16 Best Virtual Travel Experiences

Noting can ever replace the experience of traveling somewhere new, meeting people, and seeing wonderous things up and close.  In the current circumstances, you cannot travel.  In some counties, you cannot even travel outside your front door without getting in trouble or being asked where you are going by the police.

To get your travel inspirations back up and running, you will need some travel ingenuity. Being a very small part of the travel industry, I have witnessed the effects of the crisis. My website traffic has fallen as people are not traveling or even planning trips. As well as this, I have seen my social media views take a hit as well.  And this whole situation makes me unhappy, as I’m sure it does you.

I know lots of you have had to put your travel plans on hold for the foreseeable future. And some of you were forced to return home earlier from long-planned trips. That does not mean you still can’t have a travel experience of some sort in your home.   If you are craving a diversion from getting bored at home in isolation, fear not  I have come up with some travel ideas that can help scratch that itch for adventure.  There are plenty of ways to have travel experiences from the comfort of your home. which are especially useful for helping with long distance relationships issues during Coronavirus. This way, you and your significant other can take a virtual trip together and feel more connected to each other.

16 ways to travel at home:

  1. Make a list of all those places you’d like to go next

Virtual Travel Experiences List

As you cannot travel, what better way to pass the time until you are allowed to travel, than to make a list of places you’d like to go to, Make a bucket list of things you’d like to do and plan how you will see them.

If the main reason you won’t do everything on your bucket list before you die is money, i.e. not having enough, then you will maybe need to change your way of life to compromise.  So you can save more money by buying fewer clothes, fewer takeaways, less going out to clubs/bars or restaurants.  Stay in, cause you have to,  and make your meals.

While making your bucket you can start planning your next trip! you will take once you’re allowed to travel. You will get two for one — having your next holiday planned out so you won’t miss anything and also get to tick something off your bucket list!

2. Take a Virtual Museum Tour

Travel At Home - Virtual Museum

While you can’t go out and get your culture fix as you are told to stay home, there are still other ways you can get your fill of culture and education fix. Many museums are now offering virtual tours.

Google Arts & Culture has partnered with 2,500 museums and galleries around the world to offer virtual tours and interactive, guided exhibits.  You can visit The MET to The Tate and may more.

You can even see Vincent Van Gogh’s Self Portrait at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. Lots of museums are offering guided exhibits tours online on their website or YouTube.

If this is not enough Arts & Cultural hit. Then museums around the world are sharing their best pieces on their social media.

3. Visit your favourite National Parks on Google Earth

Virtual Travel Experiences - Google Places

Due to the coronavirus companies are being hit hard and are having to change the way they do things to cope with what is going on.  Google is helping the National Parks. Google Earth launches virtual tours of 31 of the world’s most incredible national parks to provide an escape for people during social distancing.

You can now visit your favourite National parks from the comfort of your sofa. And there are many  National Parks all over America. You can visit the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite and may more. Seeing them will make me want to visit them more, as the three I mentioned are on my bucket list.

In addition to this, Google art and culture are offering 360 degrees virtual National Parks tour with a tour guide providing you with the fats.

4. Watch walking tours of places you haven’t been to, or even want to revisit.

As most countries are on Lock down the one time we can leave the home is for exercise, go to the supermarket or a short walk.  If you are bored already of the place you are living, why don’t you go on a walking tour of another city from around the world without leaving your house?

I was watching BBC News travel show and they said the best walking tour on YouTube is this channel Rambalac. He walks around England, Russia, and Japan. It makes you feel like you’re walking there.

There are hundreds of more walking tours on YouTube such as walking in all the major spots in Italy, Paris, Macu Picu (!) and even Pyramids of Giza to name a few.

You can also watch Travel Vloggers who share their life on YouTube traveling the world. Some Travel vloggers to watch are:

Find more travel at home – YouTubers on this list from feed spot.

5. Travel Podcast

travel podcast

You will probably do more chores around the house or DIY jobs or maybe do nothing. What better way to take your mind somewhere less than with a brilliant travel podcast.   There are so many wonderful travel podcasts to choose from.

One great one to listen to is  The Travel Diaries, where presenter Holly Rubenstein gets celebrity guests to reveal the travel experiences that have shaped them forever.  Wanderlust magazine picked this as one as their number one choice.  You can see their full list of best travel podcasts.

Another great one is the Budget-Minded Traveler that provides the listener with destination inspiration and practical tips to get their travel goals off the ground.

6. Take a Language Course

Virtual Travel Experiences

One of the big struggles when traveling is that sometimes you end up in rural towns where most people don’t speak your language.

Furthermore, it is just nice to learn the Language, as some people dislike people not speaking their language (or at least trying to).

As you have more free time, what better way to spend it than learning a new language? There are many different ways you can do this. One of the ways is by using apps and the best app is Duolingo. It lets you learn a foreign language, in a fun game style, and the best thing about this app is that it is free. The other ways are watching YouTube videos or even buy a translation book.

7. Travel Through Cooking


One of my favorite things about traveling is getting to try all the wonderful foreign foods. Thai curries, Italian pizza, Pho, and the list go on. I am always seeing great recipes online from other travel blogs, magazines, and news sites. You can find pretty much any food recipe on google.

If you’re like me, fed up with the food you’re eating, and can’t decide what new foods to cook, as you can’t go to any restaurant, you will want something different I’d highly recommend checking out The Spicery. It is a subscription box website, which delivers recipe kits through your letterbox once a month. I have tried the curry subscription and world foods.  All you need to do is buy the main ingredients (meat, veg, etc). They don’t provide standard dishes.

Another option is the Feast Bix.  This company specializes in world food recipe boxes, delivered to your door, and includes all of the ingredients (meat, veg, spices, etc). The ones on the menu this week are Harissa Vegetable Flatbreads, Masala Pork Chops, and Hanoi Beef Pho to name a few. I am salivating at the thought!!

8. Virtual reality travel

Virtual Travel Experiences

Virtual reality is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. There is a wide range of applications that you can use with virtual reality headsets to transform you to another place.

You can get a very cheap VR headset for £5 called Google Cardboard or try making your own from a YouTube tutorial. Some of the places you can travel to with VR are The Great Wall of China, Great Pyramid of Giza, or even go on a roller coaster to name a few.

National Geographic has its own VR app.  Another great app to get on Android phones is Sygic Travel VR where you get to go to iconic landmarks around the world. Lastly, another one is called Sites in VR that is Virtual tours of landmarks with 360 degrees views. NBC News has a video of their best Virtual Reality apps that let you travel. YouTube has lots of VR videos and Netflix has its VR apps.

9. Binge watch some travel documentaries and shows

What better time than ever to Bing watch new shows. Whether you have Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, or BBC IPlayer, you will find plenty of travel shows that satisfy your travel bug.

If you know me I love travel photography. One of my favorite travel shows on Netflix is called Tales by Light. It showcases powerful photographers as they travel to amazing parts of the world to capture their wonderful shoots and show they captured them.

Another great show on Netflix is called Dark Tourist. This not likes any other tourist show. Dark Tourist takes you to a subset of tourism that involves visiting places that are historically associated with death and tragedy such as visiting Hiroshima City after the Atomic bombing.

Wanderlust magazine has made its definitive list of best travel shows to watch. Any David Attenborough shows are amazing to watch too.


10. Print out your favourite travel photos or make a scrapbook

Virtual Travel Experiences

One way to reconnect with your travels is to go through photos of your adventures, one photo at a time. With everything online, we rarely print photos these days. It is nice to get off technology one in a while and either make your scrapbook or just go through a scrapbook of holidays you have had to bring back good memories.

You can choose your favourite photo and add them to a website like PhotoBox and they will print them and post them to you, so you just add them to the scrapbook.  Or make your own photo book choosing from many on-line sites.

11. Have a go at making something from a different country

One thing that people forget about is all the wonderful things that different countries known for making that is very important in their culture.  Also, one of the great things I love about traveling is to bring back a souvenir that represents the country.  Some of the things you can make at home.

If you’re looking for something does at home, you can try making your own sushi with sushi kits. You can also try making some Japanese hand fans. There is a wide range of tutorials on YouTube that will keep you busy.

12. Visit a virtual zoo or Aquarium

Travel At Home - Zoo

A great activity for the whole family is to virtually travel to the zoo or aquarium. You get to see your favourite animals such as hippos, monkeys, penguins, and Meerkats. Zoos around the world are setting up webcams in the enclosure and even giving your virtual tours with zookeepers.  You can have home safaris from the comfort of your sofa.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada in Toronto has set up a website, so you can watch the sharks. The famous San Diego Zoo is live-streaming several animals on its website, including Tigers, Polar bears, Pandas, and Elephants.

Australian zoo is providing live stream the snow leopards enclosure.  In the UK Chester and Edinburgh zoo are doing live streams of some of their animals.

Some African safari lodges offer webcams at their watering holes, where elephants and other wonderful animals come to get water. Well worth a watch!

13 Read a travel book

Travel At Home- Read Travel Diaries

I don’t remember a time I read a book or magazine.  The only time I read is when I on a long journey such as plane, train, or Vacation.

Now you have more free time and go anywhere, what a better than ever to catch up on your favourite travel books. The books don’t have to be actual stories. You can read your favourite travel magazines like Lonely Planet.

There are many books about travel to read. I have liked some to name a few:

  • Ultimate Travel Destinations by Lonely Planet
  • 1000 Places to visit before you die
  • The Adventures of Tintin
  • Anything by Paul Theroux (Louis’s dad!)

The Guardian has listed their top 10 best travel books to read.

14. Watch Travel Movies

Travel At Home - Watch travel Movies

Want to event get stuck into more at home travel. The best way is to watch a film to transport your mind to another country.

The Fault in Our Stars is a great film not really about travel, but they do show you the things Amsterdam has to offer, as they go exploring it you can read my Amsterdam Itinerary blog post to get you even more excited about Amsterdam that will sourly make you add it to your Bucket list.

Another travel movie to watch is Into The Wild. It is a true story about Christopher McCandless, a university graduate who hitchhiked to Alaska.

Another one to watch is the Hangover film series. It is very funny. They go to Las Vegas in the first film, the second one they go to Bangkok (and the amazing Sky Bar) and Southeast Asia and the last film ends back in Las Vegas.

The best travel movies I have watched is Catch Me If You Can, where Con Artist is ruing away from the FBI around the world. The con artist is played by Leonardo DiCaprio. CN travel has made their list of 50 best travel films to keep from getting bored.

15. Read a travel blog

Travel At Home - Travel Blog


One of the best ways to keep you occupied during these tough times is to check out travel blogs. Not only will you find new blogs, but places to add to your Bucket List.

You can read some of my old blog posts to keep your travel bug going. Some of my favourite posts are 15 best cheap places to visit, 3 days Norway Itinerary and  Best Itinerary in Berlin to name a few.

Some of my favourite Travel blogs you need to check out are:

16. Write new blog posts

Travel At Home - Write

I know with what is going on in the world right now, it might be a hard time to be hopeful. As you have more free time, what better time to catch up on making your content.

At the moment I am trying to write more blog posts. You can do the same! This is a way to distract you from what’s going on around you and from getting bored at home.

Writing about useful things in these dark times for your audience is ever so important at the moment.  You can write about anything inspiring, making people laugh, or giving some kind of advice.

Comment down below anting you think I missed off the list or you want me to write about for my next blog posts.

Thank you for reading my blog!!

Also, check out my Instagram @travelweekli for more great content to keep you entertained while you at home.  I am doing a film quiz from emoji’s and then a country one on my Instagram stories.

Thank you for reading my post about Virtual Travel Experiences!!


  1. What an incredible post, I never thought of looking at national parks on google earth or taking virtual tours, I’ll have to recommend to my husband that we give these a try.


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