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 Vietnam Trip part 7 2015

 Vietnam Trip part 7 2015
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The next part of the Vietnam trip was to Sapa. When we were in Hanoi. One of our friends we meet traveling gave us a number for a homestay in SAPA. The next thing we did on the Vietnam trip, as we booked it for the next day. The next day we got a bus to SAPA that was 5 hours and a half. 

When we were in Hanoi one of our friends we meet traveling. They gave us a number for a homestay in SAPA and we booked it for the next day. The next day we got a bus to SAPA that was 5 hours and a half. When we got to SAPA there was lots of Black Hmong tribe woman asking if you wanted homestay. It is better to book in advance. As one of our friends did that they said the homestay was packed with lots of travelers. The next day they stayed in a hotel.
Our tour guide called Chan meet us at the bus stop. We went to a hotel we meant to stay the second night. We dropped all our things and just took want we needed as she said it is a long walk. I thought the walk was going to be about 1 to 2 hours but it ended about 5 to 6 hours to get to the homestay. SAPA is on the Indochina Mountain (Mount Fansipan) at 3,143 meters, As to my amassment, I thought I can handle the walking the mountain but I did not have the good grip and was falling a lot and my cardio needs improving. Our tour guide was only 20 years old and younger than me. The place is very beautiful with lots of rice fields so that took our mind away from the pain of walking for hours. It was nice finding out all about the Black Hmong tribe.
We were meant to stay for 2 and half days and the on the 3day go to the hotel but we loved it so we stayed for 3 days. The one thing that stuck with me is how happy everyone is and how kind they are to us. The food at the homestay was amazing and we got to make homemade spring rolls and try rice wine that was very strong and one of my friends took a sip of it and nearly chundered up. The next day we had a 5-hour walk to a waterfall and to a small village seeing how people live and It was amazing and I would recommend it. On the last day, we went back the hotel to get our bags and the bus back to Hanoi. When we went to the bus station we waited for 2o minutes and did not see our bus and thought we missed it but asked someone at the bus station and they told us where to go.
 The bus came and it was very small. it was like a minibus and we thought it would be a big bus. It was EcoSapa Limousine bus was the type of bus we went on. The bus came with heating and leather seats flashy bus. The bus driver also picked up another passenger.  It was a guy who worked at Downtown Hanoi Backpackers. That where we were going to and. He said he knew the manager so we got a free drink when we got to the hostel in Hanoi. Find what happened net in the next part of the Vietnam trip.

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  1. We were in Vietnam a few years ago and I love everything about it. Such a beautiful country, delicious food and lovely people.

  2. I have a friend who moved there. He does return to Toronto for a visit, but he loves it there so much that he retired there.

  3. When I used to teach English as a Second Language to adults, I had some students from Vietnam. They always brought the best food to our potluck nights! Love how green the country looks in your pictures, too.

  4. This looks so exciting! This really makes me want to go to Thailand even more now.

    1. you have posted this on the wrong article as it is about Vietnam not Thailand.

  5. It’s so good to know how warm and friendly the homestay option is as many people really prefer this to hotels. I would love to do this in Vietnam after reading your experience. Thank you.

  6. Love this! It looks like you had an amazing experience

  7. I am glad you had a good time in Vietnam! I stayed in Hanoi for 3 days as well… Back over the holidays – and it was an insanely interesting experience. The driving over there is TERRIBLE – haha! I am glad I didn’t have to do that!

  8. We have never been to Vietnam and its so close from our home country in Singapore. I shall check this place out. this looks amazing. But walking 5-6 hours is quite hard for me. I need to make sure I am quite prepared for it.

  9. This looks mega exciting! I really wanna go to Thailand. It was already on my list.

  10. I have a friend who lived in Vietnam for sometime before moving to Qatar and she loves that place. I have heard the warm and kind nature of the people there make you love Vietnam. The pictures look stunning!

  11. Such amazing photos. Thank you for sharing about your adventure.

  12. It sounds as though you had a wonderful time. It is funny how sometimes it is the spur of the moment plans that turn out the best. I’d love to visit Vietnam one day.

  13. Wow, sounds like a sweet experience. I would like to go to Vietnam someday. I did homestays in Thailand and it was such a neat way to experience the food and customs of the culture.

  14. I look amazing and I would love to visit one day. xx

  15. Looks and sounds amazing, would love to visit sometime. Also, I love their food too. Thanks for sharing 😀

  16. Amazing! Vietnam is one of my favourite places!

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