Planning a solo trip is very exciting since you get ample time to explore without worrying about another person. However, such visits are full of uncertainties and worries, especially if it’s your first time traveling alone. You can reduce stress by knowing what to do on your trip. When traveling abroad where you have no clue about places and people requires proper planning and research. This article will explore the things you must do when traveling solo.

Always Share Your Trip Plan with Trusted People

When traveling, make your plans known to your family and close friends. This involves telling them about your reservation and the vital places you plan to visit. When you travel, you must let your hotel staff know where you are headed and when to expect you back. This helps to ensure in case of something; you are traceable. It is also vital to apply with the embassy around the place you are visiting to receive important information on your safety and the destination you plan to visit to ensure you make informed decisions. It’s vital to stay connected with your family and friends throughout your journey for your safety and to ensure somebody knows where they can find you in an emergency.

Ensure Your Valuables are Secure

You are on your own and must ensure that every item you have is safe. It’s vital to ensure you place your vital information somewhere safe, such as passports, credit cards, and other documents and items. Please keep them in a safe bag and keep them with you at all times. It’s also essential to keep photocopies of all the valuable documents in a separate place or consider leaving some with a friend or a family member. Always stay alert on your trip to ensure your belongings are safe.

Research on the Safety Measures to Take

Before traveling, you must research on the places you plan to visit and the city you will be staying in. Learn about the neighborhood and note the places you need to avoid. Also, learn about the safe routes and steps to take in an emergency. For example, if you are traveling to Florida, you need to know the steps you should take when you get hit by a truck as the accidents are prominent. Below are some steps you need to consider in such an instance.

Remain Calm

Truck accidents may be fatal, and the injuries caused can be severe. If the truck hits you in a car while exploring or just walking, it’s vital to try and remain calm. After the accident, there is a high tendency to get confused and panic. It would be of great help if you stayed calm and tried to process things. Being calm helps you ensure your safety and those around you.

Call the Emergency Number

It’s vital to ensure you call the police and the ambulance to help you out.You must be aware of the emergency numbers for the specific area that you are visiting. For example if you are in the US you can call 911, and if you are in Europe you can call 112. Since you are a visitor, the ambulance can help treat your wounds and respond to any medical emergency of everybody involved in the accident.

Seek Medical Treatment

After the accident, you must get checked whether you feel alright or not. Some injuries and other complications, such as internal bleeding, cannot be noticeable. The faster you get checked sooner you are to heal. It’s also vital to ensure the doctor writes down your injuries concerning the truck accident. This is vital when seeking compensation.

Collect evidence

If possible, capture photos of the accident as you can. Collect the information of the driver who hit you, such as their driving license, the truck number plate, and address. This is vital to ensure you have enough evidence when seeking compensation. Try taking the information of the witness who saw what happened and ensure they will be willing to support you if needed to confirm. It’s vital to avoid confrontation with the truck driver about the accident. This is because anything you say can be used against you in a court of law and imply that you were in the wrong. Don’t try to apologize or admit your liability for the accident. You must also write details of everything that happened before the accident. You can write down every detail you can remember to be used as evidence. Some of the information might be forgotten but ensure you write all you can remember.

Contact a Lawyer

When going on a trip abroad, research the contacts of a lawyer, and you can consult with them even without getting involved in an accident. When you are affected by a truck accident, speak with a truck accident lawyer to help you file the case and help you get compensated for your injuries. Most people assume that contacting an attorney makes them unable to file the case hence no compensation. The medical bills, especially in a foreign country, can be overwhelming, and seeking compensation can help you cover these bills. Hand your lawyer all the evidence you have collected and tell them everything that happened. If you could not take any evidence, your lawyer can take a copy of the police report and help in more investigation to prove that you were not at fault and deserve the compensation. The lawyer will also help you file for compensation.

Avoid social media

It’s good to share the news of your accident with your family and friends to let them know how you are doing. However, trying to avoid posting pictures and videos of your injury and progress on social media is vital. This is because anything you say or post about the accident may be used against you by the truck’s insurance company to implicate the injuries were less than you had indicated. 

Have an Emergency Plan

When traveling, since it’s a new environment, you are always at risk of getting sick and requiring medical attention. You should Research hospitals and other emergency facilities around your place in the case of an emergency. It’s also vital to know the location of police stations just in case you get robbed or attacked along the way. It’s important to get prepared for the unseen occurrences. If you are under any prescriptions, ensure you carry them along your journey. You should consider researching the food and drinks and how to access them at your new destination. This will help you reduce the stress of traveling.

Avoid Reckless Behaviors

The trip can be very exciting and might make you forget that you on foreign land. It’s vital to ensure you stay safe and behave according to the law set by the country you visit. This will help you avoid getting jailed for things you could avoid. Ensure you avoid drinking too much alcohol and that your drinks are always in your sight. You should always focus on those around you and avoid going to strangers’ places alone. You can look for large groups to hang out with or stay in public places. If somebody confronts you about being alone, let them know you are meeting somebody.


The above are tips to make your trip memorable and fantastic. Ensure you have contact with the lawyer, and you can consult them in case of anything. It’s also vital to have a clear budget for your travel journey to avoid getting stuck. If you need to exchange the currency, do it in advance to ensure you are ready. You can also consider taking travel insurance to help protect you from other unforeseen events. Don’t forget to keep your family and friends informed of everything you are doing and the places you intend to visit.


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