The Top 5 Survival Tips For Your Travels


Find out the top 5 survival tips for your travels. I have been around 12 to 13 years since I was a part of the scouts. I am now an adult now and the skills I have learned from the organization still has an impact on my life.  As I love traveling. I have developed a wide range of survival tips being in scouts. that has helps me.

  1. How to pitch a tent

this is one of the most useful survival tips to know. This one you would think you would know how to do before starting but not.  I have never used a tent until I started the scouts.  They taught me how to pitch a tent. Every backpacker needs to have a lightweight tent with them.

The Top 5 Survival Tips For Your Travels

  1. Overcome unexpected challenges

The second questions continents on from the first one Scouts gave me the skills to overcome unexpected challenges.  I learned what is the best place to pitch a tent in different types of weathers. Such as if you are on a hill in the rain pitch a tent at the top so all the water will run down the hill. It is a bad place to pitch a tent at the bottom as the water will run down the hill straight into your tent.

As well as this I have learned a very valuable skill that is the best tools to use if you are stranded in the woods without a tent and how to build one with the materials around you.


  1. First Aid

The Scouts have taught me one very important thing and that is to be prepared for any situation.  When traveling anything could happen that you did not suspect so be prepared to deal with it. The scouts have been the first place I ever learned first aid. I will never forget the Emergency medical service guy said I was a pro at mastering first aid and everyone else in the group was struggling.

The Top 5 Survival Tips For Your Travels

  1. Building a fire

Another vital skill I learned was how to build a fire and it is not as simple as you think. I have at times where the fire would not starts and times where it was a huge fire.  I was taught what type of firewood is needed and wet and skinny firewood is not good.

The Top 5 Survival Tips For Your Travels

AS well as this, how to light a fire using various means and how to keep it lit, etc.  This skill is useful if you are traveling and get stranded you can build a fire to keep you warm, cook food on it and keeps away from dangerous animals.

  1. Gaining confidences.

The scouts have me more confidence. It helped me to improve my fear of heights. As I was scared to do rock climbing until I went to the scouts. It was the first place I tried it and loved it. In addition to this, I learned how to use a Compass and read a map and combine the two together.

But why is this necessary when everyone has a phone with Google maps. It’s a good skill to learn just in case you are out in a place without any signal or your phone brakes, then find a map to guide you back to where you go.

The Top 5 Survival Tips For Your Travels


All the skills I have acquired from being in Scouts has shaped me to be a better traveler.


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  1. Awesome… I’ve been a girl scout as well, but it seems like I’ve forgotten most of it 🙂 I think I would still be able to survive for a few days if I got lost in the middle of nowhere though…

  2. Definitely need these skills! I was in Girl Scouts for several years but, only thing I remember is eating cookies. Wish I had paid more attention like you.

  3. These are good tips. I’ve pitched a tent before, but with the help of others. I’ve never built a fire other than with fire pits, so I know it’s not quite the same & harder than it sounds.


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