every one owants to save momey and fidn out how to save money whille on holiay and syill have a have a lovely holiday. The best tips to have alovelyy holiday without breaking the bank. You can with the 8 lovely Now that the summer holidays have started for some people and others, it is fast approaching. Most of you are planning holidays or already have one book. But, you don’t want to blow the budget and what a holiday without breaking the bank. So, whether you want to finalize the last-minute holiday, a late deal or an all-inclusive break, it’s not wrong to be cost conscious.

So, here are the top tips to have a lovely holiday without breaking the bank

The earlier you start booking your holiday the cheaper the airline tickets will be. Some people say that booking fights for a Tuesday are the cheapest day of the week. Booking off-peak time that is not the same time as school holidays makes the trip cheaper, but if you are traveling with kids. It is impossible to not to travel on non-school holiday days.

  • Broaden your search

The deterioration you are planning to go to might be a very popular place which boosts the price of flights and accommodation. One way to get cheaper accommodation is to find a nearby town that offers the same experience for cheaper and get fewer tourists, so it will be quieter and you can always do a day trip to the city you want to go to.

Sapa Vietnam rice fields.
  • Look around

Don’t just uses one website to book hotel and flights look around at alternative sites such as Skyscanner and Google flights for airplane flights., Expedia and hostile world, etc. for pieces for hotels and hostels.

  • Be savvy with fights

When booking fights start checking alternative routes. If the fight has more than one leg, search the separate legs yourself. This way it can save you lots of money. As well as this, consider all of your airport options. It can be cheaper to fly into airports other than your final destination and then get a bus or train.

  • Go where the locals go

To avoid overpaid tourist traps act like a local to save money on meals. The locals don’t eat out every day and you should neither to save money. Find the local supermarket and make your own sandwiches and snacks. In addition, ask locals around where is a great cheap restaurant and they will probably be a bit of a walking distance or taxi away from your hotel. As it is away from the touristy restaurants

Eastbourne sky.
  • Be wise when booking activities

Don’t book any activities, excursions, and transport from the hotel they are very expensive. Go out and look around for the best price. Sometimes even haggle with them and saying you got a cheaper deal somewhere else could bring the price down.

  • Pack Light

As there are new rules with most of the airlines charging extra for hand luggage. Try to pack everything into carry-on luggage as hand luggage can cost from little as £20. A few months ago I went on holiday to Germany for 4 days and managed to pack everything in my carry-on bag and even bring back gifts, so don’t bring your who wardrobe just pack light.

  • Save throughout the year.

Firstly, one way of saving money for traveling is to start at home before you even go. Start by buying fewer clothes each year and put that money you would spend on clothes into a saving account to get interested in the money. Secondly, another tip is to eat out less and cook your own meals as cooking meals are much cheaper. Lastly, cinema tickets prices have gone up and saved the money by waiting for the film to come out on DVD or the internet, as that money can go on your trip.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a holiday to have a good time. All you need is to follow the above tips and you will have a great trip.

Eastbourne beachy head

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  1. Fantastic advice. I love the point about going where the locals go… So many times we waste time just being in the overpriced tourist areas and we don’t experience the real country!

  2. I like your point about saving money throughout the year. I have started using hand me down clothes from my friends that they don’t want anymore. I have gotten a whole new wardrobe for free and all of the money I have saved goes towards my travel. Great post!

  3. Great list! Wish i could choose my holiday time. But with a husband who constantly need to change plans and 2 kids at school, it aint easy. But yes, flexibility is always the key!

  4. I love traveling during off-peak times. you get a more authentic feel for the place and the locals generally seem happy and more accepting.

  5. Great tips. Totally agree on packing light. Tuesday being the cheapest for flight booking is an interesting fact, I didn’t know that! Thanks for sharing

  6. I’ve looked at trips during off season timeframes and they are sooo much cheaper. It’s just hard for us right now because our kids are all in school and I’d hate for them to miss anything!

  7. This is great. Kayak’s explore feature is great to search for cheap flights if your destination is flexible. I just discovered it and it’s awesome.

  8. This post is really useful and I love all the tips you have shared. Its just difficult to go off peak when you have kids, tour operators really bump up prices in school holidays.


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