Living on the go is exciting because the thrill of shuttling from airport to airport and exploring new cities is unmatched, whether you travel for business or pleasure. Thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals across the US spend a good part of the month flying for meetings. The number of travel buffs who shuttle around the globe for sheer pleasure is also growing. It comes as no surprise that American airports are more crowded than ever.

If you are one of the frequent fliers, you will probably know the feeling because air travel can cause more fatigue than you imagine. Jet lag and stress at the airport can take a toll on your health and well-being in the long haul. But it is easy to find ways to bypass these hassles and make life easier even amid back-to-back air trips. Fortunately, it is much easier than you imagine. Here are some tips and tricks that frequent fliers use to make hassle free air travel.

Choose your seat as you book online

Business travelers are likely to spend more time in the air than on the ground. Booking your flight tickets online can make things a lot more convenient, but you can go a step ahead by choosing your seat when you book. Many airlines let you do it and charge only a nominal fee or even do it for free. Pick an airline that gives you this option because you can be more comfortable if you get a seat of your choice. It is worth spending when on long-distance flights because comfort matters the most. An aisle seat is the best option if you like moving around, while you will be better off in the window seat if you prefer to sleep most of the time.

Travel as light as possible

Heavy luggage can weigh you down, so try to learn the art of minimalist packing. Business flyers across the US are making conscious efforts to travel as light as possible, even more after the pandemic. It enables you to minimize contact at the airport by sticking only to cabin luggage rather than carrying more stuff. Another benefit of packing light is that you can be in and out of the airport sooner than you expect, which is another way to curb the risk of the virus. Not to mention, you save on travel expenses by steering clear of extra charges. The rule of packing light does not only apply to business trips, but you must embrace it as a habit for holidays too.

Be extra conscious about paperwork

If you fly overseas often, being extra conscious about your paperwork is vital. Apart from the ticket, you will need your passport and IDs. You will also have to get your visa on time to avoid last-minute hassles. Review the processing time, documents required, and other formalities of the process early and get started to ensure that you have the stamp on your passport ahead of the travel plans. While you must have hard copies of your documents, keeping soft copies in your phone memory and cloud backup ensures hassle free air travel. Another piece of advice you must follow is to keep an eye on the expiration date of your passport and renew it beforehand.

Check-in online

Another step that can make air travel a lot more convenient is online check-in for the flights. Almost all American airlines offered the option before the pandemic, but it is a norm now because they want to go the extra mile with passenger safety. A web check-in eliminates the need to stand in queues or come in contact with the staff and other passengers, which ensures safety in the era of social distancing. The best part is that it saves you a lot of time at the airport. You don’t even require a paper boarding card as you can do everything on your mobile phone.

Use airport parking

When it comes to hassle free air travel, you cannot overlook the stress of long commutes to the airport. Finding a taxi at an odd hour can be a problem at times, and you may not want to trouble a friend or loved one to drop you. Taking public transport isn’t a great idea these days. The best thing to do is to drive to the airport and park there. The convenience is unmatched, but finding an airport parking space at a busy terminal like Reno-Tahoe is a concern. Thankfully, you have the option of booking Parking at Reno-Tahoe Airport in a few clicks. You can find a spot of your choice, book it online, and park there when you reach. The service ensures the safety of the vehicle when you are away.

Pay for a lounge

Business travel is undoubtedly exhausting, and many times, you will expect to shuttle between airports for weeks together. Long-distance holiday flights can also tire you out. Paying for a lounge can make things a lot easier, so don’t cringe at this expense. If you travel often, you may even get it as one of the special privileges airlines offer to frequent fliers. Access to a lounge gets you the chance to rest during an extended layover or relax if you plan to catch up on a meeting right after landing at the destination. You can even save the hotel room expense if you plan to fly back right after finishing off your work.

Be safe and comfortable

Flying amid the pandemic is different as you need to prioritize safety over everything else. Doing a little extra for personal protection can set you up for a hassle-free flight. Everyone knows what needs to be done to stay safe, so you don’t require much advice for this one. Wear your face mask at all times and carry a few more if you need to replace it once or more. You can be extra sure by wearing rubber gloves to avoid getting the virus from surfaces. Try to minimize contact and follow the social distancing rules at the airport. Sanitize your hands often as well. Apart from safety, be warm and comfortable by wearing the right clothing for the flight.

Leave yourself enough time

hassle free air travel

Perhaps the simplest piece of advice for stress-free air travel is to have enough time to catch the flight. Sadly, many fliers overlook this rule and end up getting in trouble and even missing their flights. Pay attention to the reporting time while booking your ticket and be there a bit earlier than that. It will require you to leave an hour early from your home or hotel room, but you will feel less anxious about delays. Always keep in mind the distance and time to reach the airport and consider unexpected factors like traffic jams and vehicle breakdowns.

Getting a little smarter with air travel can make things simple and convenient for people who spend a good part of their time on flights. You only need to follow these steps to feel the difference in your stress levels. While focusing on comfort, cost savings, and time efficiency helps, paying attention to personal safety is the need of the hour. A little goes a long way, so make a conscious effort and enjoy life on the go!


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