Creative Things to do with your Travel photos

Travel paraphernalia is evidence of the excitement and amusement we had experienced on our get-away. Let’s face it; most of us fail to create enduring memoirs of our travel blisses. Travel Photo albums are generic, boring and a thing of a gone era. If you have been looking for some inspiration for your travel photos then you have reached the right destination.

We have come up with some quirky ideas that will help you in making the best out of your travel memories. Check out…

1. DIY photo wall full of your favorite travel snaps

High-quality frames, customized artwork, and large printing, altogether may prove out to be an expensive take. Creating a grid of your travel images will help you in making a large-scale impact without taking a toll on your savings. You need to collect some cool pictures out of the lot for ultimate results. Use tape or some mounting putty for DIY travel photos wall. If you have everything ready for you, it will take only a few minutes to get the job done. The best part is that you’ll have a new addition to the wall ready for you, after each trip. That’s pretty cool, yeah!

Creative Things to do with your Travel photos

2. Create a memory list in a notebook

It is super simple, yet creative at the same time. You may create a cool-list with your travel photos either in a notebook or on your phone. This will not only keep the memories of your trip fresh but also add another charm to your collection. Be sure you choose the snaps that have some unique factor in them or happen to be one of the favorite shots of your trip. It will be an emotional roller coaster every time you’ll come across the list. Possibilities are you might end up tearing on reviving those moments!

Creative Things to do with your Travel photos
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3. Customized postcard for stocking images

Sending customized postcards to family and friends either after or during a trip is another great idea of using travel photos. Adding a sentimental value to the postcard enhances its worth. Moreover, the postcards available in the market have tacky prints. Getting your travel photos printed on them will add personal value and make them worth cherishing lifelong. However, it may seem a high school idea but know that people love receiving them. Would you not love to receive a customized postcard featuring one of the trip moments of your loved one? Yes, right? The same is with your dear ones. Plus, this is one of the best ideas to share your happiness with your friends and family. If you own a good printer, get the postcards printed on your own. Alternatively, you can get them printed from the market. It will cost you a few bucks only.

Creative Things to do with your Travel photos

4. Create an attractive piece using your travel photo collection

Trips always leave us with an enviable collection captured shots of the places we visit. You can get those shots printed on virtually anything like shower curtains, yoga mats, t-shirts, backpacks, skateboard, etc.. The best thing is that the stuff will come to some use and keep your trip memories fresh at the same time.

Creative Things to do with your Travel photos

5. Create Travel Memory Boxes

How about having a destination box stuffed with all the good memories of your trip? That’d be so cool, yeah! It would be so interesting to have your travel memory revived through that interesting box after ages. You may create a separate box for every trip. Make sure you make small boxes. Prefer the wooden ones, they are highly durable and easy to handle. In addition to the travel photos, add some stuff that you had bought from the place you have visited or just anything else related to it. Say, for example- receipts, tickets, postcards, souvenirs, etc. Don’t forget to mention the name of the place on the box’s cover. This idea will not only keep your travel mementos safe and organized but will also serve as a time travel capsule.

Creative Things to do with your Travel photos

6. Share your travel photos on the blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to share your travel experiences through photos. You may organize your moments and thoughts in the way you like on your blog. However, there is a lot of extra work that goes into blogging, but in the end, it’s worthwhile

7. Store your memories in a scrapbook

Simple, yeah! The scrapbook will never let you down if you are desirous of something creative yet personal. The best thing about a scrapbook is that you have the option of sharing your travel shots only to the people you want. It should be dramatic and attractive. Alternatively, you can create a cool collage of travel snapshots and photographs.

Creative Things to do with your Travel photos
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8. Paint your favorite memories of the travel

There are many options for framing your photos and painting is one of those. This is a more unique and interesting approach to store the memories of your travel. Get some cool pic from the lot and get it painted. You can make an amazing set of memories with this idea.

9. Make a video using the photos

If you are one of those who capture every moment of the trip then this idea will prove out to be your best bet. Even if you are an amateur in making videos then also you can easily create amazing stuff. You just need a huge stash of videos and photos for video making. It takes only a few minutes to make a dynamic video. Plus, there are several tools out there that can help you come up with an awesome video.

The Concluding Word

Know that the above is not a comprehensive list of creative things you can do with travel photos. There are countless options out there that will elevate your creative spectrum. Shortlist your favorite ones and let your creativity flow through. You can also get some smart ideas online. Photo projects involving the use of paper lanterns or other lovely things may serve as your inspiration. Whatever you choose, do it very, very ambitiously. If you are not an artistic soul, go for the simple ones.

Creative Things to do with your Travel photos

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  1. I love the travel memory boxes idea! It’s perfect for adding my photos, tickets, and other random souvenirs from each of the places I’ve visited.

  2. A friend of mine did something similar to #4 if I understood it correctly. He turned his photos from Europe into large prints in a book he uses as decoration on his coffee table. Super cool!

  3. This was a post I never realized I needed until I read it! I take hundreds, sometimes thousands of photos on my trips (depending on duration) and never really do anything with them besides post a very small portion on my blog/social media channels. I’m definitely going to explore a few of these options but I like the idea of the travel memory boxes the most. Thanks for the tips!

  4. I love the memory boxes as well. Is there any place that has these boxes, i.e., Michaels/ JoAnne? I love how slim they seem to be and being wooden, they would last longer than cardboard ones.


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