Travel in Mind- Look No Further than an NJ Vacation Rental with these Hacks!

Reminisce one year from now. What were you doing? While most of your friends were busy in their humdrum, mundane work routines, you were amidst an Ocean City family trip planning process. But, where did the itinerary take you? A year of lockdown, we suppose.

“The vacation we often need is freedom from our own mind.”

Jack Adam Weber

Now that staying at home bores you and your kids, it’s time for a short trip. How about bringing your much-awaited vacation- back to action?

So, is it still Ocean City, NJ in mind? Voilà looks like a great choice, folks.

You have your tickets in hand, clothes ready to soak up in the sun and watch your son stroll on the boardwalk. You consider get-going as the final takeaway!

But, where are you going to stay- a hotel room? Oh…never amidst the ongoing global pandemic. Does choosing a place seem a hassle?

Well, not anymore! You can ditch the hotel and find cheaper places to stay like a vacation rental, religious housing, hostels, homestays. But, with your family along, you’re eyeing the most comfortable place to stay! A vacation rental is a wise decision, then!

Why Stay in a Vacation Rental?

The glories of vacation rentals are many. Even the smallest rental assures to suffice your hotel-like needs with the exception; you choose wisely. A vacation rental provides you with all sorts of vacay-simplifying amenities– whether it is a grill, washer, garage, internet access, or storage room in your Ocean City Vacation Rental.

Staying in a vacation rental can be enjoyable and more fascinating than staying at a resort. You have an entire kitchen to yourself, where you can cook delicious meals, have space to spread out, and a homey atmosphere, of course.

At this moment, when you have a vacation rental in mind, it’s always better to prepare well in advance.

And, why not?

You wish to avoid the last-minute rush. After all, you don’t want to waste your precious vacation time running to purchase forgotten items.

Can’t wait to have a relaxed and fun-filled Ocean City family vacation? Well, these vacation rental hacks can be your way out. Let’s get started:

  • Scrutinize the Listings:

Not all rental property owners manage their properties full-time. Thus, the information you find for a particular listing may not be accurate, true to life, or up to date at all times.

The property photos may deceive you. For instance, the ocean-facing condo may have beach photos, which the owner might not take from the actual condo. Or, pictures may show people dancing on the dock, which turns out to be inaccessible when you book one.

Research is the key in such circumstances!

Reading previous guest reviews and reaching out to the property owner can help you catch such inconsistencies. Also, turn a keen eye for “sleeps X people” as the number may not line up with the bedroom number. This consideration holds the most value when you aren’t looking to pack a couple of people onto the living room sofa.

Better safe than sorry!

  • Check the Availability:

Some properties marked available may not always be when it comes to booking them, and vice-versa. Thus, ensure proper availability while paving a path to Ocean City rentals. This advice comes right from the expert travelers’ tables.

Although it won’t make much difference in prices, it is sure to create unwanted nuisance and date misappropriation. Poor social media accounts and websites are a few to mention reasons for the added hassle.

The entire essence of getting in touch with property managers comes down to preventing mischief.

Nobody wants to get there and discover the need to find an alternative sleeping arrangement- all thanks to unavailability. This hack prevents a double-booking dilemma. That is because you’ll be in a position of having accurate and specific answers to all required questions. Also, ensure that the number of rooms is capable of accommodating your choicest number of people.

  • Turn a Keen Eye on the Rental Amenities:
nj vacation rental

Always consider contacting your rental owners before a month or so. Inquire about what’s provided and what you need to bring from your home. Check if Ocean City NJ beach rentals have a grill, rooftop deck, air conditioner, internet access, or not. Cross-check if they provide linens or not, which may include bath towels, beach towels, and sheets.

Inquire if their kitchen appliances and dishware are working well. You’ll be lucky if you have some source of entertainment- both for yourself and kids- video games or board games.

  • Make a List of the Packing Items:

Start your packing by taking care of the items mentioned above. You’ll want to include some sunscreen, lip balm, water shoes, swim goggles, UV protection sunglasses, anti-itch cream, and a beach tote. These items hold pivotal importance when you plan on visiting NJ beach.

You’d also want to take a mesh laundry bag. After all, you’d want to take some seashells home as souvenirs. If your rental provides you an umbrella at your rental, bring along a sand anchor that keeps the umbrella well-grounded in the sand.

“Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation?”

Zig Ziglar

  • Inspect a Map App or Real Estate Site:

Not all properties present their actual address; thus, always ask for it and map the location after that. Doing so will let you know a lot of stuff. You’ll know ways of avoiding “just minutes” ruse about the beach distance, downtown, and others.

Also, have a realistic look at the area while you’re on a map. All you’ve to do is pull up the street view.

Another helpful hack rests with looking up at to have a satellite view of the area. Binge maps are also beneficial in some circumstances. Select the one that suits your precise needs!

  • Take a Review of the Property as soon as you Arrive:

The hack holds similarity to what you do when renting a car- a test drive, right?

The vacation rental property experts recommend doing a proper property walk-through. Check if there are any damages, non-functioning appliances, and other associated issues. Ensure registering all your concerns immediately by text, phone or email, if the owner isn’t present at that time.

After all, you never want to take responsibility for pre-existing problems during your departure.

  • Ask if there are Flexible Checkout Times:

Check if the rental property has flexible checkout times as chances are good they may not have a renter coming right after you. The caretakers and property owners may not arrive immediately to clean the property as the hotel staff would do.

Thereby, ensure flexibility in checkout times. Doing so will let you arrive early and stay late to extract fun from the vacation to the best levels.

A Final Point to Consider

Never let your vacation fun and property research go for a toss by booking an illicit vacation rental.

The key to an ideal vacation rental lies in embarking upon an apt research process. Now that you have a rental in mind- follow these hacks to make a trusted decision.

Also, consider taking some recommendations from your friends and family. You never know they suggest an ideal property based on their personal experience. Also, you no longer will have to worry about virus infections as you stay in a vacation rental just like you do at your home.

After all, what’s better than booking a vacation rental property, especially when you’re traveling on a budget.


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