We compiled the best thing to do in Vietnam. From the world’s largest cave to Unesco World Heritage sites to enjoy. Vietnam has an incredible amount to offer. Furthermore, here’s the Ideal top 7 things to do in Vietnam. Here are the best thing to do in Vietnam.

1. Homestay in SAPA

The Homestay was a most wonderful experience I did in Vietnam. The Homestay we did was a 2 and half day, staying in a house with the Black Hmong Tribe. The trek to the house I thought was a like about 2 hours walk, but was 5 hours on the hot sunny day plus walking up the mountain. Fansipan is the mountain in SAPA. That is a mountain in Vietnam, the highest in Indochina, at 3,143 meters.

With the honesty, you get a track with a Black Human woman and then get to stay with a one of the tribal family. They shared their dinner with the whole family and it was fabulous. It was truly magical to see the differences and similarities in our lives. The next day you get another long walk to a waterfall and then dine with family and breakfast. It was just a must do a thing if you go to Vietnam.

The Best Things To Do In Vietnam From Travel bloggers | Travelweekli

2. Ride the Hai Van Pass on a motorbike

The Hai Van Pass has become famous. As it was featured in an episode of BBC Top Gear. It is a road that is between Hue and Hoi An. It is a must do with motorbikes. As if you take one of the bus rides you will not get to stop and take in the amazing views you will be seeing. I had to ride as I was on the back of the motorbike as my brother was driving it so I did was just taking in the views as we climb up the mountain and descend from it.

There are a few stops on the way that you need to take so leave early in the morning, so you can have time to stop. You will need to go to elephant falls on the way. As it takes you about 6 to 8 hours with a few stops on the way to get to Hoi An. Give yourself a full day, so leave early.

The Best Things To Do In Vietnam From Travel bloggers | Travelweekli

3. Explore one of the wonders of the world’s Halong Bay.

This one of the most beautiful places in the world that I have been to. Situated with thousands of limestone Islands. That sits within the bay. Halong Bay is best enjoyed from one of the many boat cruises. Whether you chose 5-star luxury or a backpackers party cruise, you will still get to see the wonders it has to offer. There are over 1000s of Islands that surround Halong Bay.

We chose the Vietnam Backpackers Hostel. They offer a Halong bay cruise that is a 2 and half day stay in their Private Island and day cruise trip that was meant to be a drinking cruises but you don’t have to drink and just enjoy the scenery. The cruise stops for a kayaking trip. The place is full of history and during the Vietnam War, there was a cave that was turned into a hospital.Halong Bay is a must see place.

The Best Things To Do In Vietnam From Travel bloggers | Travelweekli

4. Stroll around Hoi An town.

Hoi An Ancient Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. The town is a former port city. It has an iconic Japanese covered bridge allaying you cross the river.

The town at night comes to life at night and it is full of color. The town is full of paper lanterns all over the town and you can buy them. There are lots of nice restaurants and bars/clubs along the riverfront and they have the famous why not bar and there is a few of them around Vietnam.

The Best Things To Do In Vietnam From Travel bloggers | Travelweekli

5. Walk around and get to meet the locals.

One thing to do in Vietnam Hanoi is to just go for a stroll around the CIty.  Vietnam was voted friendliest city by the Lonely Planet. One of the best times I had was when I was in DA Lat, It was raining very heavily and I only like 6 hours there, so did not get to see a lot, but we found a coffee shop and stayed there for a few hours until it stopped raining and it was nice talking to Vietnam’s owner.

Getting out and walking away from the tourist areas is wonderful. As you get to see the real Vietnamese culture and how they live, which I love to do when visiting a place.

The Best Things To Do In Vietnam From Travel bloggers | Travelweekli

6. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

In addition to this Phong Nha-Ke Bang is a wonderful place for landscape lovers. in addition to this, it a UNESCO World Heritage site. That is home to the world largest cave Son Doing that is 200m in height, there is 2-day tour inside the cave where you camp inside. It was one of the best Vietnam travel tours I did,

Paradise Cave is the only cave where u are allowed to walk around. That was the only cave I went to as it took us about 3 hours to find where the booking office is to book the tickets for the caves. During the ‘American/Vietnam’ war, the caves were used as hiding places. Therefore, tIt was used for goods, hospitals and ammunition dumps. It is hard to get around as there are no taxis in the town so you need a moped or booked tour. Driving around was beautiful as you see hundreds of caves from very small ones that are too small to fit into huge ones.

The Best Things To Do In Vietnam From Travel bloggers | Travelweekli

7. Cu Chi Tunnels

Finally, one thing to do in Vietnam Ho Chi Minh is to go to Cu Chi tunnels. The Cu Chi Tunnels are a war museum. Offering visitors a sneak peek at the underground life of Viet Cong-era soldiers. Comprising more than 120km of tunnels. The Viernes people used the tunnels to hide and are where they lived.

They had hospitals and schools in the tunnels. As a result, the Vietnamese are very small, so that they could fit all that in the tunnels.  The tour is great, as you get to see a real tunnel and replica one. Developed so that the average person can fit in. As well as this, get to see the traps.  They made and you can pay to try out some meals.  That the soldiers had underground. We did not know you could not do that wish I did when I went.

The Best Things To Do In Vietnam From Travel bloggers | Travelweekli

Read the full Vietnam trip from the start, To find out in detail. What I did and where I went. 

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