remains high and due to hot weather, it is uncomfortable to visit places after 10 am. So to avoid both situations, you should visit it from April to May or September to October month. This time of year the water remains warm and also there is a low chance of rain which can make your travel plan better. You can enjoy different activities in this pleasant atmosphere like enjoy the beautiful beaches of Lagos, visit Zoomarine theme park for pirate and dolphin show in Albufeira, visit ancient architecture in Faro and do cruise ride whatever you want without a worry of weather.

Best time to visit Portugal

Best time to visit Porto Portugal

The best time to visit Porto is Summer from June to mid-September. Winter in Porto is wetter than Southern Portugal. So we can not consider Porto for like a year-round destination. July and August are high seasons in Porto the same as other popular destinations in Portugal. So you should visit Porto in June and September for a relaxing vacation. Book your hotels in Porto in advance if you are visiting the city in July and August.

Best time to visit Portugal

Month-wise guide to Portugal

Now we will check month wise guide for Portugal weather, festivals and events and other travel related important things.


You will get 9 hours of day time in January in Portugal. January falls in Winter but you will not feel cold here as other parts of Europe. January month average temperature in Portugal remains 60°F to 65°F. There are more chances of rain and storms this season. Winter is also the best time to see big waves in Nazare Portugal. Due to the rainy season and more storm makes waves very big at this time. Also, consider the First day of the new year, most places in Portugal remain closed. So plan your trip accordingly.


This is the last month of the Winter season in Portugal. This time you can get the best deals in hotels and resorts in Portugal. You will get 10 hours of daylight in February. The average temperature of Portugal becomes around 62°F in February. You can visit Portugal in February for a budget trip because of low fares in hotels and flights. There are also Carnivals to enjoy in February and March especially in Nazare, Azores, and Madeira, Lisbon and Algarve.

Best time to visit Portugal


The winter season is just over and also the temperature is not too hot or too cold, which is a good thing for your budget trip. The temperature in Portugal goes up to 64°F in March. We have recommended March as the best time to visit for most of the popular places in Portugal. Day hours in Portugal in March is around 11 to 12 which is gradually increased from start to end of March month. Also, the percentage of rain decreases in March. Carnivals are also running in March which makes the country more beautiful with its colors and lightings.


From the start to Mid of April, there is a Flower festival in Madeira, Fish festival in Lisbon. Chocolate festival in Obidos. On the 25th of April, there is Liberty day which is also called Freedom day, which is a national holiday in Portugal. Other major events are Easter which is coming in April. Easter Friday is a public holiday in Portugal. Major religious celebration and family gathering happens on Easter. April is the best time to visit Portugal when you can enjoy traditional foods and see the Portuguese culture at Easter time. Water temperature remains suitable for swim and you can sunbathe on the beach which has less crowd then peak season. Day hours time in April is around 13 to 14 hours in Portugal. The temperature in Portugal goes as high as 73°F in April. Whale watching season just starts in the Azores from April.

Best time to visit Portugal


With days passes, Summer comes nearer and when day hours increase to 15 hours in Portugal. April and May is a good month for Whale watching in the Azores. This time you can get a discount on activities due to fewer crowds. The Iberian Mask International  Festival comes in May in Lisbon where thousands of participants wear a mask and gather on the streets of Lisbon. Visitors can enjoy local foods on the street, see culture and can also take part in different activities during this mass gathering event in Portugal. The temperature in May in Portugal remains a maximum of 73°F.


The Santo Antonio Festival, a major event is coming in June. For the whole month different celebration events, music concerts, parties go on in Portugal. The 13th of June is a holiday, the death anniversary of Saint Anthony. This is also a good time for visiting Portugal due to its events which continues for the whole month. The temperature goes up to 78°F in June in most of the area in Portugal and there is very little chance of rain as the dry season starts. Day length in June remains 15 hours when Sunset time goes around 09:00 pm.

Best time to visit Portugal


The peak season starts in Portugal and it’s one of the busiest months with tourists in Portugal. The temperature in Portugal rises to 86°F in June. This time of year if you want to visit then you need to make more planning in advance as hotels and flights rate is very high this time. Beaches are very crowded in July. Many events and music festivals come in this month due to its peak season of tourists. Day length in July remains 15 hours in Portugal so you will get more time to explore beaches.


Due to the vacation period, August is the most popular with international tourists and local people. All are in vacation mood and that’s why most of the resorts and hotels in Portugal remain full this month, As a result, booking is highly advisable to make your holidays perfect. August is very dry and hot and also there is a minimum chance of rain this month. The temperature in Portugal goes up to a maximum of 84°F in most of the locations. It is better to relax in the Cafes and bars in the afternoon to avoid heat. If you are in Lisbon then visit Wish Slow Coffee House, Heim Cafe and Cafe Boavida which are among the top ten cafes in Lisbon. Day length in August remains 13 to 14 hours in Portugal which is less than July.


In September, day length in Portugal remains 12 to 13 hours and day time gradually decreases. The maximum temperature in September you feel in Portugal is around 80°F which is slightly less than August. September gets less crowded as most of the tourists have finished a vacation. This time of year you will get the best deals on flights and hotels. This is one of the best months to visit Portugal.


October month gets fewer tourists in Portugal. There is a more chance of rain but you can enjoy the beaches and beautiful coastal area this time of year. The temperature in Portugal goes maximum up to 73°F in October. So it is also the best time to visit the city area and different sightseeing locations. The day length in October remains around 10 hours in Portugal.

Best time to visit Portugal


The winter season starts in November in Portugal. The temperature in Portugal goes less up to 57°F and there is more chance of getting wet while sightseeing and city tour. So pack your umbrella and a raincoat if you are planning to visit Portugal in Winter. Lisbon and Sintra Film Festival come in November.


In December another festive season starts as Christmas and New year comes at the end of this month. Most of the places in Portugal remain closed during this Christmas week so make travel plans accordingly. Madeira is the best place to celebrate New Year in Portugal where the amazing fireworks show is organized on its coast. Day length in Portugal remains less than 10 hours in December.

So now we are sure that this information is enough to make your travel plan to Portugal. Give comments about your Portugal visit and also we are willing to answer your queries.

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