The woman who is always on the go simply must have a few beauty tips and skincare tricks up her sleeve. These are the hacks and know-how that will enable her not only to pack ‘swiftly and with style’ but to always look flawless wherever she is. No woman should have to give way to that, even when facing a limited amount of space and products she can bring along for the ride. There is always a loophole, wiggle room and today we’re all about the little things that make travel and beauty meet half way.

That plane life

The 4 Best Travel Beauty Tips and Tricks For Travelers

One of the most important planes (and real-life) skincare commandments is thou shall keep hydrated. Planes tend to simply suck the moisture from the skin, which is precisely why you should avoid applying makeup before a flight. Use this time to give your skin a bit of pampering, a hydration boost of sorts. MAC’s Fix +, or essentially any hydrating mist (travel-size) is a real lifesaver in these situations as it gives the skin an instant dose of freshness and nourishment, and you can spritz as frequently as you like. A good sheet mask is also a wonderful thing to have on the plane, especially on longer flights, along with a great lip balm, hand sanitizer and toothpaste and brush. Nothing makes you feel brand new when getting off a plane than these little helpers.

Don’t experiment

The 4 Best Travel Beauty Tips and Tricks For Travelers

Traveling can take a toll on the skin, so this is definitely not the time to skimp on quality skincare products. One of the best routes to take, for maximum results and efficiency, is to turn to skincare products from the same brand. Currently, the best skincare products are those from the amazing cosmeceutical skin care family. These products are a mixture of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and the bioactive ingredients used in cosmeceuticals have benefits beyond the traditional skincare products. They offer different lines for every skin type and concern, so simply choose the one for your needs, and have a carefree trip knowing your skin is in good hands.

Don’t overdo it

The 4 Best Travel Beauty Tips and Tricks For Travelers

Sometimes being forced to leave certain makeup products behind feels like Sophie’s Choice – makeup edition. Yes, some tough calls have to be made, but if you play your cards right you can have your cake and eat it too. The first thing you need to do is pick your double-duty products. For instance, Benefit’s Dandelion can serve as a setting powder, or if applied more generously as a gentle blush and highlighter. Nourishing and lightweight foundation (not in a glass bottle) is sufficient. Your bronzer can serve as a great eyeshadow to give your eyes some depth and definition. Can’t forgo your numerous lipstick options – buy an empty pan and transfer your favorite shades into it. You’ll save space and still have all your options. Aside from that, a tube of mascara and eyeliner (if you’re a wing girl) is all you need. You can create tons of different looks with just five products. Also, stick to multi-task brushes – a blush brush can also be a setting powder brush, and foundation can be applied using fingers – that the way the makeup artist extraordinaire Pat McGrath does it, so why wouldn’t you.

The saviors

The 4 Best Travel Beauty Tips and Tricks For Travelers

Always make sure to put your essentials into a Ziploc. You do not wish to open your makeup bag and experience the horror of seeing your shampoo all over your makeup and brushes. This little bag will provide you with a peace of mind, knowing that, even if something spills, that one ruined product is the extent of the damage. The other savior is definitely a travel-size dry shampoo. Whether you’re on a business trip and have no time to waste, or would simply be doing something else with your time than washing your hair every day (plus drying and styling), resort to this little miracle. It will give you volume, allow you to style up and absorb any greasiness.

Final pearl of wisdom

Purchase a makeup bag that’s slightly bigger than what you need for your traveling needs. More often than not we end up buying additional goodies while traveling, so you might want to leave some extra room for those potential newcomers.

The 4 Best Travel Beauty Tips and Tricks For Travelers

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  1. On some of my trips I don’t take any make up items with me at all and give my face a rest. Who cares what I am wearing I am hiking somewhere in the depth of a national park? 😉


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