Thinking of a trip to Austria? Then we must admit that you have made the right choice. Austria stands aside for its beauty and rich heritage. This country is delightful and attracts tourists from all over the world. Its magnificent beauty, tradition, rich history and weather can soothe anyone.

 #1 Krems

Tourist Attractions in Austria

The castles, wine industries, museums are all in the city of Krems. This place is famous because Daniel and the Crimson River have converged; here the beginning of the Watchout valley starts from this point and thus it holds its historic tales. The city is astonishing and full of ancient buildings and the city gates which are fun to explore

#2 Vienna State Opera

Tourist Attractions in Austria

The operas in the country have always been famous and the centre of attraction for the people who love art. One such place is Divina State, which is located in the city of Ringstrabe. This city is full of well-known landmarks and Ring Route is one of them. This place holds the heritage of the country though it was destroyed during the Second World War. Tourists feel very special to be in front of such a building that has a glorious connection to the past.

#3 Melk Abbey

Tourist Attractions in Austria

Over the Danube River and high cliff, lies the Melk Abbey. It reminds us of liberal art and music. Tourists who are fond of art and culture can find it attractive, this place has the Baroque architecture that was used in the past for monks; later the palace was turned into a temple of knowledge.

#4 Schafberg 

This location is known as the heart of mountains. The great mountains of Salzkammergut stand here till today. How can anyone miss the chance to see the top peak? Though the easy transportation makes the trip easier.

#5 Hochosterwitz Castle 

Tourist Attractions in Austria

Remember about the tale of Sleeping Beauty, Will this castle is well known for being the same. The Colour of the sky, white marble and the greenery all around make the place worthy. A local train can navigate the tourists. Hochosterwitz Castle was made in the 14th century.

#6 Eisriesenwelt Cave

Tourist Attractions in Austria

It is a mysterious place that can take you to the world of magic – you can visit Eisriesenwelt Cave. This place is remarkable and well known because of Eispalast. Go deep into the beauty of nature. Ice covers the inside of the cave. While the flora and fauna are so green outside, the cave is covered with white ice.

#7 Schaberg

A hot summer can be dealt with with the breeze. Do not miss the top of Schaberg. Set yourself free with the high peak and beautiful scenery, green mountains, flowing streams, blue skies and so many more. The dreamland of Austria is indeed in Schaberg.

#8 Hohenwerfen Castle

Tourist Attractions in Austria

A castle from the mediaeval age is the main source of attraction. People like to absorb the fresh air and the exotic view. On top of the mountain stands the Hohenwerfen.

#9 Zell am See

Zell am See is a fairy-tale; it reminds us of childhood storybooks; a remarkable town full of historical castles and especially Castle Rosenberg is there. The crystal clear water, historical story and aimless sky can be the final destination

#10 Seefeld in Tyrol

No one can ignore Seefeld In Taylor; this place is the best destination for skiers. People from all around the world come to skiing. Winter Olympics is saved though the accommodation of the fades outsize

#11 Schonbrunn Palace

Austria has its jewel, which is none other than Schonbrunn Palace. This palace is situated in Vienna and once Emperor Leopold lived there. People love to visit this place and roam around the massive palace. It has a grand park, garden, 141 rooms, a summerhouse made of marble, a zoo and labyrinth noo. More than you expect is here in Schonbrunn Palace

#12 Hofburg Imperial Palace 

The palace has quite proved the tag of imperial with all the lavishness. During the First Word War, Hofburg Imperial Palace served as an official residency. You will be shocked to hear that, the palace was used as Spanish Riding School too. Later the palace was turned into a tourist spot and it has done the job brilliantly. What is better than royalty and elegance? Hofburg Imperial Palace has a museum too for its tourist

#13 Hofburg In Palace

Once in Austria, how can one forget about this city? It has good taste and cheese for breakfast. There are multiple museums, yet the Hohenwerfen is worshipped for tastes in the washroom

#14 Innsbruck Altstad

This town is famous for its connection with the Roman Emperors. The Golden Roof is right in front of you. None other than a famous Roman Emperor has constructed the castle. The towns are very touching and watching them from a small window is a dream for many tourists

#15 Grossglockner Alpine Road

Kaiser Franz Josefs Hohe Visitor Centre is an attractive spot for tourists. Once you go there, you can feel better after her presence. Everyone depends on your majesty. The route is available from May and October. Taste the actual view of Austria

#16 St Anton am Arlberg

This small town is famous for ski resorts. During the season, the place gets filled with ski fans and trekkers. If not in the season of skiing, then the place gest filled up with nature lovers. A huge mountain, streams of the river can be one. That is how you visit

#17 Hallstatt

A tiny village in Salzkammergut is the producer of salt. The mysterious town has many exciting vocals like dead men preserved in that. Austria is blessed with a place like Hallstatt; it was believed that once the players behaved. The people here possess many items.

The country is a popular destination for adventurers as well; hiking in the mountain is one of the reasons. Also do not forget about its position all over Europe for sports. The exotic villages and cities of Austria are perfect for tourists. Let us build in front of you about this spectacular country so that you can choose the diamond among the gems.


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