TThis is the next Part of my Vietnam trip. Now we are on the bus on the way to Nha Trang from Dalat. Nha Trang is a coastal resort city in southern Vietnam known for its beaches, diving sites, and offshore islands. We only had 1 and half days in this place. Before we got to Nha Trang my brother said friends went last year and said the place was dangers full of Russian people stealing, but it was not. When we got t0 the hostel it was Finlay the first time we were having shared rooms.

 There was only one girl in the room as the other people were not around. So we went with her to a bar. The next day went to the beach to chill and recover from hangovers.

At the beach, there are people walking around selling cheap fresh fish that they cook in front of you. Later that day we wanted to go somewhere, so we decided to go to a mud bath before we get on the bus at 6 pm. The mud bath was not wat we thought it would be. The mud bath was in a hotel in Thap Ba Hot Springs and was very watered down but very relaxing.

Then we got back and went to pack our bags. When we saw the other girls who were staying in our room packing. Later we talked to them we found out they were going to the same place as us and had the same amount of time left in Vietnam as us. They did not have any planned route like we did, so they tagged along with us for the rest of the trip. The bus came at 6 pm and we got on it to go to Hoi An.

Hoi An 

We arrived in Hoi An around 7 am the next day and we were greeted by hotel staff selling us rooms but we had a hotel already in mind to go to. We decided to walk to the hotel and it was 15 minutes’ walk only.  As we did not have any room’s book we saw on hotels.com they had a few rooms let. When we got there they said the rooms were fully booked.

The main downfall of using apps like hotels, com and hostel world we found was they sometimes don’t communicate with the hotels to see if they are any rooms before you book.

Then we found another hotel down the road where we got a lift when we got there to our surprise the hotel was 4 start and it only cost us £10 a night cheap. We asked for a shared dorm room but they were fully booked, and they were £ but we paid a bit more for a 3-bedroom that was £10. Now the price of the hotel rooms has gone up. Look at hotes.com, For more information about the Phuong Nam Hostel & Villa.

Hoi An is famous for its cheap tailing. It would be mad not to get a suite or dress. I was mad and did not get one as I only had a day and a half in that town. I wish I had more time. If you don’t want to travel with new clothes some of the shops offer very cheap delivery to your house back home which I found out too late.
Then we spent the rest of the day renting out scooter/mopeds and went to a mountain. As I heard and seen how mad the Vietnamese are on mopeds I was not comfortable to ride, so I got on the back of my brother.

 On the way to Marble Mountain, our friends moped broke. They had to call the bike company up to get a replacement, as the bikes are cheap and not in the best condition.  Afar we got back on the bikes we saw a moped crash and my friend saw the dead body. It was scary being on mopeds in a third world country for the first time seeing that.
Later that night we went to the famous old town to walk around. It is a must see a place in Hai An. Then we decided with a few of the people we meet on the night bus.  Last night to Hai An to go out clubbing again to Why Not Bar. It is a change of bars in Vietnam. I only found out after we left that. if you had brown eyes you get a free drink which I have brown eyes.

When I went to the toilet in the bar. There was a message on the wall saying don’t get a lift on a moped taxi as they steal your things, so I said no to one. Walking back to the hotel the streets were full of big rats discussing.

The next morning we walk up early for the big ride. It was from HOI AN to Hue the famous drive that top gear did in 2008. The trip was 8 hours long.

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