15 Best Things To Do In One Day In Lisbon

Only have one day in Lisbon? Here are some unusual things to do in Lisbon – a list of must-haves. Are you coming to Lisbon but only have one day to see it all? Do you want to know what to do? I have compiled the best Lisbon Itinerary so you can get the best out of Lisbon in one day. Thanks to this jam-packed guide you will know what to see and where to go so you visit the best of Lisbon in a day. Find out what you need to add to your  Lisbon Itinerary.

Things to know before visiting Lisbon    

  • You will need to have some great comfortable walking shoes, as you will be doing a lot of walking and Lisbon is a very hilly city.
  • Parking is a nightmare, so just use Public transport as it is very great in Lisbon. The public transport is world-famous they use trams and funiculars that are one of the city’s popular attractions.
  • In Portugal, they tip 10% and it is customary when eating out in restaurants.

Where to stay in Lisbon

There is a wide variety of places to stay in Lisbon. Hostels are the best options as they are very cheap and a great way to meet new people, or you can even have a private room in a hostel. I have listed two of the best Hostels in Lisbon.

Sunset Destination Hostel

Sunset Destination Hostel lisbon

This is an award-winning hostel. It has a rooftop with a swimming pool, so you can get the best views of Lisbon. The rooms are amazingly designed and include female-only dorms, family rooms, mixed dorms, and private rooms.

The bunk beds have a cool design, inspired by a trip to Cappadocia, Turkey. They come with your light, fan and sockets and free Wi-Fi. You get all this just for £20 a night, but it costs more for a private room.

Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel 

Hub Lisbon Patio Hostel

This hostel is in the heart of Lisbon. It is all about the outdoor spaces. The building is designed to relax. The hostel has a range of dorms and female-only ones in a range of sizes.

Some rooms come with an ensuite, but these will cost more. The rooms also have lockers and free Wi-Fi. You will need to bring your towel to save money on renting one. It cost £16 a night for a bed in a shared dorm.

Day trips from Lisbon

Sintra Day Trips

You can get day tours to Sintra, and I highly recommend visiting Sintra. There is the beautiful UNESCO-listed Pena Palace and lots more to do in Sintra. You can read about this in what to do in the Sintra post. It is only 30 minutes from Lisbon.

Getting Around Lisbon

Lisbon is the second oldest city in Europe after Athens in Greece. Lisbon has more UNESCO World Heritage sites and museum treasures than most other European cities. As it is the capital city, there is a variety of transportation for getting around Lisbon. I have listed the best transportation to get around the city.

Trams in Lisbon

Trams in Lisbon

As it is a very hilly city, the trams are the best way to see the city. There is a range of different tram lines that get you around the city with many different routes.

Buses in Lisbon

The buses in Lisbon are much faster than the trams, and several routes go all over the city. They are cheaper than the trams as the trams are more tourist-like. You can buy a multiple-day ticket, or go for an unlimited pass if you’re planning to stay in the city for a longer period.

Metro in Lisbon

Lisbon train

This is the main transport system in Lisbon. The lines will connect you to the big landmarks, such as the airport, stadium, and clubs. The Viva Lisboa card allows unlimited use of the Lisbon transport options, such as the metro, bus, tram, and elevators in the city center. The train maps are also in English, so it’s very easy to get from one side of the capital to the other. Find out all you need to know about the Lisbon metro.

Taxi in Lisbon

The taxi service in Lisbon is very affordable, but there can be traffic with lots of commuters in the capital city. They are also known to have struck, so try to avoid getting a taxi.


Walking is one of the best ways to get around any city. The downside of walking in Lisbon is that there are lots of hills. Besides that, I highly recommend just walking around as you get to see more of the city, and if you walk past somewhere interesting, you can just walk to it.  You will need to bring great walking shoes.

Bicycle in Lisbon

Another great way to get around Lisbon is by getting a bike; however, this will be more of a challenge as the city is very hilly. There is also lots of traffic in Lisbon, so you’ll need to watch out all the time for the trams, buses, cars, and pedestrians. Some parts of Lisbon have bike lanes that can make the ride pleasant.


One of the worst methods of transport to get around Lisbon is by car, which is what I used when I was in Lisbon. Lisbon has lots of narrow streets, so it is hard to find somewhere to park the car, which means you’ll have less time to explore as it takes a long time to find parking. All the parking places are expensive, and while street parking is free, it’s hard to find a free parking space.

Acquire a Lisbon Card

With this card, you can see all the sights in Lisbon on a budget. And with this one day in Lisbon List will help you save money. The Lisbon card is a great way to save money

while exploring Lisbon. The card allows you free transport on all public transport. As well as this you get free and discounted entry to more than 80 attractions around Lisbon.

The card comes with three prices depending on how many days you are staying in Lisbon. They are €19.00 for 24 hours, €32.00 for 48 hours and €40.00 for 72 hours.

15 Best Things To Do In One Day In Lisbon

  1. Ride the 28 Tram15 Best Things To Do In One Day In Lisbon

Lisbon is famous for its tram lines and with the Lisbon card you get free tram rides. They are the best way to get around Lisbon if you are not feeling up for walking up and down the hilly city.

None of the tram lines are more iconic than Tram 28 which has been running its way up the steep roads and into old Alfame district which is a very old part of the town, so you get to see the wonderful architecture and history Lisbon has to offer. The team has been operating for over 80 years. Its journey spans the hills of Graca and weaves towards the hair-pin alleys of Escolas Gerai, before going past the gorgeous domes of the Estrela Basilica.

Buy a 24-hour pass in any metro station, which costs €6.15 (plus €0.50 for the card) and includes metro, tram and bus services, as the one-way single ticket costs just €3.

    2. Get lost in Alfama District

15 Best Things To Do In One Day In Lisbon

This is a very compact small District but beaming with lots of amazing history. It is hailed as the oldest part of the city and dates back to the Moors of Africa, during the time of Moorish Domination.

Alfama constituted the whole of the city. Later spread to the best (Baixa neighborhood). It then becomes occupied by fishermen and the poor and its state as the neighborhood of the poor continues to this day.

Delving into the warren of winding streets and alleys that forms the district is one of the top activities for visitors to Portugal’s capital. As you wander the streets the Cathedral and tile-fronted chapels reveal themselves. Also, there are remains of the old walls and hidden squares left over to see I the district.

3. Eat Pastel de Nata (Portuguese Egg Custard Tarts)

15 Best Things To Do In One Day In Lisbon

Pastel de Nata is also known as the Portuguese custard tart. It was created before the 18th century. In Lisbon, at that time convents and monasteries used large quantities of egg-whites for starching clothes. It was quite common for monasteries and convents to use the leftover egg yolks to make cakes and pastries resulting in this sweet pastry.

Eater.com says one of the best places to eat Pastel de Nata is in Belem, and it is Lisbon’s most touristy neighborhood. The best place they say you need to go to try it is Antiga Confeitaria de Belém. The price per Portuguese’s custard tart is €1.30. The one thing about the Pastel de Nata is that they are very small and very delicious so you will need to buy a few. They also provide other great places to try them in Lisbon.


4. Stroll around LX factory


Lx Factory is a hipster haven with cool independent shops, cafes and restaurants and lots more that are amazing. Before it was the LX factory, in 1846 it was a fabric production plant that was created in Alcântara, Lisbon.

Fifty years later, the company decided to move and, in its place, a succession of businesses such as industrial typographies took advantage of the unique location and facilities. Then later they also shut down and the place was left run down and a private investor saw space could be something great and out came LX factory.

Lx factory will full of arty shops and trendy ones with lots of street art dotted all-round the venue space. Find out the best restaurants to eat in the LX factory on my Portugal Itinerary post.

5.Wonder at the Torre de Belém

15 Best Things To Do In One Day In Lisbon

There are so many wonderful monuments to explore, but if you have one day in Lisbon, then I highly recommend you go and see the Torre de Belém.

Belém Tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was important in Europe’s age of discoveries. It served both as a fortress and as a port from where Portuguese explorers departed to discover and help to establish the first European trade with China and India.

It is situated high above the seafront of Lisbon quays. It has been staying watch over the Tagus River since the 16th century. Since then it is one of the most iconic places in the city.

If you want to go and visit it, then it will cost you €6 for an individual ticket and for students they get 50% off. If you have the Lisbon card you get free entry.

6. Indulge in Ler Devagar Bookstore

Fewer people these days are reading books, but in Portugal, they still love reading books and Portugal is home to the oldest book shop in the world. The book shop is located in Porto though and is called Livraria Lello & Irmão and is said to have given JK Rowling some inspiration for Harry Potter’s Hogwarts when she was living in Porto.

Ler Devagar Bookstore is located in the LX factory and is the only place I have added to the list and not just under LX factory. The reason is that this is one of the most Instagrammed bookshops in Portugal. Visit to see why!

Portuguese have a big sweet tooth there for the bookshop also has a café inside. It is located on a street filled with 19th-century factories that have been converted for artistic and culinary purposes.


7. Go underwater in the Lisbon Oceanarium

15 Best Things To Do In One Day In Lisbon

The Lisbon Oceanarium is located in the Parque Das Nacoes and the blue waters of the Tagus Estuary. It is located in a nice quiet part of Lisbon that is very new and looks more like the more modern part. Microsoft Lisbon’s office is next door.

The Lisbon Oceanarium is the biggest Indoor Aquarium in Europe. Inside, the structure houses countless exhibits related to marine life. The Aquarium gets one million visitors a year.

You will get to be up close to colorful puffer fish, jellyfish and shark and tons more marine life. There is even an artificial boating lagoon out the front where you can rent a pedalo if it is sunny.

Tickets to go to Lisbon Oceanarium are £16.91 per person. With the Lisbon card, you get a 15% discount.

8. Reach for the stars in Lisbon

Getting the best views of the cities you are visiting has been on everyone’s list of things to do while traveling.

Lisbon has no shortage of places to get a great view of Lisbon. Lisbon has a whole heap of rooftop viewing platforms.

One of the best places is Park restaurant and bar where you get a 180 degrees views of Portugal’s capital. You will get to see the 5 de Abril Bridge.

Another viewing point is the Miradouro da Graça viewpoint that is popular with tourists, as you get the best views of the castle and this place is free, no need to buy something to see the views.

9. Try out Time Out Market

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The Time Out Market aka le paradis de la bouffe pour tous les petits estomacs à 4 🐾 comme moi ! 🤤 Si vous êtes de passage à Lisbonne, ce “marché” couvert est un incontournable. Il y a une trentaine de petits kiosques, alignés sur les côtés extérieurs du marché, qui proposent toutes sortes de cuisines du monde. De la planche de charcuterie et fromage en passant par des spécialités japonaises ou encore des pâtisseries régionales, il y en a pour tous les goûts. Avec entre autres d’excellents vins à découvrir🍷 Une fois que vous avez fait votre choix, vous allez vous asseoir au centre du marché sur de grandes tables – hautes ou basses – pour déguster le fruit de votre récolte 😋 Alors certes, ce n’est pas le plus authentique des marchés (le lieu est un peu surinvesti par les touristes) et l’addition peut assez vite grimper, mais ça reste de bons produits et une très chouette expérience gustative 🤗 Prévoir ensuite une bonne balade digestive pour faire descendre tout ça ! 😅 . . . . . #timeout #timeoutmarket #timeoutlisboa #timeoutmarketlisboa #foodmarket #lisbon #lisboa #lisbonne #lisbonportugal #lisbonfood #lisbonlovers #visitinglisbon #lisbonfoodguide #visitlisbon #lisbonrestaurants #lisbonfoodies #lisboa_pt #lisboalovers #lisboalive #lisboacool #lisboapt #visitlisboa #lisboafood #igerslisboa #foodie #foodlover #foodheaven #belgianblogger #belgianblog #belgianbloggers

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Time out Market is the first market that has been tested and got a four or five-star rating, by an independent panel the city experts and Time Out’s journalists and critics.

In 1892 the market was a fresh fruit and veg, fish and follower market, but since Time Out changed it to a Gourmet food court. There are even Michelin-start chefs serving wonderful food there from Henrique Sa Pessoa.

The food court offers a vast verity of different types of food, so there will not be any shortage of choice for you with over 40 kiosks to pick from. It is located on Mercado da Ribeira

Avenida 24 de Julho.

10. Party in Pink Street

15 Best Things To Do In One Day In Lisbon

Guess what color the ground is on this street? Yes, you got it right it is pink.

This is a famous party street in Lisbon and some people say it is even packed with the best clubs in Lisbon.

Even if you don’t want to go clubbing it is a great place to go take some Instagram bangers with the magnificent colorful building and Pink Street. It is one of the most popular things do in Lisbon at night. It is located at RUA Nova do Carvlho.

11. Get a bargain at Feira da Ladra

If you enjoy exploring flea markets while you are on holiday, then this is the place for you. This market is only open two times a week and they are on Tuesday and Saturday from 9am to 6pm.

Feira da Ladra in Portuguese means Thieves Market and ladra is a Woman thief. The traders here are perfectly legal though, offering everything from junk to unexpected treasures, around the Campo de Santa Clara, a square by the National Pantheon. Some great hand made pottery finds can be had!

It has been going since the 12th century. You will need to arrive early if you want to grab anything worthwhile and you can get to the market on tram 28. So beat two stones with one and go on the historical Tram 28 to the market. Tram 28 explained in more detail earlier in the article.

12. Discover the Street Art in Lisbon

15 Best Things To Do In One Day In Lisbon

Lisbon is renowned for its street art. Walking around Lisbon you will see some wonderful street art and graffiti. The reason Lisbon has lots of great street art is that the city encourages and sponsors street art events. It is seen as a way to revitalize the neighborhoods on the outskirts.

In the central areas, the Bairro Alto offers some of the best of Lisbon’s street art. The best can be found around Rua de São Boaventura and Travessa dos Fiéis de Deus. The Alfama and Graça also hide street art murals. Download Lisbon’s street art app to find out where to find all the street art. The app is only for android phones.

13. Walkthrough Praca De Comercio

Praca De Comercio is a huge 18th century square in Lisbon city. It is one of the biggest squares in Europe. It overlooks the stunning Tagus River, some alfresco restaurants and cafes line the square. The Triumph Arch set in the impressive backdrop.

It was also called Terreiro do Paço because it was the location of the Paços da Ribeira until it was destroyed by the great 1755 Lisbon earthquake. It is a great place to see the magnificent Portuguese architecture.

14. Feel like a royal at São Jorge Castle (Castelo de São Jorge)

15 Best Things To Do In One Day In Lisbon

To continue your one day in Lisbon tour head to São Jorge Castle. Two elevators help you uphill. The monument was built to defend and protect Lisbon. It very well preserved castle as it was recovered in the late 20th century, so you can see how the walls were originally built.

It stands on the highest hill of Lisbon, so it offers great views over the city. The Castelo de Sao Jorge is Lisbon’s most popular tourist attraction and there can be long ticket queues and crowds of tourists during the middle of the day. For a more leisurely visit consider arriving earlier or later in the day. The ticket price is €8.50 with children under 10 able to enter for free.

15. Get cultured at MAAT (The Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology)

This is the newest museum MAAT in Lisbon opening up in 2016. Even if you don’t go inside the building, the design of the building itself is brilliant. It showcases national and international exhibitions of Art, Architecture, and Technology.

The building was designed by British architect Amanda Levete and encompasses a roof that doubles as a public park. It is located in the area of Belém that has lots of other musicals to go and explore.

Portugal’s capital is a city that has something to offer every type of traveler on any kind of budget. It would make the perfect Portugal long weekend, or even if you just one day in Portugal.

Comment down below if you think we missed anything that needs adding to the one day in the Lisbon list!! 

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