Review of Morse Toad Personalised chocolate box pun in a box

I was asked to review the Morse Toad new chocolate box pun in a box. I had to say yes as I was getting to try free chocolate. It is hard to find a good personalised gift. They have a great Personalised chocolate pun in a box that will Brighton up anyone’s day.

Is it just me or do any of you get excited when you receive Personalised chocolate pun in a box post that is not just junk, bills or forms the bank? When I received it from the post. I was excited, as it came earlier then I was expecting. I ordered it the day before and it came the next day.

Morse toad is a chocolate messaging service instead of just sending a card to someone you can send a funny chocolate pun with it through the post. It can be sent to anyone for any occasion. If you need to send someone a little note then Morse Toad has it covered with a note a chocolate. They also have a personalised chocolate bar service.

Review of Morse Toad Personalised chocolate box pun in a box

The website is easy to use, so it is not hard to personalise the gift. There are 4 steps to personalising the Pun in a box. Firstly you pick your pun you want the chocolate to display the pun on top of the chocolate and pun image is also edible. The box is very robust and there were no marks of wear and tear.

It comes with 5 Pun images and you select one to be dispelled on the chocolate. I have one downside to this is that I know it Is new product they have just launched, but I would like to have more chose of puns or even make your own puns( I think there will be more puns coming soon).

Secondly, you then pick an image that will be made into the card. The card is the same size and shape as a credit and behind the card slot in the box, you can find all the nutritional info for the chocolate.

Review of Morse Toad Personalised chocolate box pun in a box

You have two options, one is a free image from their section of 4 images or for £1.25 you can upload your own image to be on the front of the card. Choosing your own image makes the chocolate pun more personalised.

I picked my Blog logo, as the Image to be displayed and the quality of an image is better then what I thought I would get, but still not the best quality they could get for the price you pay.

Review of Morse Toad Personalised chocolate box pun in a box

Thirdly, then add the personal note that will be displayed on the back of the card. You get up to 200 characters to add. I added a message that was a travel quote I found on the internet.

Review of Morse Toad Personalised chocolate box pun in a box

Fourthly, you then pick how many custom gift boxes you want. Then you lick send it and it will go to the basket t for shipping that will display the number of custom boxes you have selected.

I ordered it last Wednesday and got it the next day I got the gift through the post. The delivery was very quick to deliver. The chocolate pun costs £6.95, a personalised photo adds £1.25 to the cost. Postage is free for orders over £7.50, under this £7.50 postage costs £2.25

The images on the site make the item look bigger than what you actually receive for the price you pay. Then you will receive the gift by post in the next few days.

Review of Morse Toad Personalised chocolate box pun in a box

Personally, I think it’s a wonderful idea and a good alternative to traditional greetings fact it’s a card and a personalized gift all in one package.

Overall, the box is a great idea of an alternative to sending a someone e traditional card for the special occasion but for £6.95 the chocolate could be a tad better quality. As you can better quality chocolate in shops like £2.

To celebrate the launch of the Chocolate Puns Morse Toad are running a competition giving you the chance to win £100 & giving away 24 boxes for free.

Entrants have the chance to win £100 and our new chocolate pun product. They do this by earning the most points. To earn points, all you need to do is share the competition on social media. The one with the top score will win £100 and a chocolate pun.

Enter here!

Disclosure: I was sent the above product for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own



  1. Oh, wow! I would love to send (and receive) personalized chocolate box like this! I hope we also have this in our country, or maybe we already do but I am just not aware of. LOL!

  2. I agree that this a great alternative to greeting cards. I would love to receive this because I love chocolate and I love little notes. I would be getting both all in one! I will have to try sending this to someone too. Father’s Day is coming up here in the U.S. so I may have to order this for my husband.


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