The next part of the Vietnam trip is to Hue. After testing the mopeds. We decided to bike to Hue from Hoi An. The ride was about 7 hours long.  As I was just a passenger on the bike I had the best time as all I got to do was look at the views around us and not worry about the road. We went on the famous Hải Vân Pass that top gear went on when they went to Vietnam. 

It was a bad idea for me to be on a bike for a very long time in the very scorching sun. As I get sunburnt very easily.

The views on Hai Van Pass was amazing and it is a must do thing going on Hai Van Pass as it is a road going up a mountain with views of the beach and forest. We stopped on the way as it was so hot and we stopped at elephant falls.

It is a waterfall! The Vietnamese have blocked parts of the waterfall stream off so people to swim in.  This was a great place to stop at as it was a very hot day.  We went swimming and I told my friend my phone is waterproof and he said show me so I got my phone and took a photo underwater. But I forgot one of the flaps is broken and won’t close and it needs to be closed to make the phone waterproof and I broke my phone.

When we got to elephant falls a Vietnamese lady said she will take us to a good spot and we went to a wonderful spot that was not full of backpackers and tourists. They also made food for us for a cheap price. My brother decided to go and film the chicken being cut up. When we went to see, there was a bowl full of the unwanted bits from the chicken and Ali said is this the food and to their understanding, they thought he wanted to eat that as well.   The food arrived and it had every bit of chicken body,

After we went did more swimming, we went back on the bikes and started traveling again and finally, in the evening we arrived in Hue at the hostel. Later that night we went to a club/bar close to the hostel. It was different to the club/bar in the UK. As you are not allowed to walk around with your drink. We had to stay at the table. Later in the club/bar happy birthday song came on and it was a remix.

The next day we went on our bikes. went exploring Hue. We went to one of the king’s houses and then driving around. Went back to the hostel to get our bags and get the taxi. That night to the bus station to get the bus to Phong Nah. Read part 5 of my Vietnam trip to find what I get up to next. 

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