Ten Good Things To corona

These dark times bring unforeseen difficulties and devastating coronavirus effects. People around the world have been infected with the coronavirus pandemic. You can’t away from Coronavirus COVID-19, it is everywhere with the news and social media focusing on nothing else.

Many counties are putting in lockdowns to try to stop the coronavirus from spreading. Doing this has led to some good things coming about in this coronavirus effects.

With the self-isolation, we are being forced to accept, here are 10 positive coronavirus effects that have come out of this COVID-19 outbreak.

Ten good things to come out of COVID-19 pandemic:


  1. Pollution down

positive Coronavirus Effects

Pollution is very bad and humans are harmed by Pollution. Long-term exposure to air pollution can lead to chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer, and other diseases. Most countries are going into lockdown. It is having an impact on pollution,

China has been in lockdown for about 3 months since mid-Jan. Sky News said last year “Up to 100,000 premature deaths caused by air pollution in China”. They have used harsh measures to get people to stop driving, factories have closed, social movement has been restricted and transportation closed throughout China. In doing this their air quality has improved significantly.

Italy has also seen a decrease in pollution as they are under harsh lockdown. You can read this BBC article on the lockdowns continue to suppress European pollution.

2. Venice cleans up its act

Italy is one of the hardest hit to date. They have had to put in very harsh measures. Venice normally gets around 26 million and 30 million visitors per year, but currently has 0 due to the Coronavirus.

Venice has had time to breathe from the lockdown in Italy. His Venice canals are bluer and cleaner than ever. As well as this, Venice is so quiet, rumour has it that it has attracted Dolphins. (This may be fake news).

3. Multi-aid organizations set up

Coronavirus Effects

Coronavirus is more deadly for older people in the UK, and many communities have come together to help. The BBC said that more than 1,000 volunteer groups have been set up to help those self-isolating and vulnerable during the coronavirus effects.

There are already charities that help communities and they have seen a rise in volunteers like charity action together.

The COVID-Multi Aid groups on WhatsApp and Facebook have been set up to help bring food and medical supplies to people not leaving their homes and who are vulnerable.

As well as this, people have just helped to provide certain food people are running out of giving their food out. You can get the leaflet to send to your community homes on the BBC news article.

4. Clean hands back in fashion

With the world governments and news telling us to wash your hands, some businesses are helping with this. Some fashion companies are offering free hand sanitizers when you buy anything online.

In addition to this with panic buyers buying all the soap and hand sanitizers, countries are very low on them. The owner of fashion giant Louis Vuitton is providing France with hand sanitizer “for as long as necessary” as the country battles against the coronavirus outbreak

They said they will stop selling perfumes and make-up for now and instead give out free hand sanitizer.

5. Animals

As there are fewer people around as lots of counties are on lockdowns, quarantines, and social distancing, people on social media are posting sightings of wild animals they have seen in their towns and cities.

Animals have become more adventures to explore big cities and suburbs; maybe they are looking for food or maybe fewer people are about to scare them away.

In Nara, Japan, sika deer wandered through city streets and subway stations. In my street, I have seen foxes at night, and had never seen them before down my street.

Some zoos are doing virtual zoos where you can see live zookeeper feeding their animals. If you can’t go to the zoo then they are bringing the zoo to your home. Chester zoo in the UK is one of the zoos doing this.

6. There’s never been a better time to stay in

There is so much good that will come from staying inside more. People are talking more to their friends and even old friends. Also, it is a great time to just take the time to learn something new or practice more. Like me – I am doing more baking. You will soon see me on The British Bake-off lol.

People keep saying this is the golden age for television, so there are so many tv shows to watch and films such as Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things and Games of Thrones to name a few.

Also for all you bloggers out there, as you have more free time, what better time to write more blog posts. That is what I am doing.

Comment down below and let me know what things you are doing to pass the time while you stay in.

7. Checking on neighbours

Most people in the UK and I think lots of other counties don’t talk to their neighbours unless they have to pick a delivery they missed but that is only for a few seconds.

But now more people are asked to start self-isolating, residents are checking more on people nearby.

Some people are even going that extra mile to help their neighbours. They are putting notes through doors offering to bring them food shopping or asking if they needed help with anything.

https://i2-prod.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article21695773.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/0_Coronavirus.jpg8. Well-deserved appreciation for our NHS/ Doctors

Doctors around the world rightnow are vital and putting their lives in the line every single day to help save people with Coronavirus.

Many of them are taking an extra shift to everything they can to treat the symptoms. As they’re taking more shifts, that means they are spending less time with their loved ones.

People around the world have taken to social media to show their appreciation for all the hard work they are doing and now countries around the world are going outside to show it show their appreciation by clapping them on the good work they are doing.

9. Catching up with friends


As many of us are bored at home, we are trying to think of ways to stop us from getting bored. Lots more people are making more of an effort chat to our friends since being told we’re not allowed to see them. As well as this, some people are contacting old friends they have not talked to in years.

Group video call apps are more popular than ever due to people staying home. People are using them to catch up with mates. They are having quiz nights, dinner nights, drink nights calls on group videos with their mates.

10. Save money and plan your next trip.

One of the biggest coronnavirus effects on industries due to COVID-19

is travel. As millions of people’s holidays are being candled due to what is currently happing in the world.

As one of the reasons why the coronavirus effects speeded rapidly was due to people always traveling around the world.

Fear not, there is some good news that has come out of countries banning flights into and out their counties.

As there has been like no airplanes in the sky, this has helped with climate change. In addition to this, nearly all countries have stopped people from taking airplanes. This has helped as BBC news says that “Aviation contributes about 2% of the world’s global carbon emissions”, also about 11% of your carbon footprint.

As lots of people are cancelling their holidays and staying indoors for a few months. This a great time to save money, so that your next holiday can be even better.

You can spend the time stuck inside researching your next holiday for when you’re allowed back outside and what better way than read some of my blog posts to get you some inspiration, such as best countries to visit in 2020.


  1. There are loads of incredible positive points here. I’m really enjoying seeing everyone come together as a worldwide community helping each other through this difficult times. I just hope that most of the points you’ve got above will continue to stay even when COVID is over.

  2. And we’ll appreciate what we have more than we used to! We used to not care that much about a hug, or a meeting with friends, or even a walk in the park. Well, now we know better!


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