I went to Portugal with my family for a 1 week. Without one my sister as she was too busy to come. The holiday was too Praia Das Macas for a surfing holiday and we rented out a car.

The hotel we stayed in was Hotel Oceano and it was right on the beach. The staff was friendly and helpful. The breakfast was lovely. As well serving Portuguese Custard Tarts. Furthermore, a disadvantage of staying in this hotel was that it was right by a bar that stays open late at night and the local teenagers from the neighboring town, go to and get the older family member to buy them drinks while they walk around the street. The hotel staff called the local police and they did o=nothing. The next night they called the police from Lisbon and they shoot some in the leg.


The next day we went surfing and the waves were not big and it was the first time in 2 years I have been so I was a bit rusty.

Waves in the sea
Waves in the sea


The location is great as it close to Sintra, which has UNESCO sites and a castle that is a trek up the mountain to get to. It is close to the Capital Lisbon

The downside to staying in Praia das Macas is there are only a few restaurants and there are outside the town, but you need a car to get to them and there are no taxis so that is a good thing we got a car. The town has a nice small supermarket. It is still a nice town with an excellent surfing beach and hill with great view of the town and beach.


On the third day, we went to Lisbon and my dad drives us there it was about 40-minute drive. Ali used city mapper as that app does it use internet and data. We should never trust him as he got us lost and a few times we missed our Turing and he has done this in the past, but besides this, it adds to the fun of the holiday. Find out what to do in a day in Lisbon.

Views of Lisbon town
Views of Lisbon town


The oldest part of Lisbon is Alfama and it is a must see place and better to take the tram 28 route to get to Alfame and it goes past the cathedral. As Lisbon is a holy place for taking a tram is great.

One restaurant I tried while in Lisbon was Bon Jardim that The Telegraph said you must try out as it offers chicken Piri Piri. It was great quality chicken, but the shows were not as good as Nandos.

One of the best parts of the trip was going to LX FACTORY a funky abandoned industrial space turned into shops and restaurants. I had one of the best homemade pizzas ever there at Amesa dolx, they do signature pizzas that are from different districts of Lisbon. if you’re looking for more things to do in Lisbon you can check out this itinerary. Find out how to get from Lisbon to Sintra. 

Find out what you can get for $10 in Lisbon


One of the days we went to Sintra. It was about 15 to 20 drive to get there. You can get a tram from outside our hotel to get there. The place we went to visit is the Sintra National Palace that was on the steep hill nut stunning and great grounds with secret tunnels.

I told my family about this local drink called Gnjinha that is sour cherry liquor that’s usually served in chocolate cups. When my Dad heard about this he wanted to try it as it has chocolate. We saw a shop selling them and my brother and Dad had one and loved it.

Tram in Lisbon
Tram in Lisbon

One place you must go to is Praia DA Adraga. It is on the outskirts of Sintra and has big formed rocks on the beach. It comes with a big hill that has an amazing view. While we were walking around the hill we saw lots of hippies camping there.

The one drawback to having a car was finding parking in towns. It was not easy as most streets have places to park for free but they are always taken quickly. When we went a different neighboring from our hotel and we saw a parking spot. We did not see a sign under saying only for unloading and picking up. As we were having lunch my brother saw a car getting towed and it was our car. Luckily later a trip to the police station we got the car back.

On the last day, I had the worst ever airport experienced so far and I hope it never happens again. Lisbon airport security staff went on strike the day I was going back. We got to the airport 3 hours before the airplane was meant to leave. It took us around 6 hours to get to the pain and we saw how unorganized it was.


Lisbon portugal
Lisbon portugal


There were people cutting in lines and pushing each other to just get to their airplane on time. There were people around are fainting from the heat. I got to the security check section. Only had 5 minutes to get in my airplane. There were people in front of me that were still in the queue and the airplane left 2 hours ago. We had the nicest pilot ever and he waited till everyone got on the airplane. We got on the airplane without any dinner and the pilot let us go off the airplane to get food. Waited for 3 hours until everyone got on the airplane and then we left. We got to Heathrow airport and was the last airplane landed at 12 am.

Besides, the few downfalls. We had on the trip we still had a brilliant time and I would love to go back again. Spend more time in Lisbon as we only went there for 1 day. Want to do a trip around Portugal. Then you need to plan a Portugal Road Trip

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