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Vietnam Trip Part 5 2015

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Next part of Vietnam trip. From Hue, we got a bus to Phong Nha and when we got to Phong Nha there was no taxi. The town is very small and has 4 shops and one hotel. The hotel we booked was 10-minute ride away and it was night time. Luckily the shop the bus stopped at phoned her friend to drive us to the hotel.

The hotel was another steal and was very stunning and it was Phong Nha Lake House Resort. We booked a shared dorm and they were full up so we got the family room that came with two rooms and a big king size bed and it was only £10 a night.

In the night I was very sick and got sunstroke. The next day we got mopeds as there were no taxes to the caves and tour was expensive. We chilled by the pool for a few hours till I was better. Phong Nha is famous as it has the biggest cave in the world.  As there was no map to get to the ticket office and caves.  We got lost and did not get to see any of the caves but the other two girls traveling with us saw one cave.  Besides that driving around seeing the formed hills and caves from the booms in the vitamin was beautiful.

That night I was with my brothers moved and it did not have any oil and that damaged the bike and we broke down on a motorway. I and my friend had to wait for the broken bike until my brother got a guy from the town to fix it and that took 1 hour.  The way he towed the bike to the shop to fix it was doggy. As he was on his bike and just holding the other one with is the foot.

The next day the girls took us to the ticket office and then we went to Phong Nha cave. It is the only cave you can walk around. That night we gave the bikes back end got the night bus to the capital HANOI.

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  1. I’ve never been to Vietnam and it’s really awesome to be able to go. There are so many sights to see there and I’m really interested in trying the local food.

  2. Very difficult. Hard to read. I have not read all your parts so it is difficult to understand. Will read them.

  3. Wow! I would love to visit Vietnam. So far only been trowelling in Europe and Middle East and far east is on my to go list.

  4. I will have to catch up with all the other four stories and then read this post again which will be fun. Vietnamese cuisine is amazing and I would love to visit one day!

  5. Vietnam is on my bucket list of places to travel!This place looks amazing!I may have to move it up the list now!!

  6. Vietnam is not my dream destination, but it was interesting to read about your journey. However I have to understand with the previous commenter…It was really hard to understand what you want to say some parts.

  7. We have neighbors from Vietnam and I always love to hear their stories. Not to mention the food .. oh my goodness .. the dishes she makes are some of my favorites!

  8. Vietnam is one my dream destination. I wish I go there one day. The history, the culture, the food, they’re all fascinate me.

  9. This is my dream destination as the comment above said! It looks so perfect and the history is so important!

  10. Vietnam is so rich in history & after watching that robbin williams movie I really wanna visit there. great post

  11. Vietnam is on my bucket list of places to go! And that cave sounds great.

  12. I love Vietnam cuisine. I would love to visit it one day! I need to check the other 4 parts. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Such stunning pictures! Bad that you got a sunstroke and didn’t feel good initially. Hopefully afterwards you were able to enjoy a lot

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