Traveling solo is something that each of us would have thought about at least once in our lives. So in this post i am going to share top 10 tips for solo travelers traveling first time.

Traveling solo means having a trip where you can choose on the spot, what you want to do or when you want to do it.

You do not have to worry about where you want to go without having to consider accommodating the opinions of others. The entire motive and purpose become your interest.

Traveling solo means absolute freedom, and having the option of not worrying about anything else. Many solo travelers claim that they have reached a sense of zen due to this practice.

However, traveling solo also has certain risks that one must be aware of. Here are some tips to help make you well equipped to deal with solo traveling.

10 Top Tips For Solo Travelers Traveling first time

1. Find a reason and a destination

Everyone has reasons to travel solo, which may range from relieving stress, vacationing to spiritual soul searching.

Find your motivation to move and travel as it will significantly influence the destination that you should go to.

For example, destinations like hill stations and sunny beaches would offer a relaxing atmosphere, which would be good to relieve stress.

While choosing a destination, always search for places that have good reviews from other solo travelers.

Going through their experiences will help you select your lodgings, as well as plan out the areas of interest that you could visit.

Try to have a general idea about the places you’d like to visit but try to be open-minded so you can impulsively go where you want and enjoy yourselves.

2. Pack smartly

tips for solo travelers

Always pack only the essentials while traveling solo, including emergency supplies, as well as a power bank just in case you run out of power. this is important tips for solo travelers, lots of luggage will cause some problem in your journey.

Many times people do not pay much attention to this aspect and later regret not doing the same.

Packing lightly also ensures that you have an easier time going to different places without having to carry heavy luggage.

This also allows you to have the flexibility to keep your luggage with you at all times, which can lessen your worries.

If you don’t wish to stay in a hotel, you can always look for good solo accommodation options like homestays and Air BNBs and youth hostels.

These would also provide you with the comfort of staying at home and even cure any possible loneliness that you may feel during the trip.

It also allows you to find new people and mingle with them and socialize.

3. Be prepared for anything.

Although it is advisable to have an itinerary beforehand, try not to restrict yourself to just that much. Explore and satisfy your adventurous side and step out of your comfort zone.

For example, you could always visit a camping site at your destination to spend the night. If you’re taking a car, make sure it is installed with a roof rack tent.

This is an excellent way to prepare for road trips where you have a more significant luggage option and a car to set it upon.

4. Blend in with the locals

Blending in with locals doesn’t necessarily mean that you dress up like them or learn the language. Try to avoid being clueless or refer to maps in public areas.

This will indicate to locals that you are a tourist, and they may seek to exploit you. Always be aware of your surroundings.

Have google maps and other apps that help you travel better installed in your phone for easy access. Stay as discreet as possible.

In areas like restaurants, you can show that you are a tourist because those places are usually safe and they can help you.

However, try to delve into the local culture, having their local cuisine, and learning their local language. This should not stop you from exploring the place to the fullest.

5. Orient yourself

tips for solo travelers

Adapt and orient yourself when you reach your destination. Once you know the location of your lodgings, ask them for the local transport routes.

If it’s not an English-speaking country, learn a few commonly used local words such as numbers. It goes a long way.

Familiarize yourself with the local transport routes beforehand, so it doesn’t become a burden and trouble for you once you reach.

Take a walk around the locality to figure the primary landmarks of the area. This can help you in case you forget your hotel address.

Take a business card from the hotel when you go out as that’ll make your return to the area much more comfortable.

You can also bookmark locations in your google maps or offline maps that can help you not forget such essential details.

6. Safety should be your priority

tips for solo travelers

We all know how exciting it is to be in a new place alone. You will have the urge to explore all the local sites and travel in the city. However, there are certain things you must be wary of.

Avoid going out at night or traveling in the dark as much as possible. Even if you’d like to go out to a party or to drink, always ask your desk clerk if that area is safe for tourists.

If you’re planning to drink, drink responsibly and don’t share too many details with the people you meet. Keep your valuables safe or avoid carrying them in such cases.

Always be ready to call the local emergency number when you feel like you’re in a difficult situation.

7. Stay insured

This is probably the essential thing to do before you travel. Always make sure that you have for a reasonable amount because things are very unpredictable. this is the most important tips for solo travelers that i can give.

In an area where you are not aware of local circumstances, any form of injury is possible. It also helps when you are in a pinch and don’t have money to take care of yourself immediately.

Many countries have made it mandatory to have insurance during the process of acquiring a visa itself. It’s easy to get international travel insurance online these days through creditable companies like Allianz Assistance. Without insurance, you might be denied entry into several countries.

8. Stay in touch

tips for solo travelers

Stay in touch with your friends and family. It can be through simple things like messages or uploading on social media whenever you reach each destination.

You don’t have to call or inform very frequently either, but it’s always good to do so. That’ll ease their worries, as well as provide your location just in case anything happens to you.

Study about accessible ways always to have a network wherever you go. It could be in the form of international SIM cards or international plans that your network service provider has.

Choose a plan that suits you and is within your budget. Try to avoid accessing services like public Wi-fi, especially for any critical work like bank transactions.

If you have an emergency, always use a VPN to protect your data.

9. Keep yourself busy

Naturally, you will have a lot of free time to spend with yourself. Carry or buy small things like books so that you don’t feel lonely. You could also sing, dance, draw, or watch movies.

Being lonely while traveling solo is a familiar feeling that a lot of solo travelers experience. Keeping yourself busy with activities like reading since it distracts your mind from loneliness.

It helps you have a stable mental state. Staying in touch with friends and loved ones can also help alleviate your mood and make you feel better in times of low.

10. Keep copies of essential documents.

Relevant documents like your visa and passport and your credit cards cannot be quickly recovered when lost.

Best Tip for travelers is Always carry additional copies of the same to show as identification only wherever necessary.

If possible, scan them before you leave and let your family have access to the document. This would allow them to send it to you whenever you are in a pinch.

Although the chances of you losing your documents are not very high, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Even in the worst-case scenario, you have lost your documents in an unknown place and country, contact the authorities.

In case you are in a foreign country, you have to report to the embassy of your country, or else you can report this to the local authorities for further processing and inspection.


Solo traveling has its pros and cons, but it’s an experience that everyone should try once.

To some, this may be liberating, and to others, it could just be the alone time that they always needed.

The two most important lessons it can teach you are Independence and How to make friends and interact with strangers, both of which are very necessary for you.Hope these tips for solo travelers will help you in your travel journey.


  1. I like that you mentioned stay insured – I would add that there is international insurance that you should look into depending on the country you are going to, you may need it!

  2. Great tips! I love travelling solo and I think everyone should do it. It can be really nice to set your own pace and make your own decisions while visiting a destination. You’re right to recommend keeping busy though, it can be easy to sleep in or skip things because you’re alone.

  3. This is so insightful tips for first time solo travelers! I can vouch for all of it. Whenever I travel, I gave my itinerary and Places to stay list back home to my family members. When I reach new Place, I just click first public transport option I take and send it to my husband, so if anything happen they can connect via it. I am totally agree with the point of must have travel insurance- anything can happen anytime! Also I email myself the required documents before I travel. Such helpful tips!

  4. I love to travel with others and especially with my family. 6 month SEA, 15 month round the world both these both time with my husband and now for almost 2 years also with my husband but add a 4 years old girl!❤️

    BUT, I have once traveled solo in 2000. I backpacked in Europe for a couple of month and I wish I had your useful list then! I dont think I was insured, I was never keeping contact with my family (by then we didnt have iphone only hotmail or yahoo😂) Anything could have happened.

  5. i am a solo traveler myself and completely agree with all the points mentioned. Infact I quite stress the importance of orienting self to the new place we go. That way you can get familiar with the locals, food, weather and the overall place. For me safety is of utmost importance and I feel the wisdom and common sense should also be used at crucial hours. I feel that i am never solo in my trips because I meet with lot of people and make friends.

  6. I have been doing solo trips for a long time now as I used to stay in a city away from where my family was stationed. Initially I would get a bit bored as really did not know how to spend the time while I was back to the hotel. Then I picked up on the art of mixing with locals as you suggest too. Then not being a great cook I would spend time in the kitchen with the cooks after ordering my food and learn how each place has their own methods of rolling out a dish. For a first time solo traveler these are some very useful tips like keeping safety in mind, insurance,keeping busy, staying in touch and orienting oneself.

  7. When I come across blogs like these, I wonder did I think through all these when I first planned my solo traveler? That time, I didnt even read many blogs. I am glad that you have compiled all these important points that will be so useful for solo travelers now. Wish I had come across the tip like keeping yourself busy before, as many times, I have actually got bored during my solo travelers until I learnt keeping busy gradually.

  8. Great tips for solo travel! I still remember my first solo trip, and wish that I was more prepared. Didn’t have any trouble but the more prepared the better. I also keep copies of my documents buy 4G sim card to stay connected all the time.

  9. You have compiled some great tips. I especially like the advice to blend it with locals. It is important for safety, but it also helps you to integrate and really embrace the local culture. When I used to travel solo, I would hang out in the local tea shops and markets to meet locals. It was always a great way to meet other people in a safe and friendly environment.

  10. Thank you for sharing these tips! I can’t reiterate more the importance of staying insured. It is also a must to do some research beforehand and be prepared for anything.

  11. Great tips, but I wanted to expand on one that I think people overlook- #7 Travel Insurance.

    Travel Insurance differs significantly from Travel MEDICAL Insurance. Lots of Travel Insurance policies (especially free with credit card insurance) only cover travel-related issues: lost luggage, delayed flights, canceled flights. Simple travel insurance is not the essential coverage you need when you travel.

    You need to make sure you have Travel Medical Insurance. Especially if you are from the US, most (all?) US insurance will only cover medical emergencies that are considered “Life-Threatening.” You get in a scooter wreck in SE Asia that mangles your leg, but you are not going to die? You are personally on the hook for the bill, and many hospitals in SE Asia require prepayment for treatment or take your passport for collateral.

    I know insurance not very sexy, and you might think, “I’m always super careful.” But being careful doesn’t help if other people around you are being dumb or careless. Medical insurance only costs $30-$50 per month. Well worth your peace of mind.

    NOTE: no, I do not sell insurance. Just a veteran traveler and expat that has seen way too many accidents that costs people THOUSANDS of dollars that could have been avoided.


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