Kenya 2017 Part 2 -Masai Mara Safari

Before reading part2. you must read part 1

Kenya 2017 Part 2 -Masai Mara Safari | Travelweekli


Day 9

We went out in the morning to visit one of my Dad’s closest friend family. They made us nyama choma that is Swahili for Kenya grilled meats. It was nice seeing family friends. Later that night we went out me, my brother and sister went to a club event. Set up for the Kenya night Facebook group; The club was called the alchemist and they had food stalls and a bus in the club and lot more. It was nicely designed. We got back to the house at around 2:30 am. I had been up at 6 am to get ready to drive to Masai Mara.

Day 10

We woke up at 6am and I looked like a zombie. I only had about 3 hours sleep and we left at 7;30am to drive up to Masai Mara the drive was about 6 hours long. On the way, we saw so many bad drivers and saw lots of accidents. We saw Lorrie accident and one was on its side.

The place we stayed at was called Mara Concord Game Lodge It was a nice looking place for £$0 a night and we stayed there for two nights. Our plan was to have our own safari with our cars we had. The manager of the Lodge said that the Masai Mara had conservancies. They are different areas. if you drive into them you have to pay and there are no signs. If you don’t know if you have driven into one or not until you pay. The local safari driver is the ones that know where they are.

Later that day we went on a safari ride on 4pm a night ride and saw lots of animals. We went to Masai Mara it was the Wildebeest migration. The Wildebeest migration from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara crossing rivers. It is believed to be the greatest and most spectacular migration in the world. There has not been any calculation of the amount of wildebeest that crosses the rivers, but the natural geographic says there is about half a million Wildebeest.

Kenya 2017 Part 2 -Masai Mara Safari | Travelweekli


Day 11

We booked a safari in Kenya for the whole day and got one car to fit all of us that is 10 people. We woke up at 6am to leave for 7:30am. The manager of the Lodge said it was 0 minutes’ drive to get to Masai Mara national reserve park. But it was acutely 2 hours and the driver was a young guy who did not know what he was doing as we were driving for about 3 hours and all we saw was Wildebeest and zebras. And we were not even in a more national reserve where all the best animals are.

Then he drove over a big bump and something came on the vehicle and we needed a new vehicle. So we had to stop the safari drive until we got a new vehicle which took about two and half hour to come. At this point we were red up as we only seen a few animals, none of the big 5. When we got on the road it was about

At this point we were red up as we only seen a few animals, none of the big 5. When we got on the road it was about 1 pm and by that time all the animals were going to get so, it will mean it will be harder to find them. He drove us to the river where the migration is but we missed it as we had to wait for a new vehicle. While we were at the river we saw lots of hippos and the biggest Crocodile I have ever seen. Image of it shown below and it looked about 100 years old as it was so long.

The other group from our lodge said they saw the migration and cheaters and lions all while the vehicle broke down. The new vehicle did not have a walkie-talkie so our driver Nixon did not know where to go to find the big 5. We said to follow another walkie-talkie but he did not listen to us we had to tell him 10 times until he followed one near the end of the day.

He was not the best safari driver I ever had. We saw Elephants, Buffalo, Ostrich, Thomson’s gazelle, Topi, Warthog, Hyena, Giraffe, and lions, but they were sleeping in trees and could not really see their faces.

On the way back Nixon said Masai Mara national reserve closes soon as it was about 5pm. He wanted to take us to his friend to pay the entry fees to his mate, but we said let’s go before it closed at 6pm

Kenya 2017 Part 2 -Masai Mara Safari | Travelweekli


As the driver wasted our time not having his vehicle fixed before the drive we got £30 off the price of the safari.

The lodge was a bit dodgy as they always had the same food for lunch and just reused the left over from lunch for dinner but the food was nice tasting. Also, if you needed butter f any spread for your bread at breakfast you needed to ask for the staff to go out the back to get it from you. They needed to be more organized.

The lodge said on the website it had a gym did not have one and the lodge shop had nothing. They had a swimming pool that the paint was coming off. The pool did not look like it was being looked after. The one thing that was very annoying was that they turned the electricity on from 5:30am to 9am. then back on from 6:15pm till 10pm with means you can’t really charge annoying or use the WIFI and hot showers. Overall, I loved seeing the animals. The lodge was on a river that was home to 30 hippos which were nice seeing every day and lot of Monkeys and Baboons and the rooms were ok with a nice bed and bathroom nothing flash but average.

Day 12

We woke up at 7:30am to have breakfast for 8am. We left the lodge at 9pm for the drive back to Nairobi. On the way back my dad overtook a minibus and another car was overtaking us and that is very damaging. We saw a Van tipped over and they needed to get a crane to lift the Van. Also, saw a car that hit a cow and in the Masai culture.  You pay them for killing the cow.

Kenya 2017 Part 2 -Masai Mara Safari | Travelweekli


Day 13

Wednesday was our last day before we had to leave to the airport at 8pm. It was the day for getting gifts and food to bring back to the UK. We went shopping at the local Supermarket and markets. We went to the Tin Roof Café for lunch in Nairobi. It is a café that provides healthy food and some of the ingredients are homegrown.

We got back, packed our suitcases and chilled before we left to go to the airport at 7pm. There was so much traffic on the roads at 7 pm. We thought we might miss our plane. Our family friends knew the roads very well. They took us a back way to get to the airport. We got there in good time. Before we got to the car park, we had to get out the car. Then go through a metal detector. We left at 11pm and got back to the UK at 1pm on Thursday.

Kenya 2017 Part 2 -Masai Mara Safari | Travelweekli


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