Find out what is the best London Desserts to try. From super-duper freakshakes and charcoal Ice-Cream to lots more. London’s dessert scene is not boring,

Having the wonderful possibility to be living close to London most of my life. I have started to explore close to outstanding spots to use up. There is a whole load of the verity of places to eat and it seeming like there are always new places opening every week, so you will never run out of new places to eat from.

Therese days all the new food places are adding quirky touches to their food to bring the customers in and that is working. I love my desserts and I have noticed in the last few years that there are a few London dessert places popping up weekly.

In this day and age to make a successful dessert business, you need to be cross-breeding. Like the trend a year or two ago Croissants mixed with Doughnuts become cronuts, It can become daunting to pick a place to go to. I’ve prepared my picks of the best London dessert places in London.

  1. Doughnut Time

If you like Krispy Kreme’s and Dum Dum doughnuts, I don’t know what is with the hype with Dum Dum Doughnuts. I tried all of them and found the best donuts in London and it is doughnut Time trips them all.

Doughnut Time is an Australian doughnut company that has recently come to London. They only have 4 locations. The great thing about them is that their doughnuts are freshly made every day and very limited.

They make a limited amount of each flavor every day, so you need to head down quickly to get the doughnut you want. They also delivery to some parts of London.

Best 5 most Wonderful London Desserts To Enjoy

Their flavors include Notorious P.I.G that is strawberry glazed with strawberry buttercream, topped with pink sprinkles and Percy Pigs. Also, their signature donut is called love at first bite that is a Nutella-Filled doughnut, dusted with Cinnamon sugar and many more amazing flavors.

The great thing about them is that they change the menu and always providing new flavors they have concocted.

Those are the two doughnuts I tried from their Shaftsbury Avenue store in central London. I love my doughnuts the best ones I have tried so far. They sell some vegan Doughnuts. The vegan Donuts are still very lovely to try.

Best 5 most Wonderful London Desserts To Enjoy

2. Maitre Choux

The Maitre Choux is an éclair shop that is a work of art. Maitre Choux has established itself as one of the most popular places in London to find sumptuous desserts and delectable savory snacks. From éclairs to choux buns. Almost too pretty to eat! They are very light and soft filled with a variety of luxurious creams.

They bring a twist to classic French pastries. The Éclairs range from Salted Butter with Home-made Caramel and Spanish Raspberry to Arabica Coffee. The core range is always changing specials with new flavors and visuals to showcase the chef and designer of them Joakim’s extraordinary Creative talent. They also serve tea and coffee and their own Basque hot chocolate recipe made by Joakim’s. You can find Maitre Choux at 15 Harrington Road, South Kensington.

Best 5 most Wonderful London Desserts To Enjoy
The photo was taken by my bro Ali Instagram at @aliiiicr Following

3, Chin Chin Lab Ice-Cream

Chin Chin Labs are Europe’s First Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream Parlour. Chin Chin Labs have used science combined with food to make one of the best ice creams I have ever tried. They use liquid nitrogen to freeze the ice cream. The reason why liquid nitrogen is used is that it causes the fats and the water particles to stay very small giving the Ice-Cream its creamy consistency. This reduces the size of ice crystals making process and gives the Ice-Cream a better taste with a more creamy and smooth ice cream. Before I went to the Ice-Cream Parlour, I thought the Ice-Cream would be very cold as it is -196 degrees Celsius, or -321 degrees Fahrenheit and without using special gloves you can freeze your fingers to the point where they fool off. To my surprise, the Ice-Cream was a normal Ice-Cream temperature not that cold.

In addition to getting an Ice-Cream when you order one, you get a range of free topping you chose from to add to your Ice-Cream for no extra price. You can get tubs of Ice-Cream that is made to order.

The flavors are changing weekly and the classics are still there, like green tea marshmallow. They have an Ice-Cream store in Covent Garden and the one in Soho sales Ice-Cream and also dessert. This is sure a great place to go in the summer

Best 5 most Wonderful London Desserts To Enjoy

 4. Gelateria 3BIS Borough market

3BIS is an ice-cream parlor originated from Italy. Timeout London has raved about this company and gave it 5 stars saying that it is one of their favorite Ice-Cream parlors.3Bis uses a traditional 1950s ice-cream machine to make creamy gelato. I asked The Company what their name means and they said 3BIS came from the address of the small lab where they stared and they have kept it unchanged, to remind them of the roots.

Best 5 most Wonderful London Desserts To Enjoy

3BIS’ passion for ice cream is clear to see. They pride their self’s on quality ingredients sourced from Italy. The Ice-cream is served in small batches so costumes will always receive the freshest Ice-cream. The menu encompasses frozen yogurt, ice-cream cakes, brioches, and crêpes – the specialty coffees are also worth a mention, but they are well known for their Ice-Cream.

The reason that brought me to go to this Ice-Cream parlor was that they serve their Ice-Cream in a cup that is edible. The cups and comes come in three sizes starting at £3.20 for two flavors. They have Italian classics and creative English innovations like Eton Mess Ice-cream. This decently a place to try next time you are in London. They have store satiated on the edge of Brought Market. Also, find out the best chocolate tasting tour In London.

5. Ms. Cupcake

Ms.Cupcakes is London’s first vegan confessionary shop that specializes in cupcakes located in Brixton. I don’t really go for Vegan food bit these cupcakes are wonderful. They also offer brownies, cookies, tray-bakes. The shop offers 12 different flavors freshly made every day I have had the Oreo cupcake it was very delicious. They also make lots of products without wheat or gluten so they got everyone covered.

Their motto is ‘everybody deserves a great cake. It is our job to create indulgent and decadent cakes for you regardless of what you can, and cannot eat. They offer vegan supplies and their own cookbook if you fancied trying to make some of their creations at home. It is one of the best-baked desserts London has to offer.

All the chose I have handpicked from my own experience of tasting their lovely products and I have not really ordered from best to worst the dessert shops in order. As all the dessert shorts are amazing and can’t decide what one is the best?

Best 5 most Wonderful London Desserts To Enjoy

Which dessert are you dying to try? Let me know in the comments below. Also if you think there is a place that should be on the link of desert places I have not been to tell me and I will check it out.  Aso comment below if you have any quickly London restaurants I should try out. Also, find out about London food tours.

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