Why you need to visit Amersham UK

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 My Hometown Amersham

Why you need to visit Amersham UK
My Hometown Amersham

The town I was brought up in most of my life is Amersham. It Is a small market town and civil parish within Chiltern district in Buckinghamshire, England, 27 miles northwest of London, in the Chiltern Hills. The population of Amersham is only around 17,000 which is nice. As when you walk around you are always likely to see someone you know. There are two parts of Amersham: the old town that has the really old buildings, and Amersham on the Hill: the newer part built up in the 50’s.  The locals call it Top Amersham or Top town.

There is not a lot to do in Amersham but it has a few nice cafes and restaurants surrounded by beautiful nature from farmers fields to woods where you can walk around. It is part of the Chiltern Hills – an area of outstanding natural beauty! As well as this there are a wide variety of pubs some as old as 1100 ad. The main thing I love about Amersham is the old buildings – half-timbered and old cottages.

Amersham has been a filming location for a lot of TV shows and films such as Midsomer Murders, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Celebrity Masterchef and Cuckoo to name a few.

Things to do in Amersham

  1. Take the train to London

To get into London it will only take you 45 minutes on the train and that is not very long.  The advantage of having a train line to London means there are more amazing things to do in London.


  1. Chilton’s pools and rock climbing

The swimming pool is not very big and comes with a few slides if you want to do something on a hot summers day.


  1. Go for a Walk

Amersham Is home to wide variety of stunning fields and wood to go walk around and one of the best places to go for a walk is Hervines Park and you should go in bluebell session. As the woods are covered by them and makes it even more magnificent.

Why you need to visit Amersham UK
Amersham Woods


  1. Pub

As I said earlier Amersham is home to around 11 pubs, so there is a huge amount to pick from.  The two main pubs that I love going to is the swan and the boat and slipper they are both article stunning pubs with wood fires that are needed in the winter. They both also do outstanding British pub food.

Why you need to visit Amersham UK
Boat and slipper pub
  1. Restaurants/ Cafes

Amersham has lost of independent restaurants and cafes to pick from. My favorite ones are:


  • Seasons Cafe Deli serving sandwiches and soups and lost more amazing food. It also provides homemade desserts which are divine.
Why you need to visit Amersham UK
  • The Grocer is another café I love with outstanding Sandwiches and the sandwiches are very big, so you get good value for your money. They also made amazing homemade desserts.
Why you need to visit Amersham UK
The Grocer
  • Spice Society is the best indium restaurant I have ever been too.
Why you need to visit Amersham UK
Indian restaurant
  • The Village Manga- is a Turkish restaurant that has lots of meat on the menu for the meat lovers.
Why you need to visit Amersham UK

Other restaurants

The Artichoke- is a Michelin star restaurant.

Ask Italian


Pizza Hut




Cafe Nero


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  1. Amersham looks so quintessentially British! I love towns and villages with that kind of ‘traditional’ look, they make me really proud. And you can’t go wrong with good old pub food!

  2. amazing that you have a Michelin start restaurant in your town. Sounds a bit like where I live in that I am 33 miles from NYC. Nice to be able to train into the big city, but retreat at the end of the day.


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