Germany University Trip
Germany University Trip
Germany University Trip

The trip was only 4 days long and it was a packed 4 days going to Bremen, Hamburg, and Hannover. Click here to read about Hamburg – the coolest travel destination in Germany.

The first day on Tuesday the 21 of March.  I had to meet at uni for 2 pm for the coach to take us to the Standard airport. The airplane left at 7 am and I got to Bremen in Germany by around 10 am with around 24 hours of not sleeping. I was very hungry. 

The First thing I did was go out with a few classmates to go and find some food and about after 3o minutes of looking at expensive places. We found traditional food bratwurst (German sausage). To my surprise, we ordered the wrong sausage and got a currywurst that was a curry sausage and it was nice.

Then I went back to my room to have a 1 and half hour nap.  Then at 2 pm I and my roommate went exploring Bremen town, I explored most of the town in 5 hours and by the end my legs were dead and I was very tired. I had explored Bremen two UNESCO sites. The town hall and Roland on the marketplace of Bremen, As well as this I saw the oldest part of Bremen Schoor. It is a neighborhood in the medieval center of Bremen.

Germany University Trip


The next day I had to wake up at 6:30 am for breakfast as we were getting the bus to Hannover at 7:30 am as it was about 1 and a half hours ride to get to Hannover. We needed to get there early the main reason we were going to Germany was for CeBIT that is that is the largest and most internationally represented computer expo.

CeBIT was massive there was about 20 halls and even a bus going around to each hall if you could not be asked to walk. There was the Virtual reality, Roberts, drones, Computer Hardware, drivers’ cars and lots more.

 I and my friends only stayed there from 10 am to 3 pm and then went back to Hannover town center to walk around there before we had to meet our teacher back at the bus station at 8:30 pm. After we had dinner went to a bar called Bukowski’s, it was a reasonably priced bar.

To my luck, as we were paying before we left a group of girls came to sit down beside us, the bar was empty and they chose to sit next to us but we had to leave or we would miss the bus

Germany University Trip
Bremen Schoor

The next day we went to Hamburg for the day and got the train to Hamburg and 12:30 pm so we sleep in in the morning as we needed after walking around the expo the day before. The journey to Hamburg was only 1 hour and the train cost £9 for a group ticket of 4 people.  We got off the train we got bratwurst that cost £3.

Germany University Trip

I was reading the map telling everyone in my friends where to go. I wanted to go to the Homburg old town close by. To my amassment, we had walked half of the map and saw lots of monuments. We did not see the old town. We walked down a street and saw a pub and went there for dinner. I had German beer and I had a Schnitzel that just taste like a big chicken nugget.  Then we walked back to the train station. Left Hamburg around 7:30 pm after doing 5 and half hours walking.  The trains in Germany are double-decker.

Germany University Trip
Germany Train


As it was the last night in Germany all of my class went to the Shisha bar. Its next door to the Hotel. We said there till 1 am. The next day we got up at 9:30 am and had breakfast and then checked out by 11 am. Then I went to town to get gifts and walked around the river. I calculated how many steps I did on the trip and it was around 80000 steeps. The bus came at 6:30 pm to take us to the airport. I got to Coventry the next day.  On Saturday at around 2 am and I was shattered and slept for 10 hours.

The Hotel I stayed in was ibis styles Bremen. It was a space themed. It was located in the center 2 minutes away from the monuments, shops and Old Town and UNESCO sites. Also around the corner from the hotel was a small supermarket. For more details about the hotel. Another place to visit in Germany is Munich

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  1. I’ve always wanted to visit Germany, I appreciate that you included the prices of things. It gives a better picture of how much extra money we’d need to bring for spending.

  2. It’s very nice to read your article, it seems like a page on your journal. DEfinitely Schnitzel that tastes like chiken nuggets, LOL, I died, normally Schnitzel is calf meat, but Germans use pork, which is cheaper, certainly not chiken, lol.

  3. We are exploring Germany right now and we have been to Hannover and Bremen. Our next destination is Hamburg, your post might be helpful for us in this sense. What was the best part of your trip, we are curious?

    • The best part was Hamburg and if you get a group ticket for the train and trams it is cheaper then individual one and the Miniatur Wunderland was meant to be good some of my classmates went and said it was great. Juts go exploring the town and you will find hidden gems.

  4. My bestfriend who lives now in Germany is nonstop raving about it because its one of the great places she have been. Good education system, good food, lovely architectures, etc. And its a safe place 🙂

  5. Germany with its rich history and architecture got me here in this your post, amazing place to visit and the picture you have here are quite captivating that you get this feeling you are in person present there on a tour. bravo.

  6. That was really hectic schedule but looks like you enjoyed your trip 🙂 You have great photos and I enjoyed reading your post. I hope one day I could visit Germany.

  7. I’m going to Germany again this weekend. I always enjoy visiting Germany. I love the sound of a Space themed hotel! I’ll definitely check it out! Visiting Unesco sites is always nice.

  8. Germany is a great country to visit. I live close to the border and go there often. I love all the castles &villages. Looks like you had a blast.

  9. sounds like a spectacular, however short, trip to Germany! I’ve only gone through the airports there on my way to Vienna actually, but I would love to spend a week as a tourist.

  10. 6:30 is early to be up for Breakfast. I’d love to see Hamburg. Not the one near where I grew up in Pennsylvania, lol. UP FOR BREAKFAST is a Van Halen song!


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