cheap places to visit in 2020

Most people think that traveling is expensive, but not every destination is pricey. You can get vacations for under £1000 in the UK. There is a wide range of places all over the world where you can travel around very cheaply and still have a wonderful time.

The only expensive part is the flight, but if you book on certain days or even months in advance, you can save even more money on your flights.SO in these posts I will share some best cheap places to visit in 2020.

You don’t have to break the bank to go to exotic locations. Which countries in the world offer the best value? The following are 15 destinations around the world that offer cheap and affordable accommodation, transport and food. Find out the best cheap places to visit in 2020

  1. Indonesia

cheap places to visit - Indonesia

Southeast Asia is one of the best cheap places to visit. Indonesia is a country in South East Asia. It can be very cheap or expensive like all the country’s listed depending on the things you do. As Indonesia has lots of islands to discover, it can be time-consuming and costly traveling from one to another.

To save costs it is better to pick a region or two. Staying in one place allows you to see more of what the region has to offer. Some people say that all you need is just £10 a day, but to have a better trip and not have to worry about money, budget for £20 a day.


2. India

cheap places to visit - India

India is a very cheap country with lots of wonderful qualities, from its rich history, culture and its delicious food. The Taj Mahal is one of the wonders of the world too much more.

In Madhya Pradesh you can visit Madhya Pradesh’s wildlife reserves which are cheaper than an African safari. In India, you can see tigers, wild boar, deer and langur monkeys to name a few.

You will need about £30 a day to have a great experience but you can still have a great holiday in India even cheaply.

In the big cities, you can get accommodation as low as £4 a night. The cheapest way of getting around India is by train and you can get train tickets for £7. The food can be as low as £1 for a wonderful authentic Indian meal.


3. Sri Lanka

cheap places to visit _ Shrilanka

Sri Lanka can be an inexpensive holiday or very expensive depending on what you do. Sri Lanka has many UNESCO world heritage sites and the admission can be from £20.

You will need to bring close to £30 per day. If you are not paying for activities, then food, transport, and accommodation are relatively cheap. If you find a group of people to split the cost then hiring a driver for the day will only cost £4 per person, but the cheapest transport in Sri Lanka is the train.

Sri Lanka has wildlife to see, caves to explore and beautiful beaches to spend some time to relax. And there are so many things to do in Sri Lanka.


4. Malaysia

cheap places to visit - Malaysia

This is another country in South East Asia that is one of the cheap places to visit. It is the most economically developed Southeast Asian country. You can get meals from as little as £3 and the same for accommodation. For a full day bus or train ride, it will only cost you £6.

Malesia has some of the best coral reefs in the world, so you must go scuba diving or snorkeling. The best islands to visit are Pulau Redang, the Perhentians, Pulau Tioman to see nature and wildlife.

Borneo is the third-largest island in the world. It has the best beaches in Malaysia, that has clear blue water. Find the best beaches to visit in Borneo.




Morocco is a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. You can get around Morocco very cheaply and it is an ideal place for any traveler as it has something for everyone.

The capital Marrakesh is a colorful city with a whole heap of things to offer. Find out why you need to visit the less popular town of Essaouira in my best cities To Visit In 2020

May backpackers flock to Morocco’s coast for surfing, as it is a cheap place to stay and they can go surfing for a long time on a low budget.

The only thing that will cost a lot is the tours but if you are considering going to the Sahara than you will need to splurge on good-quality tours. Food a day will be starting from £8 and accommodation from £6.


6 Vietnam

cheap places to visit - Vietnam

I have had the brilliant opportunity to travel around Vietnam for about 3 weeks, and you can read about my trip in my 3 weeks in Vietnam itinerary. It is a very cheap country to travel around. Also, Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries to get a beer, you can get a pint of beer for about 80p

In Vietnam, you can get street food very cheaply such as Pho for only £1.20 and it is very tasty. The cheapest accommodation you can get is £4 and it comes with breakfast.

Transport is inexpensive, as you can get a motorbike for the day from only £6 or the bus for as low as £8 and they are more comfortable than the ones in the UK.


7.  Hungary


People assume that Central Europe is very expensive, but there are a few very affordable places. Budapest is one of them. Budapest is famous for its public baths. There are 9 baths you can go to, so aim for less-visited baths.

Budapest is full of old buildings to explore. Also, all the great sights Budapest has to offer are free to see, such as Fisherman’s Bastion, which is a castle wall where you get the best views of the city.

Depending on your needs Budapest can be very affordable, you can spend as little as 30 Euros a day. Not including accommodation.


8. Portugal


Portugal is a Western European country. It is a pretty cheap place to visit and some would say one of the cheapest in Western Europe, in Lisbon, you can get a hostel for about £7 a night and it comes with free breakfast. Meals out will be starting from around £6. So you will need to budget about £30 to £40 a day.

The coastal town of Lagos is a great place for backpackers and another great place in Portugal is Porto. Portugal has stunning beaches and finds out the best Beaches in Portugal. If you are considering visiting Portugal than read my post on the best time to visit Portugal. As well as this find out what to do in Portugal in a week.


9. Germany


Germany is quite expensive, but the capital is very reasonable you can say its less cheap places to visit 2020. I have been and had a wonderful time on a budget. You can find all about Berlin on my weekend in berlin.

German is a great holiday for any history buff with some of the most remarkable sights in the world. As well as this, Berlin is famous for its techno clubs. Furthermore, the kebab was invented in berlin.

You will need to budget around £40 a day, food will cost as low as £4, accommodation is £10 and you can get an all-day train ticket for about £6.70.


10. Herzegovina


Bosnia is a country on the Balkan Peninsula in South-Eastern Europe next to Croatia. It is home to medieval villages, rivers, and lakes, plus the Dinaric Alps that is a part of the Alps.

It is a great place for a budget holiday. The capital Sarajevo is a great place for nightlife. The country is full of wonderful parks and historical landmarks to explore.

It is a very cheap place for food, transport, and accommodation, so you will only need to budget about £30 a day for all of it. As accommodation is around £10 a night, the food is very cheap and you can get a meal for around £5.

Transport is very cheap. The capital Sarajevo has one of the oldest trams in Europe and you can get a one-way ticket for £1.


11. Bolivia


Bolivia is situated in central South America with varied terrain from the Andes Mountains, the Atacama Desert, and the Amazon Basin rainforest.  South America, in general, is a very cheap place, but Bolivia offers something for all types of travelers.

Bolivia offers lots of untouched areas to find. If you want to have a very cheap trip than just going to places the locals do. You can get a 3-course meal for less than £2 in a local restaurant.

If you get local buses it will be very affordable such as from 80p for an all-day bus pass. In addition to this, accommodation is around £6 a night, much cheaper if you go to the place than the book online.

The tours are where you will blow your money, like going to see the salt flats can be extortionate but worth it.


12. Kyrgyzstan

Affordable places to visit in 2020 - Kyrgizstan

Kyrgyzstan is in Central Asia is a very cheap place also. Kyrgyzstan is less touristy than most Asian countries.

You can get a meal from just £3 and hostels or guesthouses are from £6 a night. As well as this, you can get a bus for just £3.

Kyrgyzstan is a mountainous country. Great for nature and hiker lovers. The Tien Shan Mountain range covers 90% of the country. Find why you need to visit this country in my List of 15 Best Countries to visit in 2020.


13. Albania


Albania is a country in Southeast Europe’s Balkan Peninsula. If you want to have pristine beaches but without being packed with tourists.

Then look no further than Albania, as it is on the South coast of Europe, it is next to Italy and Greece. You get wonderful beaches and don’t have to fork out to go to Italy or Greece.

It is a very affordable country; you can get a 4-star hotel for about £40 a night that includes breakfast. You can get a hostel from as low as £7 a night and meals will be about £5.


14. Estonia

best places to visit - Estonia

Estonia is situated in the north of Europe and is a small country so you won’t need to spend that many days. The country is mainly forest, so you will be spending most of the holiday hiking, biking, and camping and I think this is one of the best cheap places to visit in 2020.

The capital Tallinn has stunning Gothic towers is an old town and has some of the best medieval architecture in northern Europe. You can get accommodation from £8 and the same for a meal, so budget about £20 a day.



Most Affordable place to visit - Slovakia

Slovakia is a landlocked country in the eastern part of Central Europe. It is getting more popular, as it is a very cheap place to go skiing.

With Slovakia’s historical past you can see its ruins of castles that were burnt down.

It is also home to the Tetras mountain range. You can budget about £30 a day. You can get beer for as low as £1.45 and a meal will be around £3. Accommodation is around £10 a night. Transport such as the train will be about £15.

Comment below any other cheap countries not on the list that should be.




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