Why You Need To Visit Coventry in the UK | Travelweekli


Why You Need To Visit Coventry in the UK | Travelweekli












When I applied for university I did not know anything about Coventry or even where it was in the UK. All I knew was it was a great uni to study at. I picked it and it was my first chose. I am studying Information Technology Practitioners.

I was excited and scared going to live somewhere new without my family. But it has helped me shape myself. When I got to Coventry I found out that it suffered more damage than any other British city during WW2 besides London. As the city is famous for its famous for car manufacturing.

I have been living in Coventry for about 3 years now and I am in my final year of Uni. I know the ins and out of Coventry.  Coventry University has a great Library and Engineering and Computer Build making the university the Modern University 2 year running from Times and Sunday Times.

Why You Need To Visit Coventry in the UK | Travelweekli

There is a wide range of beautiful places to see nearby Coventry. You have lamington Spa and Warwick very close by. As well as this, half an hour train journey is the second biggest city in the UK Birmingham and one hour away is Manchester and London by train.

The great thing about living in a city than my hometown is that there is always a comer shop very close to your house.

Coventry is not your Ideal city when you are considering to go visit one. As there are more amazing cities in the UK then Coventry. But Coventry still has things to do. There are only a few Clubs and they are:

Kasbah- it is the main club all the students go to on a Friday night or Monday for student night.

Why You Need To Visit Coventry in the UK | Travelweekli

JJ’s- the second club where the students go on a Monday for R and B and hip-hop night and student night on Tuesday.

Why You Need To Visit Coventry in the UK | Travelweekli

The other one is not as popular and host Coventry University society’s night out on Wednesday and the club is The Empire Coventry.

There is also a stadium called Ricoh Arena home to Wasps rugby team and music events. Rihanna said last year she will never play in Birmingham and only Coventry after going to Ricoh Arena. There is also two Cinemas and shops such as Topman, Topshop, Primark, JD Sport, H&M and Riverisland and lots more.

There is a vast range of restaurants and the ones you need to try out are:

Blue Bistro


Chi Bar

The more common ones:




Burger King



Casta Coffee

And there are lots more restaurants to choose from.

Overall Coventry is an ok Citify to study in and it is not the bets City in The UK but an ok one as the University is right bang in the middle of the City center and next to the famous Coventry Cathedral

New Cathedral

Why You Need To Visit Coventry in the UK | Travelweekli

Bombed Cathedral

Why You Need To Visit Coventry in the UK | Travelweekli
Coventry Cathedral

All the photos shown in this article are not my photos and taken from Google.

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  1. Looks like you had a fab time studying in Coventry – it’s not a city I’ve ever been to but I’m sure I’ll travel there one day!

  2. Thanks for the highlights and details about where you live! I will certainly take them into consideration if I ever do travel there! Which I friggin’ hope I do because I just love travel so much!

  3. Always so interesting to hear about somewhere completely different and the life that’s leading it! Thanks for sharing yourself!

  4. It looks fantastic! I love the mix of historical buildings with modern events! Have fun and make the best memories while you’re in it 🙂

  5. It looks like a beautiful town. And it is a university town with so many favorite eateries, beautiful night lights and everything else that makes it so charming

  6. This is amazing! I would love to go there someday! the title of the blog post actually suits it. thanks for sharing this place! I didn’t know about it.


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