Find out why you should try traveling alone for the first time I  always wanted to travel more but all my friends have been busy. I have been debating to travel on my own for a long time now and have a few concerns about solo traveling.

There are a few fellow-traveling bloggers in the community that I asked why I should go traveling. The people that replied have experience traveling.

Why You Should Do Solo Travelling









Piyush Rai

Going solo is always a mantra for me. This helps me to understand the place and meet people. Usually, In a group, you go with predefined plans and set of people with whom you mostly interact. Being solo give you chance to make new acquaintances and improvise. However, there are disadvantages as well but that totally depends on the intent of a trip.



MichaelaTerese Harrison

I love the independence and it pushes you out of your comfort zone. It can show you that you are stronger then you look and that you can achieve so much more.

It only takes confidence and research/planning in order to become a solo traveler. Disadvantages traveling solo can be a little lonely at times.



Melanie Trethowan

I don’t think you need to be scared to travel on your own, just be sensible. I found doing trips like walking Caminos in Spain and Portugal meant that I could have as much or as little company as I felt like during the day and then, staying in hostels at night, you met up with a mini-United Nations!! Lots of fun and interesting. So maybe think about how you can travel and link into networks of people and yet still retain ultimate flexibility


Solo or No?

Why You Should Do Solo Travelling

Lindsay Mickles

Here you go I highly recommend traveling solo at least once in your life. Through traveling solo, you can do what you want, when you want, and how you want. The trip truly becomes all about you, which can be wonderful. I try to travel solo at least once or twice each year.




I prefer solo traveling as I enjoy doing what I want to do when I want to do it and also how I want to do it. If you travel with people you are always tied to doing things the group wants to do and when they want to do it. Some people may sleep all day where I like waking up early, having breakfast and heading out for the day as early as possible.

It’s also easier to get around if you are only one person. Groups trying to find a taxi etc. is a nightmare. I’ve done a few group holidays which were fun but solo travel is my preference. Plus when you travel solo you get to meet other travelers and hey making new friends around the world adds to your travel experience



Kevin Hodgon

One of the things that stop people from traveling solo and enjoying their traveling experience, is the fear of being alone. This fear is understandable, but take heart as your journey will not stay that way for long, you’ll meet someone.  You will see new things, you will explore new places and most importantly you will meet new people and some of them will join you on your journey. It’s inevitable that you will meet somebody along your journey of solo travel.

It doesn’t matter how shy you are, creating conversation whilst traveling is the easiest task, and you are guaranteed to already have one thing in common ‘‘travelling”. Simple conversation starters will go a long way.


Why You Should Do Solo Travelling

All the feedback is very positive that ways out my negative thoughts of doing the solo traveling. The main concern I have is meeting people while traveling as I am a shy person but they say it is easy to meet and talk to people too as you things in common. The main advantage is that I get to do what I want when I want without having to wait for anyone. As when I have done traveling before with family and friends I have missed things out that I wanted to do. One day I will have the courage to travel solo and it will be one of the best times.


  1. Thank you for this post. I’ve been wanting to travel solo for sometime now and fear is the only thing that stops me. This post really helped me a lot

  2. I *love* traveling alone since I get to choose how I spend my time without having to make compromises. However, it does certainly get a little lonely at times. But that’s why staying at hostels or AirBnBs is awesome. Built in travel buddies or local tour guides!

  3. Great post 😀 I have travelled alone in Australia , the saddest part was maybe eating alone at some point. But I met people right away, which I think is quite common. I would love to travel more solo.

  4. I’ve always wanted to just hop on a plane and just go anywhere. I’m down for solo trips. My mom on the other hand, likes to scare me out of it. But I’m still down for it.

  5. I wish I could do this. I’m not a solo traveler at all, I always travel in pairs. It’s not my thing, but a part of me wishes it was. Besides, being married makes it hard to go away on your own haha.

  6. I have been travelling solo for the past 5 years and I love it. I always stay in hostels as they are a great way of meeting people. It’s the best thing and experience I have had and I can’t imagine travelling any other way. I now have so many friends around the world and its great when you can meet up with them in another part of the world.

  7. This is really an encouraging post! I am not sure I would dare travel solo, I think it is easier for a man than it is for a woman, as in many countries women all by themselves are an easy target for crime. That really scares me. (yes I know I’m kind of defeating the whole purpose of your article, I’m sorry).

  8. I traveled for nearly a year across Europe alone. It gave me a great sense of who I was, and I developed as a person and traveler immensely. Staying mostly on couchsurfing and in hostels, I found that it was easy to find community when you needed it, and solitude when you needed it. I also discovered how easy it was to find substinence work wherever you went (especially if you’ve a CELTA or TOESL cert).


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