Kenya 2017 Part 1

Kenya 2017 Part 1-Nairobi and Diani beach Mombasa

Kenya 2017 part 1- Nairobi and Diani beach Mombasa | Travelweekli

Not many people look at me and consider a white guy from England to be Kenyan but I was born In Nairobi. It has been a very long time since I have been to Kenya. I was very lucky to go last week with my family. It has been around 15 years since I went to Kenya. #

We went to Kenya for 12 days and visited family friends and they tagged along with us and it was great.

Day 1

We left for the airport and you can get a direct flight to Kenya that only takes 8 hours but cost £200 more than a layover flight, but this on taking 12 hours and that is the one we took. The airline we went with to was Qatar Airways. The food on the plane was one of the worst food I have ever had on an airplane.

Day 2

The next day we arrived in Nairobi on the Friday at around lunchtime and was greeted by our friends who we will be spending the trip with. Later on that day we needed to get food. As the next day we were going to Diani beach in Mombasa and staying in a private house with a cook, so we needed to get food for him to cook. Me and my brother with our family, friends, mum to the supermarket and one trip later we come out with 4 trolleys of food and drinks.

Kenya 2017 part 1- Nairobi and Diani beach Mombasa | Travelweekli

Day 3

The next day on Saturday We went to David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi. The elephants have been rescued and they are kids and one was found stuck in well. The elephants only one out at 11am, so come early to get a good place to see them and you get to pet them.

After that, we went around the town and my dad was showing us the place we lived while we were dating in Kenya as when I was born stayed there for about 6 months. He also took us to Nairobi University, where he worked.

Later that day I, my brother and sister went to a local bar. The town was not very busy as most Kenyans left for a few days as it was the election times and that night we found out it was election results day.

Kenya 2017 part 1- Nairobi and Diani beach Mombasa | Travelweekli

Day 4

The drive to Mombasa is about 12 hours and that is too long, so we took the new train line that only took 5 hours. The train station had more security than an airport. First, you line up, so sniffer dogs can check your bag and they used 2 dogs. Then you get your tickets cached with your ID. Then you get your bags scanned. Net you get tickets cheated again. And then get the bags checked again and go through a metal detector and finally you are on the train has a small police station on board with security cards with guns. It is a bit excessive for all the security checks to just get on a train.

The train journey was wonderful, as you are going through the different towns to get to Mombasa you get to see the animals. When we arrived at the house we were greeted by the staff and walked around the house that had 5 bedrooms that were 3 double beds, 4 single beds and 3 sweets and a communal bathroom. The house also came with 4 lounges. The best bit was that the house was on the beach and came with a swimming pool.

Day 5

The next day we rested sunbathing and going into the sea and pool all day. The chief was really good at cooking seafood so we had a lot and he made homemade chapatti that was the best I have ever had. Our family friend’s son went fishing and came back with 3 red snappers which we had the next day with our dinner.

Later that night we went to 40 thieves bar in Dinani down the road from our house. Both families were going and we had a great time dancing and had a few drinks we got there at around 9pm and left at midnight that dads came out in full doing dad dancing that was funny. As I have never seen my dad properly dance even though I have been to gigs with him but he never danced on them.

Kenya 2017 part 1- Nairobi and Diani beach Mombasa | Travelweekli

Day 6

We booked a snorkelling trip for all of us for 2pm in the afternoon, my Dad, brother and sister wanted to do scuba diving, but the company that made the trip said that the day before two boats were capsized and 3 diving instructors did as the water was too rough for scuba diving, so it was cancelled for the week.

The snorkeling trip was about 2 and half hours long and there was a sandbank in the middle of the sea that made us stand up in the sea it was a very small beach in the sea. The snorkeling found a starfish, Sea spider and sea urchin for us to touch before putting them back in the sea.

Day 7

It was another lazy day by the beach. The local ladies came to our house to us, a bunch of materials. You pick what material you want. Then the type of clothes design you want it made into they will make it. I did not get anything done, made but everyone else got something. They make stuff like harem pants with the same materials.

Later that day I was swimming in the pool and saw a Monkey, It comes to the table near me and steals a coconut< Then it run away with it. Also, the resort had Colobus Monkeys that we saw and they are getting extinct very quickly.

Kenya 2017 part 1- Nairobi and Diani beach Mombasa | Travelweekli

Day 8

It was the last day at Diani Beach. We gave our suitcases to the driver in the morning> He drove the bags back to our friend’s house in Nairobi. Will we take the airplane back as the drive is about 12 hours and it was too long for us. The airport is only 45 minutes away.  We left the beach house at 5pm to get to the airport for the plane at around 8pm.

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram. For more photography from my Kenyan trip.Also, have a look at other destinations I have been to. 

Also, have a look at other destinations I have been to. 


  1. Hey Daniel. Mombasa looks beautiful. Please do write a post on your train journey from Nairobi to Mombasa. I’d love to know more about how trains are in this part of the world. I have briefly stopped over at the Jomo Kenyata airport en route Harare and Jo’burg.

  2. I’ve an American friend from Kenya whose of Indian background and has to explain it every time the same as you. Looks like it was a fun trip, and I love how monkeys are always stealing crap from people. 😀

  3. My dad took me to Kenya, over 20 years ago, to celebrate my 21st birthday. After a safari, we stayed a few days in Serena Beach at Diana beach. It was amazing! Your post brings me back.

  4. Sounds like a memorable trip you had with family and family’s friend. And it was funny when you said the food in the plane was one of the worst you’ve ever tasted since my friends who flew with Qatar Airways always said the food was good.

  5. That’s interesting about dogs sniffing your bags, I’ve never seen that! Snorkelling sounds like so much fun, and the beaches!

  6. One week seems like a terribly short time to come all the way from England for Kenya. But you made the best of it. I hope you get another chance to come back and properly explore the land where you were born.

    Happy travels!

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  8. I love the idea of the elephant orphanage, assuming it’s run ethically, of course. But elephants are so awesome. It’s good to see them happy.

    Oh, and that beach. I think Kenya has just moved up on our list. Thanks for this post.


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