Which said, “Almost 1.2 million passengers suffered severe flight delays last year”. Everyone has been in a situation where their airplane has been delayed a few minutes or a few hours. I have had a few fights where the airplane was delayed for a few hours. A couple of years ago I was going on holiday with my family to Crete on EasyJet. The airplane was delayed for about 4 hours due to Malfunction problem.

As I was waiting there was another EasyJet airplane just sitting at the gate next to ours. I did not know why did not use it. As it was the same size airplane.

My worst Flight Delay Experience Everis was when there was planned strikes at the airport you are going to. Last year I was in Portugal Lisbon airport coming back from my holiday and we heard there was a 24-hour security strike.

My worst Flight Delay Experience Ever | Travelweekli

Airline companies were advised passengers to get to the airport about 5 to 6 hours before the departure time. We got there 5 hours before. I got in the biggest security check line. We waited in line for over 4 hours. Only to be told by the police “you might miss your flight and leave as it’s unlikely you get on your plane. We were only a halfway through the queues. A few people told us that TAP Portugal will not refund the flights and lucky we were not with them. We with EasyJet.

The queues were the worst I have ever seen as people were just passing and shoving to try and get to their flight. The police were unorganized with everything. There was a ticket checkpoint before we get to the security checks. We waited there for about 2 hours getting crushed there were no queues. It looked like being in a fast food companies chicken pen all compacted in a small space.

Finally, after about 2 house we got past the gate to walk up the stairs to only join back in the queue. People were getting frustrated queuing, so they queued jumped. There were young children and elderly people in the queues that I felt sorry for having to queue for a very long time. When we got to the security checks part they only had about 5 baggage carriages open with lack of staff from the security checks going on strike.

My worst Flight Delay Experience Ever | Travelweekli

There were lots of people competed in the airport, so it was very hot. There were lots of people fainting from being dehydrated. We got very close to the baggage check area and my Dad said we only have 5 minutes until our airplane was leaving, so he asked the security staff if we could queue jump and they said yes, but the other passenger in the queue stated shouting at us. They also were telling us that their flight left about 3 hours ago and we went back to our spot in the queue.

We finally got past security to the departure lounge area 30 minutes after our departure time. We ran to our gate.  I was running and I could see people sleeping.  As they have missed their flight to our luck the gate was still open. The airplane did not leave yet. We got on the plain and the pilot said he is not leaving until all the passengers are on the plane. That was about 3 hours wait to be left. One family that came after we told us that there was a flight in the queue, I think it was because a person trying to queue jump. Heathrow airport kept the airport open for us as there was not meant to be any planes arriving after midnight, but we arrived just a bit past midnight. It was the quickest arrivals. As it was just our flight in thermal 2 or 3 I think.

My worst Flight Delay Experience Ever | Travelweekli

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My worst Flight Delay Experience Ever | Travelweekli

Don’t forget to read about my week in Portugal.

DISCLAIMER: This post is in collaboration with  flightdelayclaims4u.com, but as always, all opinions are entirely my own!

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