Chicago, the metropolitan city, was integrated in 1830 as a City. It is the third most popular city in the United States and the top most popular city of Illinois. Chicago is often called “Windy City’’, as it is located on the shores of freshwater Lake Michigan was incorporated in 1837 as a city. Chicago is an international hub for culture, industry, commerce, finance, telecommunications, education, technology and transportation.

Chicago set a new record in 2018 as 58 million tourists visited in the year. Chicago holds the culture including literature, film, arts, theatre, food, music, electronic dance music and hip-hop. Residents and tourists are more likely to be attracted to the waterfront location and nightlife of the city. Chicago is one of the best cities to live and work. There are a number of apartments for rent in Chicago for all budgets. Let’s dive more into the things which one needs to do when visiting the city, Chicago.

Chicago’s attractions

Chicago is known for its cultural attractions and its numerous vibrant arts. This city has interesting architectural buildings and thus attracts visitors around the globe. Chicago is reputed worldwide and serves as the focal point for art and architecture of the 20th century with Architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan, and artists like Miro, Picasso, Chagall, and Dubuffet have left their mark.

The city has much more to offer, from attracting rabble of the sun- seekers in summer along the beautiful beaches which stretch along the waterfront to the sporting sphere of the Chicago Bears in American Football, the Chicago Bulls in Basketball and Cubs in baseball. The best time to visit is the falls if one wants to enjoy the pleasant weather, but deciding when to plan a visit in Chicago may depend on one’s interests, particularly cultural events and sports.

There are plenty of surprising events and plentiful things to check out in Chicago.

Ten things to do if you are visiting the city of Chicago

1.Common site-seeing

Discovering the best things to do in Chicago is the cultural musts and views to late-night shenanigans and meals for September. Tourists and the locals always look forward to enjoying the falls in Chicago as there are exciting events taking place every year that always goes along with it are apple picking, spooky fun and pumpkin patches. One can kick start with a visit to Goose Island for a pumpkin-themed pop-up or to witness the first yellow leaves of late September. Music lovers can spend time at any of the music festivals happening or can reserve a seat at the rooftop bar for drinks in the open air and sunshine.

2. Riverwalk in Chicago

Visitors are captivated by the magnificent views of the city skyline. It is the most fantastic and one of the free things to do. If one wants to give themselves a walk or wants to stroll by the riverside, then add it to your list as it offers splendid views. Moreover, it has multitudes of public gardens, art displays and water activities such as kayaking.

3. Willis Tower Skydeck

The sky-scraping Willis Tower is the second tallest building in North America. This glass-floored deck at 1,354 feet high will offer you an exceptional and jaw-dropping view of Chicago.

It is situated on the 103rd floor of the building and will give one pleasant memory and amazing photos from the observation deck of the building. To look far beyond the city’s borders to Michigan and Wisconsin, visit this place on a clear day.

4. Visit the Art Institute of Chicago

This armoury is one of the largest and oldest art museums of America, established in 1879. It serves home to over 300,000 artists. It is filled with numerous masterpieces and is also home to Medieval armoury. Head towards this museum whenever it’s cold or raining in Chicago and explore the exquisite collections of artworks collected from different eras. Check for the impressionist paintings by Claude Monet, Georges Seurat and Renoir. Look for the iconic “The Old Guitarist’’ masterpiece by Pablo Picasso, “Nighthawks’’ by Edward Hopper and Grant wood’s masterpiece “American Gothic’’. Check out the exhibits at the art institute, particular focus on the Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room, Chicago Public Sculpture Replicas, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and Edgar Degas. The museum can be found crowded on weekends and deserted on weekdays.

5. Nighttime Activities

The above activities are perfect for the morning and evening hours. Below are a few fun activities for one to fill in the night hours, especially in June. For lovely night views, one can stroll along the Twilight Chicago Riverwalk and History Tour, which lasts for a ten -minute walk from Navy Pier. To add some fun memories, take a walk on the evening Ghost Tour with some spooky history.

If you love fireworks, visit Navy Pier to witness the summer fireworks, which starts on May 23 in Chicago and lasts until September 5. It happens twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 9:30 pm and 10:15 pm, respectively.

6. Millennium Park

Pay a visit to one of the most iconic places in Chicago, the Millennium Park. It’s in the main section of Downtown Chicago near the Art Institute and Buckingham Fountain. It is a concert venue and not just a green space. There is a free concert and workshop for one to join in the summertime. During winter, the best thing to experience is ice skating.

7. Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate is also called by the name ‘The Bean’ because of its appearance. Anish Kapoor, a British artist, designed it. It is located in Millennium Park and is a perfect place to pose and click selfies.

8. Discover the taste of food in Chicago

There are tons of different cultural foods which add to make Chicago so damn good and cool. Chinese culture is one of the favourite parts of Chicago. It has its place known as Chinatown. Food items to try out are the Sichuan hot-pot, Beijing duck, and dumplings.

9. Chicago’s style pizza

Go anywhere from the north to south of Chicago; you won’t find that one dish. This is one thing you want to pour into your tummy. It should be a must-try food item, which is the Chicago deep-dish pizza. Cross-bread of pie and pizza made with chewy dough is must-have stuff to try out.

10. Learn more about the history of the city

Chicago was not always a big shining city or metropolis. Years back, as in the 19th century, Chicago was pretty much just an outpost for trappers and trade buyers. Not much is interesting to learn, but of course, there are fascinating and majestic artefacts in the museum. Indeed there is a lot to exhibit and make it into a fun activity to dive into history.

One can always find something or another exciting about this Midwestern metropolis no matter where one’s interest lies. Whether looking for cultural activities or spending a day exploring the museums or trying out delicious food items in excellent restaurants, this place is perfect for tourists to visit.

Chicago is a teeming city with fabulous food, incredible museums, and endless opportunities to experience the culture. The best way to gain knowledge about any city in the world is to go there and visit it physically by planning a complete tour. I hope I have fetched you with loads of things to try out and how much there is to do in the outdoors of Chicago.


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