You may know it as one of the smallest states in the country but, Delaware has many ways to make up for it. It has excellent state parks, beautiful beaches and amazing colonized towns. Situated in the middle of the Atlantic region of the US, it is very diverse and offers rural areas as well as interior wildlife refuges apart from industrialized and urban areas.

Apart from the majestic seashore scenery, the state has many places of historical attractions you can visit. Both Lewes and Dover are home to many glorious museums. Many centuries before, colonization was started here by the Europeans and presently, these towns gave appealing architecture many historic homes to visit. Here is a list of 10 places you must visit when in Delaware: 

#1 Dover 

Dover is a place where you can find ample interestingly attractive spots. It is the capital of Delaware and also the 2nd largest city in this state. It is situated in the centre of this state and lies right on the banks of the St. Jones River, inland from the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay. It was founded back in the year 1683 and has an intense culture historically. You will also find amazing museums and monuments situated across the town. 

#2 Cape Henlopen State Park

It lies just at the entrance of Delaware Bay and is a very charming town. You can find a lot of wetlands, dunal bluffs and pine forests here. It is located in the Eastern region of Lewes and has outstanding outdoor activities, camping, hiking and many more. The most widely practised outdoor activity here is birdwatching. Apart from swimming, surf-fishing and sunbathing, tourists can also stop near the Seaside Nature Center of this site and engage in other activities. It has beaches with breathtaking views and with a craggy coastline that outlines the Cape. 

#3 Wilmington 

Located towards the north-eastern part of the state, it is a city with great cosmopolitan and culture. It is also the liveliest and biggest city in the entire state of Delaware. Its location is just at the common point of Brandywine and Christina Rivers. You will also find an arts scene with a variety of impressive and interesting places of tourist attractions. Apart from dining and shopping, it has a lot of amazing gardens and galleries where you can keep wandering. The amazing Delaware Art Museum is one of the most unique sights.

#4 Bethany Beach 

The small town of Bethany Beach is located near the sea in the south-eastern part of this state. It is very picturesque and serene. You’ll also find it to be much more calm and quiet than the rest of the tourist areas near the coast. It also has many breath-taking beaches. The downtown of this area is filled with restaurants that serve excellent seafood. It is most suitable for a peaceful weekend escape or a short summer vacation. 

#5 Fenwick Island State Park 

It is located in the south-eastern part of the state and is not very far from the exciting places of attraction in Maryland. It is home to unfiltered and unspoiled nature. You can find many wonderful beaches here. You can enjoy activities like surfing, swimming and sunbathing along with the shoreline that’s worth seeing. It is safeguarded since the year 1966 and has sun-kissed sands dunes which are amidst the Atlantic Ocean and Assawoman Bay. It is one of the most popular state parks you can visit because of its scenic natural beauty. 

#6 Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge is located within driving distance from the capital city of Dover. It borders Delaware Bay. You will find some of the biggest mudflats, tidal salt marshes and wetlands in this region. It was established back in 1937. The remote and wild reaches have served as a refuge for the wintering waterfowl which migrate along the Atlantic. Apart from beautiful birds, the refuge has beautiful places where you can hike. It has a visitor centre that can help you learn a lot about the nature, wildlife and history of the refuge. 

#7 Lewes

Lewes is a very pleasant place you must visit. It is a small town located near the sea along with the attractive extension of Delaware Bay. It is the first place in the whole state where settlements were started by the Europeans. It showcases Dutch and English architecture. Beautiful beaches and the landscape of the Cape Henlopen State are located very near to this town. 

#8 Rehoboth Beach 

Claiming to be the summer capital of this nation, this is a very famous resort city which is located along the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a tourist city with an intense heritage and history you can explore along with the area which was initially started by the European communities in the 1660s. You can visit this place as an ideal destination to spend your summer holidays.

#9 Delaware Seashore State Park 

This is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and scenic places you should visit in Delaware. It has excellent outdoor activities, amazing beaches and a lot more. It is preserved and protected since the year 1995 and the park has breath-taking views of waterfront beaches and enjoyable dunes. 

#10 Dewey Beach 

Located on a very thin sheet of land amidst Rehoboth Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, it is a well-known place where you can take part in many water sports. It offers great wakeboarding and skims boarding along with sand-filled beaches where you can lounge. Regardless of being small in the city, this town shows its remarkable presence during the summer months. 

These are the 10 places where you must pay a visit when you’re heading to Delaware the next time. You must be willing to get the best out of your Delaware trip and to do so; you must add these places to your bucket list so that you don’t miss out on even one place from the above-mentioned list. 


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