The Best SEO Writing Tips TO Help You Rank Better In Search Engines.

Find out the best SEO Writing Tips From the experts and the best SEO toolsI have compiled the best SEO writing tips to help you with optimize your blog arilces for SEO. SEO is a widely talked about the question that can be tricky or easy for people get their head around. It is one of the most important parts of running a website and grasping SEO can have major benefits, the main one is boost website traffic. Search Engine the Land States that search engines drive 51% Of Traffic to your site. That is why have a devised this simple guide, full of all the SEO Writing Tips you need.

Now to tell you what SEO is really all about? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engines are widely used millions of people every day from Google, Bing, and Yahoo to lots more that can help expose your site.

When you optimize your web page, you are making your website more visible to people who are looking for keywords linked to your site.

Master SEO like a boss with these amazing SEO Writing Tips from fellow travel bloggers Scott & Hayley who are the owners of this wonderful blog:

When it comes to SEO, you can spend all day, every day, thinking up new and creative ways to keep your SEO in tip-top shape. So without bogging you down in 100 different SEO tactics that leave you wondering to where you should even begin, here are a few SEO Tips we use (and you can do today) that can go a long way.

Check for Broken Links


Broken links can leave your readers confused and send a negative signal to the SEO gods. Over the months and years, the content you’ve written sometimes loses sources. The content you link to changes locations and those are the ones you need to keep up to date with it.


To help do this, type your web address into a broken link checker and see what it returns. Then do your best to fix them up. This can be boring work, but next time Google crawls your website it’ll be much happier with the results.

The Best SEO Writing Tips TO Help You Rank Better In Search Engines. 
Broken link

Use Keywords in Your Images


You should be using images wherever appropriate in your posts. And when you do, make sure to include descriptive keywords in the image title, description, and alt attributes. Even changing the filename to have keywords is helpful.

The Best SEO Writing Tips TO Help You Rank Better In Search Engines. 

Link Wisely

Internal Linking – Links To Your Website

When it comes to internal links, you want to make sure folks reading your content have valid opportunities to link to and read other content on your site. This keeps people on your site longer and increases your SEO.

The Best SEO Writing Tips TO Help You Rank Better In Search Engines. 
Internal link

External Linking – Links to Other Websites

Linking to other content buttresses and validates your own content is seen as good SEO practice. By doing this, you’re essentially giving the reader more excellent sources to learn from. This friendly act, when done well, will increase your SEO

Thanks to Scott & Hayley for their SEO Tips

Scott and Hayley are currently traveling around the world for a year and documenting it all on their wonderful blog. Check their links below to their travel blog and Social Media sites.


  1. I`m a new travel blogger and currently working on my SEO optimization. So I`m glad that I found your post. It was so helpful and great tips! Thank you so much 🙂

  2. I Follow different SEO expert time to time but I believe SEO is more than reading. Its actually doing and getting good quality and relevant backlinks. Its really amazed me when i start getting relevant links. Results are awesome once you start getting quality links fast. Thanks for your Quality Blog.


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